[Samyang Aani Moon Young-soo] The Sandbox announced on the 17th that Samyang Food Land will be partnership with Samyang Aani, a media commerce affiliate of Samyang Food Group.


With this partnership, The Sandbox and Samyang Annie will create NFT product planning, production and land using Samyang Food Brand and Content IP to operate the participatory service that can be enjoyed by the Sandbox platform users around the world.

Samyang Annie is in charge of Samyang Food’s intellectual property and content-related metabus and NFT business, and is currently strengthening the e-commerce business to target ‘Global’ and ‘Millennials’ of Samyang Foods and establishing a platform sales network of Samyang Annie. The online market is expanding. The Sandbox, Samyang Foods, and Samyang Annie are planning to target the global market together through collaboration.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of the Sandbox Korea, said, We are happy to be with Samyang, which is leading the world’s food trends through the development of fresh products such as Bulgogi fried noodles for a long time. I will create a different experience that I haven’t seen before.

Kang In-gu, Samyang Annie COO, said, A culture that can have a new experience with consumers around the world by expanding the number of brands and contents IP assets that Samyang Food Group has accumulated for 60 years through global NFT and global methus platform. I will make it, he said. I am happy to create a theme land for food companies for the first time in K-VERSE, a professional space for K-content.

Meanwhile, in addition to Samyang Annie, the Sandbox joined the studio dragon, Todak Toko, Pororo, Square Enix, Shift-up, Ubisoft, Atari, SM brand marketing, cube entertainment The world is expanding with more than 200 partners, including Music Group, Dead Mouse, Adidas, Working Dead, Smurf, and Care Bear.