Barisic proceeds: I am very pleased (with the previous transfers). Every single gamer we got is a desire gamer.

The SK Rapid was specifically busy in the previous summer transfer window. Nonetheless, sports director Zoran Barisic does not dismiss additionally brand-new enhancements and is pleased.

Guido Burgstaller, Nicolas Kühn, Ante Bajic, Patrick Greil, Roman Kerschbaum, Michael Sollbauer and Aleksa Pejic-Sie everybody will certainly cover the Rapid jersey in the coming season.

It will certainly be the instance that we will certainly do the one or others. The transfer window discusses an extended period of time, we have actually to be gotten ready for feasible separations, says sports director Zoran Barisic in a meeting withrapidtv _.

At the very end, Rapid with the transfer activities should not be. As an example, Rapid is connected with HSV offensive gamer Aaron Opoku. A right-back could likewise dock.

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