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People who do the tutorial of Splatoon 3 Eve are continuing. Tech research and tutorials can be played all the time in RTA

Splatoon 3 Eve Festival can now be launched on August 25. This work is positioned as the preceding trial version of the action shooting game Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch, and you can experience the eve of the year through the app. Pre-downloads have started last week. Although the festival that can be experienced at the eve of the year has not been held yet, the players seem to be working in research because they can not start.

Splatoon 3 is the latest work of the Splatoon series, an action shooting that makes the player look like a human, and develops an ink. In addition to a variety of online match mode, online co-op mode that works with one play mode and other players to perform bytes.

At the Splatoon 3 Eve Festival, where pre-downloads are starting, players can be divided into three powers and experiences a festival that leads their own power to victory. At the eve this time, the theme of Which is the strongest? Goo vs. VS Choki will be issued, and one of them will be voted and battle will be performed. Until now, the Fes of the Splatoon series was held 24 to 72 hours, but the eve is scheduled for 12 hours from 9 to 21:00 on August 28 to 21:00 on August 28.

Splatoon 3 Eve Festival is distributed as a trial version as mentioned above. Although it is now possible, the festival has not been held yet, and the only thing you can do is to proceed with the tutorial, walk in the stage of Bankara, the prepared Buki. Unfortunately, the trials that are introduced in Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 have not been released.

However, those who are waiting for Splatoon 3 seem to be enjoying the eve of the festival without any problems. SNS has reported from people who work for research as early as tutorials. Specifically, people who are RTA for tutorials are already appearing. In the Splatoon series, the game starts from the tutorial at the first startup. It is followed in this work, but there are people who are trying to play with the tutorial field of Splatoon 3 Eve. Splatoon is the first player, FUYO in the Any % category of RTA.

The measurement section is from the character creation to the darkness passing through the tutorial. When the tutorial starts after the character is created, ignore the direction of travel and go to the wall. He used the new action Ikanobori to show a significant shortcut, and completed the record of 1 minute 6 seconds and 83.

In addition, there are also players who combine new actions and squid and Icarorol, and create a wall jumping technique as soon as possible. People who are already studying Buki’s specifications and techniques are also scattered. For about a year and a half since the announcement of Splatoon 3, the enthusiasm of each fans who have been waiting for this work may have exploded.

In the Splatoon 3 Eve Festival, you can see 26 types of buki that can be used at this festival. From the previous work Splatoon 2, the basic performance of the main weapon did not change (related articles), but some Buki, such as Hissen, have been specially changed. Some people are worried about those changes. Looking at Bankara Street, it is already colored by the illustrations posted by the player. I want you to change the stage from the previous work and enjoy the widely renewed cityscape.


The festival of Splatoon 3 Eve Festival will be held from 9:00 on August 28 to 21:00. The main part Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th.

More than 20 minutes of new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gameplay

Very soon, the Nintendo Switch hybrid console users will be able to go on a new journey around the Ionios world in the upcoming Jrpg Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In the meantime, the publisher of Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft decided to present a new video with more than 20 minutes of the third part on the Japan Expo Paris 2022 gaming process.


In the video presented, the developers show the snow location of the intra-game open world and camping that will first appear in this series and invite players to clean the battle, cook food, talk with comrades and several more opportunities. Battles with various monsters are also demonstrated, including a fight with a strong enemy, similar to a giant deer.

The release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be held on July 29 exclusively at Nintendo Switch.

Collectors Edition of Nintendo Switch Xenoblade 3 is too popular in the United States and is super -savving. Behind the reservation instantaneous killing is the shadow of the resale company

Xenoblade 3 scheduled to be released on July 29 from Nintendo. In this work, Collector’s Edition, which is bundled by gorgeous benefits, is sold exclusively for My Nintendo Store. The luxurious version currently accepting reservations is scarce in the United States, and resale seems to be rampant. Overseas media Nintendo Life and others report.

Xenoblade 3 is the latest work of the Xenoblade series by Monolith Soft. As the struggle between the two hostile countries overheated, a magnificent story of life by six boys and girls belonged to each of them is drawn.

