Twelve years has played Matthias Baker for youth and professionals of Karlsruhe SC. Alone because of that, the meeting with his ex-club was a special game last Saturday. It was also remarkable, however, was how many opportunities of SV Darmstadt 98 left and endured at the end with a 2: 2.

The 24-year-old right defendant sees the result split. Two goals have already served to win a game, he says. Sure, it was annoying that we did not use the chances. But it was also happy that lockers stood in the abandoned goal a toenail in the away.

offensive, but still without goal

Baker came in winter 2020 from 1. FC Cologne to the Böllenfalltor. At first, he had an experienced competitor in Patrick Herrmann on his position. In addition, injuries threw him back again and again. This season he is undisputed regular player.

Under coach Torsten Lieberknecht, the outer defenders play significantly more offensive than under its predecessor Markus start. While left-back Fabian Holland has already achieved two goals, Baker is still without a hit. Would be nice to take time, he says laughing.

On the question of what the team could improve in the second part of the season, he adds dryly: The opportunity utilization. But then, however, continue: We did not stand as closed behind the game as the games in the back. We have to work there again. That’s always a continuous process.

Competitive pressure raises the quality

A plus: Unlike at the beginning of the season, all players are now available. This increases the training quality and increases the pressure on the regular players. There is a lot of movement pure, Baker said. He also feels the positive pressure from Frank Ronstadt, who also has his stem position on the right side of the back and with which he understands well.

With themselves, Baker still looks at many points improvement potential: I can become even better in the defensive at one-against-one, I can improve my passport, my flanks. I can enumerate everything. You have never reached an end, but has never been ending Go over the border in every workout because otherwise you do not do it in the game.