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Gladbach | WM-AUS possible: thought shoulder violation at DFB

Five weeks prior to the beginning of the World Mug in Qatar (from November 20), national player Jonas Hoffmann from Borussia Mönchengladbach may have experienced a shoulder injury.

In the DFB Cup 2 round game at the 2nd division club Darmstadt 98 (1: 2), the midfielder dropped on his shoulder, the 30-year-old was changed at half-time. Hoffmann is considered a risk-free World Mug chauffeur in the team of national instructor Hansi Flick.

According to Fake, goalkeeper Yann Summer additionally experienced an ankle injury. We need to wait as well as see the exact diagnosis. It might well be that it will certainly be missing out on a little, said the VFL instructor for the Swiss worldwide.


There is uncertainty of shoulder-deck blasting, said Playback trainer Daniel Fake on Tuesday night at Skies: We hope that it is not that bad. It is likely that he will certainly be missing out on for some time.

Summer was kinked early in the game while intercepting a cross. At first the 33-year-old was able to continue playing, however finally needed to be changed after twelve mins. Tobias Sipped came into the video game for summer.

Destiny 2: Kings fall – the location of all secret raid chests

Orin dreadnought keeps many secrets. The guard and his combat group will have to pass a second raid in Destiny 2 in order to destroy the obsessed king once and for all. There will be a lot of prey along the way that can be collected and equipped. But keen guards will want to go out of the skin for several secret chests. This is where to find them.

Secret chests Destiny 2 King’s Fall

chest 1: City ships

After passing the first battle, you will fall into the room with a waiting ship-cubic ship. Let the two guards stand on the stoves, as usual, to drop the barrier, and the rest of the battle group will jump aboard the ship. Instead of going on a ship through a gap in the wall, jump left when you are going to cross the watershed. There will be a narrow path to walk up. In the upper part of the slope, jump into the hole and go to the first secret chest.

chest 2: Novgorod labyrinth

There are five plates in the stretched maze. Use the above scheme to leave the guard in every place, and so that the combat group goes along plates in order. As soon as all five are coming, there will be a message that a chest has appeared. Return to the middle of the maze to pick it up.

chest 3: The wall of the falls

After the victory over Novgorod, a large room with phallic columns will appear, which protrude to plunge the guards into oblivion. Go a puzzle until you reach the first plate and look right. There will be a column with two narrow platforms, one above the other.

Jump to the top of these platforms and pull out your faithful ghost. Players D1 should be familiar with this, since Ghost will make invisible platforms visible. Look around until you see the outline of the platform. The jump on it will make it visible. Go up, but before jumping back to the wall of Dick, look up and back. There will be a large doorway. Jump inside and run to the end of the room behind the third and last chest.

To find out more about Destiny 2, check out the section What is the iron banner in Destiny 2? The knowledge and events of the Iron Banner described in the professional guidelines for the game.

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