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BVB talents buried dream of the semifinals

The U19 juniors from Borussia Dortmund have missed another surprise in the Youth League. The talents of the BVB, which in the current competition make the youngest team, documents atlético Madrid despite strong performance with 0: 1 and had to bury the dream of the semifinals.

The A-youth of the BVB, who moved to the batch of extra the stadium of the professionals, started with a lot of elans and worked directly after the impetus the first chance.

After five minutes, Bradley had then again the lead on the foot after Jamie Bynoe Gittens was fetched from the legs in the sixteen of the guests. However, Fink failed from the penalty point to his nerves and the good Atleti-Keeper Alejandro It turbe.

BVB wins at Haaland comeback | Borussia Dortmund - Arminia Bielefeld 1-0 | All Goals | BL 21/22

However, the awarded elf did not take the BVB the wind from the black-yellow sailing. That did it after 28 minutes again it turbe, who promoted a conclusion of Lion Semic outstanding. Previously, Abdoulaye Kamara and Göktan Gürpüz Semic was strongly staged.

Instead of the leadership deserved at this time followed the cold shower for the young Borussen. After a foul of Soumaila Coulibaly on Madrid’s El Jebari, referee Julian Weinberger showed the point, Javier Currás did not take the chance and scored the crucial gate.

Although the Dortmund Youngster did not stop in the second 45 minutes, they were full of Spain with the favorite of Spain, but could just not accommodate the ball in Rojiblancos.

Flirt of Bayern must also delete the sails

Atlético is the first time in the round of the last four. Previously, the Madrilen had failed three times in the quarterfinals of the Youth League. That was always against the later winner of the competition.

To the former winners who put on the way to the title Atlético, RB Salzburg is also part of RB Salzburg. The Austrians triumphed in 2017 and could repeat this success 2022. In the second quarter-finals of the day, the bull offspring sat down despite early residue 3-1 against Paris Saint-Germain.

At PSG, El Chadaïlle Bitshiabu was 90 minutes on the grass. The defensive vertical starter of PSG was recently associated with a change to Bayern by the “Lion Semic Image”.

More time for Haaland, Reyna & Co

Until Friday morning, Borussia Dortmund was still regularly prepared for the Bundesliga away game at FSV Mainz 05, which should take place this Sunday. However, the press conference originally challenged for 1 pm the club initially laid at 2 pm shortly before starting at 14 o’clock before he was quite canceled – in anticipation of the game trial due to the massive corona outbreak at the Mainz. At 14.31 clock was finally clarity: At this time, the DFL sent the official communication that the game is laid on the 16th of March. The impetus is then at 18.30.

Kehl: The laying is “a pity” but still “comprehensible and correct”

“It’s a pity that the game can not take place as planned. We were very looking forward to the game in our friends in Mainz and a full house,” said BVB license player Sebastian Kehl shortly after the decision of the DFL. Ultimately, however, a “fair competition” must be guaranteed, “on the basis of the rules we have given ourselves as a league”. But this was no longer guaranteed. “That’s why,” Kehl said, “is a laying of the game comprehensible and correct. Of course, health is always going. We wish all the affected main earnings as much as possible course and a speedy recovery possible.”

However, the laying of the game could not only play the current personally bad-born main earners in the cards, but also the BVB. Only on March 13th is the next game for the team of coach Marco Rose. Then the Borussia meets at home on Arminia Bielefeld. Until then, one or the other currently injured professionals could at least partially be available again. About Giovanni Reyna, who after surviving muscle complaints on Friday according to the “Ruhr news” for the first time was again with the team on the square.

Or also striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian was also spaced on Friday morning together with the team on the training place. An application on Sunday, however, would definitely have come too early for him. Until the next game against Bielefeld, he now has nine days to bring himself into a playable constitution, until the Mainz game even twelve.


Termination Collision with the Youth League quarterfinal

Whorthly happy, however, the BVB is still not with the relocation, more precisely: with the appointment of the reintrission: because the game in Mainz takes place on the same day as the Youth League game of Dortmund U19 against Atletico Madrid (kick-off: 6 pm). “We had deposited with the DFL that this date is a very unfortunate for us because of the home game of our U19. But we were notified that no other date comes into consideration,” Kehl said.

After penalty thriller: BVB

The U19 team of Borussia Dortmund stands for the first time in the quarterfinals of the Youth League. In the junior counterpart to the Champions League, the BVB offspring Manchester United defeated (3: 1 i. E.).

Borussia Dortmund vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

The Juniors of BVB are around two heroes richer: Offensive manager Jamie Bynoe Gittens, who still kicked by 2020 at United City Trival Manchester City, and goalkeeper Silas Ostrzinski.

The former brought his Dortmund with his two goals (16th, 68th) in the regular season on the winning road, before the Red Devils in the person of Charlie Mcneill (23rd) and Rhys Bennett (85th) could compensate. The latter parried two shots of the opponent from England in the subsequent penalty shooting, which continued another on the post. Bynoe Gittens also turned the last shot for BVB and crowned himself to the matchwinner.

The team of coach Mike Tullberg meets on March 15 in the quarterfinals of the Youth League on the winner of the game Real Madrid against Atlético Madrid.

The A-Juniors of Borussia Dortmund underpin their impressive form with the victory against Manchester United. In the domestic Bundesliga West, the BVB will last nine goals in two games. After eleven playing days, the black-yellow is unchallenged in first place. Ten games could win the team so far – at a goal ratio of 39: 6.

In view of superiority in national competition, BVB has long demands a reform that the division on three regional seasons should belong to the past. The reform plan of the DFB, that in the future only the young performance centers of the 36 Bundesliga clubs initially compete regionally and in the second half of the year nationwide, however, there is little consent, but above all in the amateur camp, the BVB was finally announcing.

In the Youth League, BVB is the only remaining German team in this season.

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