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Strategy ADV Leading Strategy ADV “Home Behind 2” February 16th-Last chance that can be purchased at discounted prices before raising price

TPP Studio has announced a formal release date on February 16th on STEAM on Jan.22 January 221 January 221.

This work takes a strategy forces to attract the carrier dominated by the dictator Nakamura and aim to break up the government forces. By exploring a ringlike element and searching for a randomly generated map, you can collect various equipment with different capabilities from old-fashioned things to the prototyping stage and strengthen the unit.

In addition, a 2022 roadmap is also released at the same time as the official release date announcement. In February 2022, the addition of stories / side missions, bosses, jobs and skills, 2022 Q2 has optional tactics, vehicle weapons and accessories, random events and NPC additions, and three in 2022 Q3 The addition of jobs and skills, regional features, camps and news events is scheduled to add collectives, side missions and bosses to 2022 Q4.

After early access, the price will be raised to 19.99 dollars (about 2,300 yen for Japanese yen). STEAM New Year Sale, which will be held until 3 am on February 4, the last discount will be the last discount, and this work can be purchased at 1,140 yen (tax included) of 25% off. You can also receive an additional 5% discount by purchasing a bundle set with the previous work “Home Behind”.

Final 2020 Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump, Joe Biden | NBC News

“Home Behind 2” is early access in Steam at 1,520 yen (tax included). According to the Steam Store page, it supports Japanese interface / subtitles.

Special Middle Ages

For all medieval and simulator fans, autumn stops a bit great on Steam. The game Normand recalled at Rim world appears. What exactly is it, let’s take a closer look at us now.

Stories like in Game of Thrones

If you have always wanted a cute optics Game-of-Thrones simulator , Normand is just right for you.

The PC game from the Developer Studio Long Jaunt is one of Crusader Kings, Rim world and Caesar Inspired urban building simulation, which is intended to start at Steam on fall 2022. (Source: Steam)

You manage a noble family in the Middle Ages, which is the rulers of a whole city full of different characters. These have all individual needs and behaviors that are composed of their social status and their characteristics.

In doing so, randomly generated stories arise, which enhance your kingdom of life or even can cost you life yourself. In order to see the scary activities with his own eyes, you can watch this Revelation Trailer :

What awaits you in Normand?

In Normand, many decisions are waiting for you who want to be taken. The main features of the RPG include:

  • Control the different members of your family and give them tasks

  • Observe how your relationships are changing through love, hatred, friendship, fraud and more

  • Version criminal gesture, take care of the inhabitants and stresses pries

  • Builds an army and defenses, then decides whether your other kingdom is deserved or allied with you

  • Observes power structures, plans intrigue and let enemies murder murder

Builds production chains, increases the population, pays wages, lays prices on the market and deals with caravans

  • Suites you know and technologies, writes it or writes a whole new

  • Makes important decisions at events on the world map

The developers are planning the game without publishing an early access phase , however, due to the complexity, the feedback of the community in internal play tests require. If you do not want to miss this, you can stop by Normand in the discord.

In Normand, the stories are randomly written. But some games do not need a story to work – how This picture section proves:

STEAM Award 2021 Result Announcement. In addition to Biohazard Village, Terarian is the first award

Valve announced the results of each department of STEAM Award 2021 on January 4. Biohazard Village won Biohazard Village in the Game Jobshare section, and in the department, Terrain has finally passed through a few nominations.

The STEAM Award is an annual event every year that determines the best games by user vote. In the first time, such as the first of 2016, a humorous sector was lined with a humorous division such as Awards in Dokan and Awards for 5 minutes. Since the previous year, we continued to sit down and relax, and have a division of a unique cutout, and was voted at all 10 categories. First, it won the game of the game of this year Biohazard Village. Besides, the Cyberpunk 2077 and the indie studio development survival game Latham, which are released in the end of 2020, etc. are nominated.

Next, Terrain was awarded in Working in Love section. In this department, a long run work is chosen that keeps updating over the long term and continues to be loved by the fan. This work continued to overplay many free updates since the 2011 release. In 2020, we deliver the final update that is notified of Journey’s End (the end of the journey). However, even after that, updates such as collaboration content with Don’t Starve Together continue too sporadically. Past STEAM Awards are often nominated, and this time was finally the first award.

IT Takes Two shines to the seat of I want to play with friends. This work has won GOT at the Game Awards 2021 and is awarded as a two-player title. The most innovative gameplay department won the assassination FPS DECATHLON that repeats life and death loops. The Excellent Visual Style section wins the open world drive game Fora Horizon 5, and the VR Game Lobster section was chosen. Cooking Simulator VR was chosen.

The Best Soundtrack section has selected Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy featuring a number of musician music such as kisses and culture clubs. The Excellent Story Game department won Cyberpunk 2077 nominated for game of the game. This work was pointed out after released, and the evaluation was sluggish. This award would have continuous correction and improvement. The Unknown Best Game division that chooses your favorite game while struggling is Nigh 2 Complete Edition. Farming Simulator 22 was chosen to explode popular after the delivery of November last year, relaxing and relaxing division.

