The British government wants to strongly control the English professional football with an independent supervision. The new authority should be able to punish clubs that break financial rules and other regulations as the BBC reported on Monday.

In addition, there should be a new test for potential club owners from takeover, and fans should receive more say. With the innovations, the government reacts to sharp criticism of recent developments as the initially failed introduction of a Super League, the acquisition of the first division Newcastle United by a Saudi state fund or financial problems with second division Derby County.

It follows proposals of an independent expert commission under the leadership of the former Leagues State Secretary Tracey Crouch. For the summer, the government announced a white paper. It should also be a “Golden Share” at saying of the fans of fundamental questions such as coats of arms, stadium and jersey.

How Foreigners Seized Control Of The ENGLISH Premier League

Crouch praised governance announcement in conversation with the news agency PA as “enormous step forward”. At the same time, she criticized the unclear timeframe for a legal change is “worrying”. “Further delays could be catastrophic for clubs, communities and fans aimed at a protected and safe regulatory environment,” Crouch said. Urgently necessary is an agreement between the Premier League and the English Football League, which is responsible for the second to fourth league, a redistribution of billions of revenue.