To the surprise of many players, the popular role-playing/dressing Royale High offers more than 200 icons for players, including several secret ones, which may have gone right from under your nose. It was believed that one of these secret badges, the icon ????, was completely removed from the experience after the corresponding event was closed for the season. However, many players do not understand that this badgecan do it still!


How to make an icon ???? In Royale High

To get an icon ????, you need to have access to shopping center which means that you need to be not lower than 75 levels . If you have not reached the 75th level or higher, you, unfortunately, will not be able to get an icon ????. If your level is 75 or higher, continue to read below to find out how to unlock this icon.

hazing code

Appearing in a royal school, go through or teleport to the shopping center.

Once there, enter the elevator, which is in the main lobby, and click the button of the first level get to the basement. In this basement there is a keyboard into which it is necessary to enter the super-secret code. After entering the right code, which square51 for those who do not know this, the keyboard will open a large metal door. Now that the door is open, you can enter the hidden control room, open a magic chest with treasures and get an icon ????. You will also get an intrastate item, Ice’s UFO!

For visual familiarization with this process, we recommend watching the Della Dreamy video on YouTube.

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