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Verpappen from various other worlds

The Dutch has actually already collected 9 success in 14 races. In this form, Verstappen might crack the document of 13 period success by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel in the remaining eight races.

Anyone that had really hoped for an exciting title race after the Formula 1 summer break has actually been instructed much better by Max Verstappen. In Spa-Francorchamps, the globe champ played playfully from starting place 14 on Sunday as well as now leads in the overall ranking with a 93 factor lead. The second title is only an issue of kind for the Dutch.

currently is at residence in Zandvoort

Mick Schumacher goes out the possibilities: The Haas pilot quickly needs a couple of great disagreements why his team or another auto racing team should provide him a cockpit following year. It doesn’t assist that his car was probably the slowest in the field despite a bundle of developments in Belgium. And also then the 23-year-old’s popo additionally shone since his seat heated up strongly because of a defect during the race. Great training for Singapore, Schumacher joked with a view of the sweating race in 5 weeks.

Ferrari is at a loss: The Scuderia has already been shown in Day spa. We have to comprehend what we can boost for the next races, lectured group employer Mattia Binotto. I do not believe there will be a few wonders next week that we are very close to Red Bull, stated the World Cup third Charles Leclerc prior to onward trip to Zandvoort-to Verstappen home game.

Any person that had actually really hoped for an exciting title race after the Formula 1 summer season break has actually been instructed better by Max Verstappen. The Dutch has actually currently accumulated 9 triumphes in 14 races. In this type, Verstappen might crack the record of 13 season success by Michael Schumacher as well as Sebastian Vettel in the continuing to be eight races.

Stupid for both: Schumacher and Vettel to crash annoyed

“Of course this is stupid for both of us. I’m sorry,” said Vettel to the TV station Sky after the accident, who cost the two German pilots possible World Cup points. “I will definitely talk to him about it,” announced Schumacher. In the attempt by the Haas driver to squeeze past his compatriot of his compatriot, the collision had occurred on Sunday.

“When I see the pictures, I could have passed him more,” admitted Schumacher. In his 26th Grand Prix, the first points of his young Formula 1 career were tangible for him. “I thought I was in the front of the curve. When I saw him, it was too late for both of us,” Vettel described the situation from his point of view.

The Hesse had to start from the pit lane because of a gasoline problem and had worked ninth until the accident. He then gave up and was considered 17th. His compatriot drove to the finish as the 15th.

Ralf Schumacher: “It was his curve”

Sebastian Vettel Team Radio After Big CRASH Schumacher in Miami Grand Prix

TV expert Ralf Schumacher saw a partial debt with both drivers. “Mick has to try it, but hesitates easily. He shouldn’t have done that, it was his curve,” said Haas pilot’s uncle. But Vettel would also have had to be better careful. “He also has to look in the mirror, Mick cannot dissolve into air,” criticized Ralf Schumacher.

His nephew tried to take the positive from the guest appearance in Florida. “We have a good car and have to manage not to always get into difficult situations,” said the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher.

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