The Collector’s Edition of this work includes a package version of the game, a Nintendo Switch card case with a steel book specification, an original art book Xenoblade3 Collectored Works. An outer box that stores these is also included. It is sold exclusively for Mynintendo Store, and the price in Japan is 12,278 yen.

This Collector’s Edition is sold overseas only for My Nintendo Store. At the time of writing this article, it is sold out in several countries, but it is not discontinued, but is in stock at any time. And especially in the United States, fierce battle seems to be taking place. It was said that when it arrived, it was sold out immediately, and during this time, a message indicating the excess access was displayed during this time, and there were no problems that could not reach the cart, and there were no problems in the cart. It is now sold out.

In the Xenoblade series overseas, monolith software Tetsuya Takahashi, a general director, said that sales in North America and Europe were more than expected after the release of the previous work Xenoblade 2. (USGamer).

Xenoblade 3 is the latest work that will be released as the series gains popularity. In addition, Collector’s Edition has a luxurious benefit, and many fans seem to have flooded the My Nintendo Store to make reservations. However, it is in a scarce situation mentioned earlier, and many people are happy that they were secured on SNS, while others were disappointed that they could not make a reservation. Some people lament that the difficulty of making a reservation is too high, saying, Isn’t it Dark Soul in games reservations?

On the other hand, if you look at the auction site ebay, you can see many Collector’s Edition in the United States. It is an obvious resale because it is a reserved product and many exhibitions have a price of 30,000 to 40,000 yen in Japanese yen. You can also check the seller that has exhibited multiple. By the way, the price in the United States is $ 89.99 (about 12,200 yen). Apparently, one of the backgrounds that has become difficult to obtain at the Mynintendo Store is that the resellers are large.

The high resale of game-related products is a major problem, including the PS5 itself. I also hear that some vendors use bot to buy them. And now, the package version of the game seems to be the target of such a trader. Last year, there were some events that the luxurious version of Touken Ranbu Musou was instantly killed, and a series of high resale was repeated (related articles).

The Collector’s Edition of this work is still available in Japan. In addition, only the included benefits are also sold, and this is not sold out yet. Since the United States is the biggest market, it is unlikely that the supply is less than in Japan. Nevertheless, the extreme scarce means that there is such a large demand, and the resale will be serious. At the My Nintendo Store, there are up to two points per account, but this alone may not be enough for resale. It is hoped that the US Nintendo will further increase the supply so that all the desired fans can purchase at a fixed price.

Xenoblade 3 will be released on July 29 for Nintendo Switch.

La legende de Zelda: Link Awakening for Switch Review

I already said it in our forefront a month ago, and I will repeat it here. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is my least preferred game of the whole series (and no, I do not count these terrible CDI games in this list).

I do not know what I do not like, but as a child, playing the game Boy then at the Game Boy Color, it just did not please me. I do not know if it was because of his appearance or how to play, but the game simply did not have been appreciated.

As such, reviewing the switch version, I was slightly hesitant whether the superb graphics and the extra content would sell me experience. During the first hours of play, I was always shocked by what I played, but over the hours, I unlocked new items and ventured to Koholint Island. The game slowly became great for me.

I realized at a time when I realized that I had just lost more than 20 hours in the game during my first part and that I was looking forward to start exploring everything I had missed and 100% Finish the match. In short, even if I did not like the original, the editing is now something that I really like… even if it always has its problems.


Just like the previous versions of the last two decades, Link’s Awakening for Switch puts you in the skin of Link after the capirment of his boat in an appalling storm. You wake up on an unknown island and find all its health thanks to the inhabitants of the village of Mabe.

Your job is to help Link to escape this strange island by bringing together the eight hidden musical instruments in all dungeons around the world. To help you carry out your quest, you will have a pleasics of colorful characters that will help you fight terrors within it, as well as an ever-growing arsenal of weapons and tools allowing you to Access new areas.

