SOLO RAID LOOT! - Vow of the Disciple Secret Chest! (NO PERVADING DARKNESS) - Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Vow of the Disciple raid players can create a secret chest with excellent prey. There are several comments on how to make the chest appear with something good, and then where to find it. We will look at all this below.

Destiny 2 – How to Create a Secret Ride Chest

Once a week, this chest with good prey appears on each player’s character. To unlock the “Pupil Oath” raid, players must fulfill the first mission of the “Queen Witch”. At the end of the raid, players must receive weapons, otherwise the secret chest will contain only trophies of conquest.

Destiny 2 – Where to find a secret raid chest VOW OF THE Disciple

To reveal the location of the secret raid chest, players must pass a series of circles of darkness. After shooting in the last key, a room will open in which you will find a secret raid chest. Players will have to return to the third Cross of Darkness and from there find a secret room. From this area, go ahead, jump up the wall and turn right to a building like a pyramid. The chest will be in the back of this room.

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