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NFL: Dallas Cowboys schicken Wide Receiver Amari Cooper per Trade zu Cleveland Browns

The Dallas Cowboys will send Wide Receiver Amari Cooper by Trade to the Cleveland Browns when the new ligamine starts on Wednesday.

As Ian Rapoport reports from nfl Network reported, the Browns send their five-round pick in the upcoming draft to Dallas. In addition, both teams swap their six-round picks.

The Cowboys thus save $ 20 million in Cap Space for the coming season while Dead Money is six million dollars.

Browns, in turn, are responsible for the $ 20 million annual salary, which applies to Cooper 2022. His contract is still running until the end of 2024 with an annual salary of $ 20 million. However, this salary is not guaranteed so that the Browns have no risk after the upcoming season.

At the same time, the Cooper Trade probably also has a separation of the Browns of Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry. Multiple media reports that the franchise Landry diverted permission to look after a trade partner. Landry goes to his final contract year. An outlet would free the Brown’s Cap Space of just under $ 15 million.

Dallas Cowboys Trading WR Amari Cooper to Cleveland Browns | CBS Sports HQ

Amari Cooper: Brown’s third NFL team for Wide receiver

Amari Cooper was the fourth pick overall for the Oakland Raiders in the draft 2015 and was brought in 2018 to the cowboys, where he harmonized from the start of walk with quarterback DAK Prescott. His season 2021, where he missed two games through a Covid infection, was his overall weakest for the cowboys, but he nevertheless launched with 8 touchdowns.

A separation of Cooper was reportedly decided at the end of last week, as the cowboys urgently needed Cap Space. At the Browns, Cooper is now to be the high-class passport, which had lost the team at the latest after the departure of Odell Beckham Jr.

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Amari Cooper: Statistics at the Cowboys

Season Games Receptions Yards Touchdowns Passer rating
2018 9 53 725 6 115.3
2019 16 79 1189 8 114.4
2020 16 92 1114 5 96.8
2021 15 68 865 8 116.9MARCU

NFL: Antonio Brown would like to play with Lamar Jackson at the Baltimore Ravens

The controversy Wide Receiver Antonio Brown would like to play next for the Baltimore Ravens. The reason: Quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Antonio Brown takes place after his inglorious departure at the Tampa Such Buccaneers in position for another commitment in the NFL. In the i at the athlete Podcast he was now asked with which quarterback he would like to play next. His answer: Lamar Jackson.


Brown justified the statement that Jackson was a great quarterback and a dynamic playmaker.

Jackson himself does not seem to be averse to this personnel and returned a corresponding video podcast of the podcast with an Emoji on Twitter.

What the Ravens consider as an organization of this idea is unclear. However, there is a connection to the team for off – his cousin Marquise Brown has been Wide Receiver of Ravens since 2020. And that has been training since college times in the off season.

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Hollywood Brown took praising words for the former player of Pittsburgh Steelers in front of his rookie season: A guy who gets the best out of you, said Brown I feel that he could fit in this cabin. He is a competitor. He goes out and gives you 100 percent. And that would bring other guys to do the same.

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