When Link brings together the eight instruments, he must use them to wake up with WIND FISH, find his way home and discover the secrets that the island hides to its inhabitants. Do not worry, and I will not go into the details of the story here, so do not hesitate to read without spoiler.

Let’s start with obvious things. The game is beautiful. The artistic style chosen by the team is by far one of the best decisions that Nintendo could have taken because the game is beautiful and it is one of the best games so far on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s also a simple game playing, and riddles are not so hard to understand, making it the ideal entry game for children and less familiar with the series. This does not mean that some of the puzzles and things you need to do are not difficult, but that the game is mostly friendly.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Review
The entire band has also been metamorphosed for the regulars of the original game. Reticken under a new lighting All the songs you have heard child, could give you tears. The updated theme of MABE VILLAGE, for example, is very soothing and works well with the direction of the game.

To get lost

One of the things I remember very well around Link’s Awakening and is present here is the amount of returns back that you need to do.

Although there is a method for traveling quickly, it is not the ideal solution and you will force you to travel enough to get to a destination that suits you. It is also incredibly confusing to know where to go then, but okay. The game offers a system of tips in the form of a dispersed phone around the world, which you can use to help you determine the next step.

Another problem comes from your dependence on a small part of the objects you collect. Roc’s Feather, which allows you to jump, is essential to everything you do. You will have to attach it to a single button for all your adventure and never remove it. Apart from that, objects such as the bow and bombs are used against most enemies and bosses, and you will rarely find yourself using another object outside their respective dungeon.

There is also a strong emphasis on the collection of rupees and an insane amount of these too. To get some key objects and collectibles, you must have hundreds of rupees at a time, which can lead to terrible difficulties to collect hundreds of rupees at a time.

You can call all these questions like idiots depending on the type of player you are, but I have the feelings that they withdraw all the experience with the experience and prolong the part longer than necessary.


In short, the Nintendo Switch version is probably the best version of Link’s Awakening to date. The game went from one of the worst games of Zelda for me at one of the best, but it is still far from one of the best.

It has its problems with many games, but Link’s Awakening serves its goal, being more a casual Zelda game than you can play with anytime. There are many secrets to explore, things to do and riddles to solve that will prevent you from coming back after hours.

This is another big game for the Nintendo Switch library and should not be missed. This is the perfect plate to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite and is a perfect pocket experience. But do not expect to invest as much time in the title as Breath of the Wild.

So yes, go get Link’s awakening. For me, it really sums up the phrase “the third time is the charm”. Nintendo struck gold with this Zelda jewel.

Disclosure: Our Revision Copy of Zelda Legend: Link’s Awakening_ Nintendo Switch is a courtesy of Nintendo UK.

Magic School Action “Spells & Secrets” officially announced. Secret of academy that solves with wisdom and magic

20 MAGIC SPELL WORDS to Bring Your PERFECT LOVE to You! ???? Spells for Love
Developer / Publisher Rokaplay officially announced “ Spells & Secrets ” on April 1st. It is scheduled to start early access delivery for PC (STeam) in the summer of 2022. Releases for abroad Nintendo Switch appear to be scheduled.

In “Spells & Secrets”, the player will come to Academy of Greifenstein as a first grader of magical school. It was the main character who brings the chest to new life, but the first day of school life, strange cases will bring up confusion. Only players can save the classmates that are missing, whether the castle, which is a learning house continues to change. Demonstrate creativity and use spells and fight with magic creatures. And we explore the school and unlike the secret hidden in the castle.

In this work, the creativity that uses spells is most important. In the trailer, the player itself can be transformed into a murine or a shield such as shooting cold air, or the shield that bounces enemy attacks. In addition, it seems that you can lift the ball that has fallen around and hit the enemy, floating yourself, and can take a wide range of strategies to attack enemies.

In the school, various secrets are hidden. The secret hidden door appears by touching the lighting in the hallway, and it seems that there are many search elements, if the secret hidden door appears from the treasure chest and the search element. Also, in this work, there is also a scene where the puzzle is solved by utilizing spells. By remembering and using various magic, it will also extend the width of the search in the school.

