Immediately after the last whistle in Marseille and also the first success of the Hesse in the Champions Organization, the Europa League winner sent a declaration in which the gesture was discussed.


the viewpoint of Eintracht Frankfurt in the wording

Because of the sometimes violent riots ahead of time and also during the video game in Marseille, it can be anticipated that a UEFA penalty exposed to the probation and Eintracht Frankfurt could be a ghost video game.

_ The individual to be seen on a video and previously unidentified has separately reported to the fan rep of Eintracht Frankfurt during the very first fifty percent of the game as well as emphasizes the accusation of an anti-Semitic objective. _.

Frankfurt endangers a ghost game in the premier class.

_ Eintracht Frankfurt represents tolerance and also variety and also shows a clear perspective in the fight against bigotry, racial discrimination. The club ranges itself in a clarity.

In the semi-finals of last year’s European League period, after the final in the final versus West Pork, the Frankfurt fan.

_ Tract Frankfurt will inspect this process and the presentation of the person in concern. _.