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Bitlife dealer is all you need to know

If you are interested in the Dealer update to Bitlife, there is now a little known. The dealer update is one of the four updates released after the Bitlife entrepreneur, also known as business . Based on previous tasks, we assume that the dealer update will be the expansion of the Bitlife criminal system. We can get one new job (dealer), new achievements and, possibly, new actions in the section Crimes.

With this expansion, players can potentially sell drugs, such as grass, and trade on the streets using a function similar to the work of Street Hustler. So far this assumption we based this on the fact that the description of the dealer in the package of tasks describes the following: Create your own weed empire! . What entails the creation of the marijuana empire at the moment is not entirely known, but we assume that this will happen in some form of sale of marijuana and its spread on the streets in Bitlife.


Some other functions may include avoiding the presence of the police and the fight against local gangs, but we cannot be sure that any of these functions will enter the final update, since we have only description of the work for information. Because of this, we recommend that some of these potential functions with distrust.

when will Bitlife Dealer update?

At the time of writing, the Bitlife Dealer update has just appeared in the list of future tasks for Bitlife. Because of this, there is no current release date for the package of tasks and the date of its addition to Bitlife.

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Nintendo Switch consoles get a mysterious update

Nintendo has launched a new update in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED along with patch notes designed so that the consumer knows everything that Nintendo has done with the different switch hardware. The problem is that the patch notes do not say anything important. According to Nintendo, everything that does the update is to provide general system stability improvements to improve the user experience. What are these improvements exactly, Nintendo does not say it.

Now, Nintendo does this with some frequency. Every few updates there is an update of this type. And almost always, there is more on the update that general improvements in the stability of the system. How do we know this? Well, because data miners look for the update files something peculiar and worthy of mention. In the past, such efforts revealed that Nintendo was working to add Bluetooth audio support, work that was performed with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

New Nintendo Switch Console Competitor REVEALED... + GameCube Is BACK!

As always, we will keep you informed as we know more about the update. There is no guarantee that Nintendo is hiding something in this update, but generally this is how it does. Meanwhile, if more information is discovered about the mentioned improvements, we will add it to history. Meanwhile, to download the update (update 13.2.0), go to the system configuration and then click on System and System Update. From here, your console will be updated and restarted.

All SWITCH owners should have the update 13.2.0 automatically downloaded. You can also force the installation of the firmware now by going to the system configuration, scrolling down to System and finally System Update. Your switch unit will do all the rest.

For more coverage especially everything related to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Online and everything that is under Nintendo’s umbrella, including the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

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EA Sports FC hallmark might hint at the future name of FIFA

U Sports football is the highest degree of amateur play of Canadian football as well as operates under the auspices of U Sports (previously Canadian Interuniversity Sporting activity). Twenty-seven groups from Canadian colleges are divided into four athletic meetings, attracting from the 4 local organizations of U Sports: Canada West Colleges Athletic Organization, Ontario College Sports, Réseau du sporting activity étudiant du Québec, and Atlantic College Sport. At the end of every season, the champions of each meeting breakthrough to semifinal bowl video games; the champions of these fulfill in the Vanier Cup national championship.
The origins of North American football can be mapped here, where the first documented video game was dipped into College at the University of Toronto in 1861. A variety of U Sports programs have been in presence considering that the origins of the sport. It is from these Canadian colleges that the video game currently known as Canadian football began. In 1874, McGill College (Montreal) tested Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) to a collection of video games.
The Grey Cup, the championship prize of the specialist Canadian Football League (CFL) since its founding in the 1950s, was originally disputed by groups from the College of Toronto as well as Queen s College as well as other amateur teams since 1909. Numerous U Sports players have taken place to expert occupations in the CFL and elsewhere; a number are composed annually in the Canadian College Draft. In 2019, there were a document 208 U Sports graduates on CFL rosters, consisting of at least one player from each of the 27 football programs.

Update: FIFA 23 may be relabelled EA Sports FC, according to a brand-new trademark declaring.

As identified by VGC, EA filed an application in the UK as well as the EU for something called EA Sports FC last week. The trademarks were filed soon before the company revealed it was checking out the possibility of ending its decades-long identifying rights agreement with FIFA.