Besides, details such as nominated works should be checked on page 2021. Also, in Steam, the winter sale is being conducted until 3 am January 6th. In this journal, we introduce works that can be enjoyed at less than 5 hours and works that can be enjoyed for more than 20 hours and 20 hours for more than 20 hours mainly in indie works. I would like to refer to the purchase as a result of this STEAM award.

GeForce Now is updated with 8 new games Core NovembersNovembersin s Creed Syndicate and more

GeForce NOW announces the full selection of titles that you will receive until November 21, 2021. A total of 8 games appear among those indicated, including new releNovembere that reach PC during these days. We talk about The LNovembert Stand: Aftermath, Myth of Empires and Combat Mission Cold War, among others.

Then we leave you with the full list.

Combat Mission Cold War — Steam
The LNovembert Stand: Aftermath — Steam
Myth of Empires — Steam
Icarus — Steam
NovembersNovembersin s Creed: Syndicate Gold Edition — Ubisoft Connect
Core — Epic Games Store
World of Tanks — Steam
Lost Words: Beyond The Page — Steam

Some named ones already appeared in the announcement of this month, which you can see in this link. The Beta of Icarus, which is provided with its celebration during the next weekend in Steam, can also be played through the service.

new promotion GeForce Now RTX 3080

The manufacturer hNovember revealed a new promotion for those who want to take the jump to the subscription GeForce Now RTX 3080. Either in the priority modality of 6 months or completely, a free copy of Crisis RemNovembertered will be offered at no additional cost. The offer is retroactive, that is, if you are already a member, or you have completed the reservation, you will also receive it.

GeForce NOW News - 8 New Games - FREE Crysis Remastered & More
The subscription allows you to enjoy 4K resolution and up to 120 fps in a selection of games via streaming. It is currently still available in its 6-month format until the quota is completed. His activation in Europe is prepared for some time of December. This offer allows you to exclusive access to the servers of this GPU and game sessions up to 8 hours, among others. Its price Novembercends to 99.99 euros for 6 months.

Ark is one of the best survival games on Steam gets new map and Vikings

ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure and survival video game as well as multiplayer, created as well as released by Studio Wildcard. Its very early access began on June 2, 2015, for Windows, July 1, 2015, for Linux and macOS, December 16, 2015, on Xbox One as part of the Xbox Video game Sneak peek program and December 6, 2016, on PlayStation 4. The video game officially comes out the August 29, 2017, on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch Over.

ARK: Survival Evolved is also more than 4 years after the release of one of the most popular survival games on Steam. Now the developers have announced a new map for December and given a view of 2022. There it should then give content around Vikings.

What did ARK announced? As part of a LiveStream at Extra Life, the developers of ARK have given some views in the future. Two new updates were announced:

First, on December 14, the new map Lost Island appears
On the other hand, a new DLC is planned for 2022, where it goes around Vikings. This DLC is based on the MOD Fjord developed by the community

New Fjordur Official Map, New Creature + Lost Island Release Date! - ARK Survival Evolved

This introduced some interesting innovations and that, although the developers have already officially terminated the story of ARK with the last DLC Genesis and even announced the successor ARK 2.

Lost Island comes with large map and 3 new Dino

What is the next DLC? Lost Island will provide a free update that contains a new card with a size of 150 square meters. There should be new biomes, challenges and mysterious ruins on this map.

A highlight is also the 3 new Dino you will meet:


These new Dino and first impressions of the map can you already win in this short trailer:

Viking DLC ​​comes in summer, based on fan-mod

What happens 2022 at ARK? In June 2022, the new Update Fjord should come. This is what is a non-official mod of fans for the PC, which should then be further processed into a true DLC.

In this mod you can explore icy cards, old ruins and huge castles. In addition, you should be able to become a true viking.

With the update in the summer new Dino will also be published. One of them should be the Andrewsarche, the other two may choose the community in 2022 themselves.

A first impression of the new areas show these 3 screenshots of the developer wildcard:

Also 2021 ARK is still very popular with Steam

How is ARK currently? At Steam, Survival Game 2021 continues to enjoy great popularity. In the last 30 days, average 39,287 players per day were online, with a peak of 69,159 simultaneous players (via Steam charts).

This is a considerable number, especially considering that the last larger update comes from June. At that time, the second part appeared from DLC Genesis.

In addition, the reviews are impressive on Steam in the last few weeks. In the last 30 days 5,351 Gamer Ark rated on Steam. The gave 90% a positive assessment. Overall, the game is currently 81% positive voices with over 370,000 reviews.

This makes Ark: Survival Evolved to one of the most popular survival games on Steam.

What do you say about the plans of Ark? Are you talking to the two coming LCS? And how do you find the survival game generally?

Whoever never played Ark and just think about it, to start completely, for which we have put together all the important information here:

ARK: Survival Evolved — Starter Guide for beginners

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