Also, in this work, you can customize the character freely. A variety of options can be combined and their own characters can be created combining body types, clothes, hair colors, skin colors, etc. Since the appearance of the character can be set in detail, including accessories, it would be nice to create your own player character and create your own player character.

In addition, this work plans to play cooperatively through local and Remote Play Together. The play tile can be further spreaded, such as sharing with two people and fighting multiple enemies. In addition, activities unique to cooperative play may also be available, such as able to play soccer mini games in the school.

“Spells & Secrets” is a work that developer Alchemist Interactive and Rokaplay work in collaboration. Alchemist Interactive is a studio based in Germany. After establishing in 2015, after releasing the multiplayer battle action “Nova Nukers!” As a virgin work, he signed a partnership with Publisher’s Rokaplay. In 2019, we launched the farm simulation game “Stranded Sails-Explorers of the Cursed Islands”. “Spells & Secrets” will continue to be a work by the ALCHEMIST INTERACTIVE and ROKAPLAY tags. It seems to draw your own magical world while being influenced by “Harry Potter”.

“Spells & Secrets” is scheduled to start early access delivery for PC in STEAM in summer. In addition, KickStarter appears to be started from April 5 locally.

Easter deals at Amazon: Games like Pokemon Arceus, Kena & Cyberpunk 2077 greatly reduced [Display]

The April has begun and thus stands Easter in front of the door. Who is looking for possible Easter gifts, should now look closer to the offers at Amazon. You can get back from a variety of deals that look out for you.

Among other things, you have the opportunity to enlarge your pile-of-shame for games. Amazon offers some titles for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox especially cheap. Some at the current best price. We have picked you up a few of the best deals for games.

All games in the Amazon Easter offer __

Buy top games in the Amazon Easter offer

Games for all current consoles on offer:

  • Ps5 / ps4 games at Amazon on offer
  • Nintendo Switch games at Amazon on offer
  • Xbox games at Amazon on offer

Pokémon legends: Arceus

On Amazon Amazon, you can buy Pokémon Legends: Arceus for only 39.99 euros. This is the current best price and the second best price since Release. The role-playing is worthwhile shows the Easter offer test. Here Arceus could retract the outstanding rating of 92 points and is one of the best games in the series.

Pokémon legends: Buy Arceus in the offer __

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

One of the most beautiful games for the PS5 is also on offer at Amazon. For testerin eleen Reinke, Kena: Bridge of Spirits “not only looks beautiful, but also impresses with challenging fights and exploration that is just fun”. Accordingly, the game in the Easter offer test received a very good rating of 87 points. The offer at Amazon is the Deluxe Edition for PS5 for only 33.99 euros.

Buy Kena for PS5 in the offer __

Cyberpunk 2077

To release, Cyberpunk 2077 was not good in good condition, although it ran a little better on PS5 and Xbox Series X. But now some updates have appeared and just the next-gene version is well playable. The cyberpoint 2077 is also worth the Easter offer Test, where the game actually received a very good rating of 88 points. Deductions were then available for the mentioned technical problems.

If you have been waiting so far and still want to play cyberpunk 2077, you can now buy it at Amazon for 29.99 euros (including 18-shipping). For the PS4 and Xbox version, there is a free upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X version.

Buy Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 / Xbox All Easter offers at Amazon

You do not want to miss an offer? Then watches regularly at Easter offerals.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Before You Buy
Some links built on this page are affiliate links. When buying over these links Easter offer receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. More info.

Additional titles for Nintendo Switch Online Announced. Real rare first “ranch story” can be played

Nintendo announced the addition title of “Family Computer & Super Nintendo Switch Online” on March 31. Monthly service If you join Nintendo Switch Online, the same content that a specific title of a family computer or super nervent can be played. One of the super Fami Con Tights and 2 Family Computer Titles are delivered from March 31, 31st.

Super Femicone
·Harvest Moon


Nintendo Direct Mini - Cloud Gaming On The Switch?
· Digdag II
· Mappyland

Especially focusing is the “ranch story” for super names. The first work of the popular series “Ranch Story”. It is launched from the pack in video in 1996 and is now developed by Marvelus. In the game flowing in the game, it is a work that has become one of the pioneering life-sim genres that are popular, such as agriculture and interaction, etc. At first time it is already high completion.

