Riot Games will present today all News from Riot Forge, the part of the American company responsible for developing and publishing games single player inspired by the world of League of Legends or RENATER. Was announced two years ago when the company and its game met the tenth anniversary and wanted to expand all its areas, starting with games online as Valorant or Wild Rift and, after a year, the most successful Netflix series of the year (Even surpassing the squid game) with Arcane: a story of League of Legends. We explained below how to see the show and the time we can see all the novelties of the company.

Featurette | Ruined King: A Developer’s Story

Riot Forge will present through different channels the show in which you will present different games related to the world of RENATER. You can live it on YouTube or Twitch in their official channels, although many of the influencers are likely to have a relationship with the Riot Games, they will also see and enjoy all the surprises that Riot Forge has prepared. It will be at 5:00 p.m. when it starts a fairly expected event for fans and not such fans of the company, since they will be set of games that although they are starring champions, you do not need to know about lol To play with them.

Hex tech Mayhem will be first pump that will arrive at the Riot Forge show, since it has also come out for consoles today, in addition to the expected Ruined King, turns game developed by Airship Syndicate and from which it will be given more information and hopefully a next date to be able to enjoy the delivery starring Yahoo and Company. In turn, novelties are expected about other games of the company like convergence, starring Echo and that we do not know absolutely nothing since the end of 2019, and the announcement of new games that have never been seen and that will come out for 2022.