Developer’s Poncle started delivery of the latest patch 0.5.1 at the outlook type action game “Vampire Survivors” on April 25.

UPDATE! THE BONE ZONE! New ARCANA, Weapon, Character And Stage in Vampire Survivors
“Vampire Survivors” is a look-up perspective action game during early access delivery in Steam. “If you die from almost once,” “weapons and abilities choose from random lineup”, such as so-called roglike works that are often found in recent years. Gameplay to be easy and crazy is received, and it is an angle of popular works in STeam. In the previous patch 0.5.0 update, the new gameplay element “Arkana” has been added. It is a system that provides special performance depending on the tarot card drawn during play.

In this patch 0.5.1 update, two new ones have been added to Arcana. Also, a hard Challenge Stage is newly added. And one new character and new weapons have been added each. In addition, this patch note has had short videos that introduce new alkana and characters. Any new element will bring more stimuli to the play of this work.

Besides, adjustment of existing elements, addition of functions, etc. has been implemented. The ON / OFF of Alkana has been switched on the stage selection screen. If OFF is turned off, minibos that drops the alkana appearing at 11 minutes and 21 minutes will not appear. Also, an option to pull the first alkana randomly has been added. And about the “cat weapon” Gatti AMARI, it seems that the attack power when the cat was picked up with chicken. Besides, REROLL / SKIP / BANISH acquisition cost reduction, bug fixes, etc. are included. See patch notes for further details.

“Vampire Survivors” is delivering early access to STeam. The price is tax-included 300 yen.