On the other hand, the first “ranch story” was somewhat difficult to obtain in Japan. Though the same work was developed as a satelleview compliant software “BS ranch story”, it is delivered only for the West in the Virtual Console. Therefore, when you play the first “ranch story” now, it was basic to obtain a real machine. However, the series origin is more likely to play with the addition to the Nintendo Switch Online. Along with “Diggdag II” and “Mappyland”, you should look back on memories or touch the classical works.

Nintendo Switch consoles get a mysterious update

Nintendo has launched a new update in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED along with patch notes designed so that the consumer knows everything that Nintendo has done with the different switch hardware. The problem is that the patch notes do not say anything important. According to Nintendo, everything that does the update is to provide general system stability improvements to improve the user experience. What are these improvements exactly, Nintendo does not say it.

Now, Nintendo does this with some frequency. Every few updates there is an update of this type. And almost always, there is more on the update that general improvements in the stability of the system. How do we know this? Well, because data miners look for the update files something peculiar and worthy of mention. In the past, such efforts revealed that Nintendo was working to add Bluetooth audio support, work that was performed with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

New Nintendo Switch Console Competitor REVEALED... + GameCube Is BACK!

As always, we will keep you informed as we know more about the update. There is no guarantee that Nintendo is hiding something in this update, but generally this is how it does. Meanwhile, if more information is discovered about the mentioned improvements, we will add it to history. Meanwhile, to download the update (update 13.2.0), go to the system configuration and then click on System and System Update. From here, your console will be updated and restarted.

All SWITCH owners should have the update 13.2.0 automatically downloaded. You can also force the installation of the firmware now by going to the system configuration, scrolling down to System and finally System Update. Your switch unit will do all the rest.

For more coverage especially everything related to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Online and everything that is under Nintendo’s umbrella, including the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. Tyler Fischer To talk about everything related to games.

Ruined King A League of Legends Story Solo Rollenspiel im LoL

Surprisingly, Riot Games announced in the Riot Forge Showcase that Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The single player role play was developed by the team at Airship Syndicate, which was most recently responsible for titles such as Backsides Genesis or Battle Chasers. Ruined King is a lap-based roleplaying game, located in the universe of League of Legends.

Get a group of the destruction — clubs a group of Champions from League of Legends, explore Bilge water and put track towards Shadow Islands to reveal the secrets of the deadly black fog, so the description of Ruined King. Fans of popular Mobs may look forward to known figures like Miss Fortune, Million, Broadband, Yahoo, HRI and Pike. In short, there will be an upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

In addition to the surprising release of Ruined King, on Tuesday with Hex tech Mayhem: a League of Legends Story another game was published in the Lol Universe. For the coming year, Riot Games with Convergence and Song of Nun has two more games in their luggage.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is finally here (#1)