BARCELONA FC vs GETAFE CF | Laliga 2019/2020 ● Matchday 7 Predict ● FIFA 20 | Broastcast Camera
It deserves keeping in mind that EA Sports Football Club was a social attribute that existed in the franchise business as very early as 2011, and also ran up until 2020. That could indicate that the hallmark is being restored in an effort to resurrect a variation of that function, but could additionally provide the brand-new name an element of acknowledgment within the series established area.

Initial tale: EA has actually surprisingly introduced that it s thinking about a brand-new name for the FIFA collection.

The move comes mere days after competing Konami launched eFootball 2022 (listed below) instead of its long-standing Pro Development Football franchise– to furious social media sites responses and also dreadful reviews.

EA s declaration came as component of a press launch commemorating FIFA 22 s opening up weekend break, which tallied 9.1 million players, 7.6 million Ultimate Team squads and 460 million matches.

While we are just at the start of our trip with you in this year s video game, we re additionally concentrated on where we go from here, wrote EA Sports GM Cam Weber.

We re here to create the very best experiences for football fans almost everywhere… As we look in advance, we re also checking out the concept of relabeling our worldwide EA Sports football games. This means we re reviewing our identifying civil liberties agreement with FIFA, which is different from all our other main collaborations and licenses throughout the football world.

[Away from video gaming, FIFA means Fédération Internationale de Football Association, as well as is the globally regulating body of all things kickabout-related.]
The step would be a lot more surprising than Konami s eFootball rebrand– besides, PES itself was pre-dated by the International Superstar Football name. On the other hand, EA s football collection has been released under the FIFA banner since its 1993 inception on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

The timing wonders also. Back in 2013, EA signed a manage FIFA which ends in 2022– covering monitoring video games in enhancement to its yearly football sim. By going public in the above way, EA might be preparing the acquiring masses for FIFA 23 to emerge under a new name, or it might be hoping the threat of losing the collection drives down the asking rate of re-upping the globally license.

Private deals, such as linkups with UEFA, the Premier League, as well as Serie A, aren t influenced by the FIFA call. All those competitors will therefore remain in FIFA 23, EA Sports Football 23, Rooney Football 23, or whatever else the following installment is called.

Exit The Gungeon Hello to Arms launches firearms this Friday

The last game of the Developer Dodge Roll, sorize the Gungeon , receives a brand new update this Friday. Soor the Gungeon: Hello to Weapons Propose a variety of new contents, including new weapons and objects, a new arsenal mode, new shop centers and of course, the GLOCKTOPUS. Gello to the Update Five this Friday, November 13 for Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and PC with the launch of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Soor the Gungeon is a sequence of the 2016 Roguelike, which has experienced a huge success, entrez in the Gungeon . Entrez in the Gungeon is a dungeon exploration robot that follows a group of marginalized who must shoot, loot and make their way through the Gungeon in the hope of finding the ultimate treasure – the weapon that can kill the past . Soor the Gungeon is a small direct sequence that follows the Gungeoneers while trying to escape the dreaded Gungeon up the dangerous elevators to freedom. Of course, there will be many enemies to face, collecting arms and boss to kill up.

dodge roll update
The brand new Arsenal mode now allows you to contain as many weapons as you like, including the blessed weapon, while offering you the possibility of switching freely between them. The brand new boss, the glacktopus, makes its arrival so long because the enemy was supposed to be included in the starting content of the game. The terrifying mollusc armed with a firearm was shown in the original trailer of the game But unfortunately had to be cut off from his initial release, because the developers thought they should rush to adapt it to the game and deserved better than that. Now more than a year later, it finally makes its debut.

The name of the update hello to arms is a wink to entrez in the Gungeon Last major update goodbye to weapons .


Diablo 2 Resurrected Servers are already down the sixth day in a row

A blizzard is an extreme snowstorm identified by solid continual winds of a minimum of 56 km/h (35 mph) and lasting for a prolonged time period– normally three hrs or even more. A ground blizzard is a climate condition where snow is not falling yet loosened snow on the ground is raised as well as blown by solid winds. Snowstorms can have an immense dimension and normally extend to hundreds or hundreds of kilometres.

Update 14.10. 2021 – 15:49 clock: Who would have thought? There are again server problems in Diablo 2, again about the same time as the last six days! After all, there has now been an info about the patch that makes the PS5 version of Diablo 2 Resurrected unplayable: The should be withdrawn from the Blizzard soon. Meanwhile, just download the PS4 version on your PS5 – which works namely.

