Before Newcastle United presented his work clothes for the 2022/23 season at all, the Premier League club has already harassed a storm of indignation. On the night of Friday, pictures appeared on the Internet that are supposed to show the new away jersey – in unusual colors.

Apparently, the magpies, in the future in green and white, are planning to run into the national colors of Saudi Arabia. Because a consortium, led by the Saudi State Fund, had taken over the majority at the club last autumn, nobody wants to believe in a chance.

**** should come true, “shows the determination of the kingdom to polish up his brutal, blood -soaked human rights record” through “Sportswashing”, said Felix Jakens, representative of the human rights organization Amnesty International in Great Britain, the “Guardian”.

Many fans criticize, others praise the “brilliant move”

The Premier League had always emphasized that Saudi Arabia does not exercise control over Newcastle. But for Jakens, the new jersey would “be clear proof that the regime uses Newcastle to convey a positive picture”.


While numerous Newcastle fans also criticized the supposed new away outfit, others reacted benevolently: the jersey sales in Saudi Arabia would boost and is therefore a “brilliant move”, it said, among other things, on social networks.