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[Weekly Trehan] This is the treasure from May 15 to May 21, 2022, 2022!

May 15, 2022, “ Weekly Treasure Hunt “, which introduces the game information and entertainment information that you are worried about because you missed it or the timing did not match. May 21st. It is a rough introduction, but I hope you find a treasure for everyone.

Yakiniku Sim “Yakiniku Simulation” Steam distribution started

Misstep | Crime Patrol 2.0 - Ep 49 | Full Episode | 12 May 2022

There used to be a game called “Yakiniku magistrate”.

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Naratical puzzle “RECURSIVE RUIN” distribution started

Let’s make a dream. Delivered at Steam/ Games store.

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The 13th anniversary of the first video of “Minecraft” was uploaded to YouTube

The legend began here (original videos are currently private).

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“AMONG US” collaboration cake appeared

It looks beautiful and delicious.

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Fusafusa’s squirrel shoots SMG UNREAL ENGINE 5 test video

I want you to make it a game.

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A little worrisome Low Polly Hora Game “District Village”

Pay attention to future development!

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Retro circular monitor computer

Very fashionable.

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Verification of various rumors of the beta version of “Overwatch 2”

It may change in the future.

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Retro -style horror game collection “DREAD X COLLECTION 5” Steam distribution started

Includes 12 games by veteran and up -and -coming creators.

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Dot Picture Masterpiece Game 30 Selected

In the past, the atmosphere is different because it uses the bleeding of the CRT tube.

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[Weekly Trehan] “Academy Award Bunta Case to be the constituent material of the draft” March 27th to April 2nd of March 27 is this!

A “ Weekly Treasure Hunt ” that I’m worried about when I missed or when the timing was not fitted, and I will introduce the game information and entertainment information to be buried in one of the “ Weekly Treasure Hunt ” from March 27-27 It is April 2nd. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

# Real Kingyu Fighting “Hellish Quart” Latest Test Video

Northwest Africa’s one-handed nimcha.

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# “SUPER MEAT BOY” Developing Cat Development Sim “MEWGENICS” Beta Test

The release will be planned about two years later.

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# Action Fighting in Bell RPG “AnUCHARD” Delivery date determination

Good atmosphere graphics. Windows (Steam, Epic Games) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose It will be delivered on April 21 locally.

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# Dyson announces air cleaning headphones

It may be good for hay fever….

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Ramifications of War - Essentials for Financial Advisors Webinar

# Match 3 puzzle “Princess Farmer” in which visual novel fused

Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store) / PS4 / Xbox ONE / During delivery for Nintendose switches.

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# Dark fantasy Western drama action RPG “Weird West” distribution start

During delivery for Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store) / PS4 / Xbox ONE.

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# Cartoon Reading Reading At TWITCH Collects Attention

I think variously. That’s right of Mr. Junichi Ito, “I’m not going to love”!

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# PS1 Style JRPG “Full Circle” Bug that happened during development

Everyone is to spon pong….

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The behavior of the car is wonderful.

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