UPDATE 13.10 2021 – 15:56: The votes are currently on Twitter about renewed connection problems. The problems occur as in the past days approximately at the same time. Should the resolving of the problem be designed as in recent days, you should not expect to play Diablo 2 Resurrected again before 6 pm.

Update 13.10.2021 – 11:56 clock : In the meantime, Blizzard has expressed itself with the usual tweet to the problems of the PS5 version of Diablo 2. Let s wait for how long the resolving of the problem takes today.

Original message : The trouble around Diablo 2 Resurrected seems easy to stop. Currently, players of the PS5 version report on a new patch, which again improves nothing. Rather, characters in the PS5 version of Diablo 2 after the update can no longer log in online games. According to Patch Notes, the patch should actually provide improved stability and prevent various crash causes. In addition, the deletion of characters should be less easy to go from the hand so as to prevent accidental erasing of heroes.

So it s not possible to press the Play Button or create a new character after starting Diablo 2 Resurrected on PS5. Currently there is also no reaction to the problems from Blizzard. After all, the community has not quite laughed yet to laugh about the DESASTRÖS performance by Blizzard. The memes that make the lap on various platforms are always entertaining.

See all 7 pictures in the gallery

The memes at RedDit are at least entertaining, unlike the server problem. (1) [Source: Blizzard]

We also demanded the Agency responsible for Blizzard, which is the reason for the constant server crashes and rollbacks. However, nothing came to a generic response.

We are aware of andare investigating issues Some Players Have Been Experiencing in Diablo 2: Resurrected. WE HAVE Conducted Emergency Maintenance Across All Platforms, Are Closely Monitoring Server Performance, and Are Making Further Adjustments and Fixes As Needed. WE Thank Players for Bearing With US AS WE Make This Progress, And We Are Working Hard On Both Short and Long-Term Fixes in Order to Stabilize The DIABLO 2: RESURRECTED EXPERIENCE for all players globally.

We are aware of the problems that have occurred with some players in Diablo 2: Resurrected and examine them. We have carried out emergency maintenance on all platforms, monitor the server performance accurately and take as need further adjustments and corrections. We thank you The players for their patience, while we make these progress, and we want to assure you that we work hard on short and long-term corrections to stabilize the experience Diablo 2: Resurrected for all players worldwide.

Therefore, the players also like to speculate about possible reasons for the constant Diablo-2 downtimes such as Duper and Exploites, which enrich themselves to the server rollbacks. After all, this morning the PC version of Diablo 2 Resurrected – maybe therefore, because the patch 1.05 is still in coming and has been published for the consoles. Remains to be seen whether, as in recent days, the server problems start from the early afternoon. We will keep you up to date.

By Maria Beyer-Fistrich
Brand / Editorial Director
14.10.2021 at 15:52

Tribes of Midgard Roadmap for the 2nd season promises boats and new Sagaboss

Cet article recense par thème les jeux de rôle sur table publiés, en complément à l article Jeu de rôle.

The developers of the survival role-playing game Tribes of Midgard have also given a view of season 2 and the longer-term future as part of the publication of the Midsaga update for the first season. Season 2 is to begin in the fourth quarter 2021 and is then expanded in the first quarter 2022 by the next Midsaga update.

Season 2: New Saga Boss, Oceans and Boats

Since the midsaga update of the first season of Tribes of Midgard has been released in October, it can be expected the start of season 2 in November or maybe only in December. But then please look forward to the next Sagaboss, the Fenrir or its current forms Doomhowler and WolfMans will probably replace. An indication that you should then tell you then on your fingers (or paws) can not yet exist.

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You can already look forward to the introduction of oceans and boats. Furthermore, the developers of Norskll are planning a new reward path for you. The midsaga update of the second season then brings new variants from the current Sagaboss into the game. There are also new equipment and quests.

And the future?

The creators of the Koop ArpG speak for the longer-term future by all kind of interesting game mechanics. The promises of the developers include fishing, shovels, a kind of agriculture, riding, Construction 2.0 , Housing, new biomes, a new game mode and of course interesting new blessings and weapons. So delight, Vikings, the future looks rosy!

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