Cap com announced on June 3 that it will support the PlayStation VR2 PlayStation VR2 for PlayStation 5 VR equipment for PlayStation 5, which is currently on sale. Based on the PS5 version Village, the whole story mode will support play on PS VR2. At the Cap com booth of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which was held from September 15 to 18 this month, this PS VR2 version Village appeared as one of the trial titles. I also participated in the trial party and played a part of Limitless Castle. It was an experience that I could not despise as a VR transplant, to create a game experience. We will deliver a play report while comparing with the PS5 version.

Compared to the PS5 version, the operating system during battle is significantly changed. At the trial party, we were able to try out handguns and knives. Hold the handgun with your right hand and fire with a trigger. This is the appearance of aiming for the enemy directly with the SENSE controller, which is a PS VR2 controller. What is even more distinctive is the reload operation. The button is released with a button, removing a new magazine from the waist with the left hand, loading it from the waist, returning the slide of the gun with the left hand. You may get a complicated impression compared to the conventional Reload with one button, but it is not so difficult if you actually try it. I felt that if I got used to it, I could operate it smoothly.

The knife is equipped on the outside of the left arm, and it is taken out with the right hand and attacks. This is also an impression that the weight of the enemy is swinging down directly toward the enemy in front of you, and the weight of attacking the enemy has increased. Both weapons have been changed to VR operations, and I feel even more responsive to the opponent with weapons. In particular, the reload operation, which became more tactical, felt the realism of holding guns. It is also a good impression that the game was given as an experience-type game that was given a fixed reload time. In the main part of Village, in addition to the above handguns and knives, various weapons will appear. I’m worried about what kind of operation method is arranged for VR.

The above operation is the operation method with the player’s dominant hand set in the right hand. In the in-game settings at the start of the trial, it was possible to set the dominant hand to the left. If the dominant hand is set to the left, the above operation will be opposite to the left and right, and the left hand will hold a gun or knife. Players who are uneasy about left-handed or aimed at the right hand are also safe.

So what about the video? As a whole, I was able to get enough immersion that I am in the space in the game. It’s like walking in the old castle, which was beautiful and bizarre in the PS5 version. One of the reasons why I got immersive was that the object I was looking at was clearly visible without discomfort, from distant landscape to items at hand. If you compare it to the appearance of a real thing, should you say focus? According to an interview published in PlayStation. Blog, this work uses the PS VR2 gaze tracking function. A new feature called Flexible Scale Nasalization (FSR), which focuses on where the player is watching and increases the resolution of that part, is used. This feature creates VR images that look natural and three-dimensional in both places. I felt a device to encourage the immersion in the VR experience, which is not just a transplant.

Elements such as vibration and sound were also effective in various situations. For example, in the scene of being dragged by the three sisters and moving in the corridor, the player’s headsets vibrate in conjunction. The position and strength of the vibration change according to the video, and you feel that your back of your head is rubbing the dash. The 3D audio is good. In the game, I also had a VR horror game, saying, I turn around in the direction of the noise. Visual, sound, and vibration are functioning as directing, and it is a fresh play experience even though it is a game you played once.

Of course, Mrs. Homeless also had an overwhelming presence. The height 290 cm you experience in VR is not Date. In a scene where her wife took her hand and licked her, her body was solidified by fear. Mrs. Homeless, who confronts VR, is so large and terrible. The protagonist, Ethan, will confront many unique people, led by Mrs. Homeless. There is no doubt that their existence will be more impressive in VR.

Although it was a gameplay of less than 30 minutes, I got the impression that the game experience was enhanced with various approaches. Each battle, video, and productions are devised, leading to immersive and fun. I would like to look forward to the release of Ethan’s death, which is experienced in the product version. The additional DLC Winters Expansion will be released from October 28 as the development of Village. In this DLC, Third Person Mode, which allows you to play the main part of Village from a third-person perspective, The Mercenaries Additional Order, which adds playable characters and stages, a new scenario depicting the growth of Ethan’s daughter Rose. Shadows of Rose is included. At the same time, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which includes the DLC and the main part of Village, will be released on the same day. Until you can play the PS VR2 version Village, you may want to play this.