The Vandal is the most played weapon in Valorant, and in which many players would spend money on buying aspects.

This weapon has a lot of impact on the game, especially on the high and competitive, where a very interesting gap opens with the Phantom, in terms of these predominant weapons.
By 2,900 credits, this weapon is designed to kill, especially half and long distances.

A bullet in the head is a death, so many users use it, since resembles the AK-47 of the Counter-Strike , in terms of the dispersion of bullets and operation of this weapon.
Next, we review all the aspects that have come to Vandal Firing, always by order of the last one that came out in that calendar year to the first.

All Vandal skins launched in 2020

All Vandal skins launched in 2021

All Vandal skins launched in 2022