Last Current Video: Game Center Trailer

Sakurai shares an image of Among US now that he does not have to worry about the rumors of his arrival in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A cherry bloom is a flower of many trees of category Prunus or Prunus subg. Cerasus. They are likewise called Japanese cherry and also Sakura (桜 or 櫻; さくら or サクラ). They usually describe decorative cherry trees, not to be perplexed with cherry trees that produce fruit for consuming. It is considered the nationwide blossom of Japan.Wild types of cherry tree are extensively dispersed primarily in the North hemisphere. Popular classification in Europe as well as North America, cherry trees for ornamental purposes are identified right into the genus Prunus which includes regarding 400 types. In the mainstream category in Japan, China, and Russia, on the other hand, ornamental cherry trees are classified right into the category Cerasus, which consists of regarding 100 types divided from the genus Prunus, and the genus Cerasus does not include Prunus salicina, Prunus persica (Peach), Prunus mume, Prunus grayana, among others. In Europe as well as North America, nonetheless, there were few wild cherry trees with lots of large flowers appropriate for cherry bloom watching. Numerous of them were various from the regular cherry tree shapes and also blossoms for cherry bloom checking out that people today envision. In mainland China, there has been a culture of viewing plum blooms given that old times, as well as there were lots of wild varieties of cherry blooms, yet a number of them had small flowers, and also the circulation area of wild varieties of cherry blossoms, which birthed big blossoms appropriate for hanami, was usually limited to a tiny location far from individuals s living locations. On the other hand, in Japan, Prunus speciosa (Oshima cherry) and also Prunus jamasakura (Yamazakura), which grow big flowers ideal for cherry blossom watching and also often tend to end up being big trees, were dispersed in a rather wide area of the country and also near to individuals s living areas. Therefore, it is taken into consideration that the culture of watching cherry blooms and also the production of cultivars have actually created historically in Japan.Many of the cherry trees currently appreciated for cherry blossom watching are not wild varieties but cultivar. Due to the fact that cherry trees have a mutable attribute, lots of cultivars have actually been created for cherry bloom viewing, especially in Japan. Since the Heian duration, the Japanese have produced numerous cultivars by picking exceptional or mutant individuals that were birthed from all-natural crossings of wild cherry trees, or by crossing them unnaturally, as well as after that reproducing them by implanting as well as reducing. Oshima cherry, Yamazakura, Prunus pendula f.ascendens (syn, Prunus itosakura, Edo higan), and more, which grow normally in Japan, are simple to mutate, and also specifically Oshima cherry, which is a native varieties in Japan, have a tendency to mutate right into double-flowered, expand quickly, have many large blossoms, and have a strong scent; therefore, Oshima cherry has created numerous sakura called Sato-zakura Group as a base of cultivars due to the fact that of its desirable attributes. The representative cultivars whose moms and dad types is Oshima cherry are Yoshino cherry and also Kanzan; Yoshino cherries are actively grown in Asian countries, and Kanzan is actively grown in Western countries.In Europe, from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Collingwood Ingram, an Englishman, collected and also studied Japanese cherry blossoms, and also developed numerous ornamental cultivars, and also the society of cherry blossom seeing began to spread. In the USA, cherry blossom viewing began to spread out after Japan provided cherry blossoms as a token of friendship in 1912.

Masahiro Sakurai , director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has decided to freely use your account to publish an image of Among US since you do not have to worry about rumors for your arrival at the game.

The Japanese creative will have passed many days seeing rumors and speculations about what would be the next fighter to reach the Nintendo Switch title ; But that is already part of the past.

Completed Fighter Pass, Vol. 1 and 2 , from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , it is free to be able to publish images again, like the one that he has done now of the game of innersloth .

And it is that I do not say it only us , the Sakurai itself communicated it in the Tuit of Him, we know it for the translation that Google offers us.

With the development of Smash Bros. Finished, you will no longer have to worry about the suspicions that you will participate in the battles , Sakurai wrote .

In the image we could see through the Twitter account of him of him, was a gatete – which we assume that he is hearted and next to this AMONG US doll.

Ahora, even if you publish such an image, there is no problem! , So yes, Sakurai is happy to publish Tits with images again .

「スマブラ」 開発 が 終わっ て て 疑惑 疑惑 に を 遣う 必要 が なくなり まし た ね 今なら こんな 写真 を 出し て も も 何ら 何ら なし!

  • 桜井 政博 / Masahiro Sakurai (@sora sakurai) October 23, 2021

Remember that all this has been, since its launch at the end of 2018 , a torrent of emotions by the players, but we imagine that also for Sakurai .

Every time a new fighter was announced , everyone was expectant to know what would be the next to join final campus in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .

And the same thing happened when the Fighter Pass Vol was known. 2 , with six new fighters still unknown at the time of announcing, Everyone began to make conjectures .

But with all that already finished, Sakurai has demonstrated the little concern and peace of him of him, at the same time he joked with it.

What s more, the AMONG USA s account on Twitter congratulated the Director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a congratulations for completing its development.

Pelicities for completing it, happy because you can share images like this now without having concerns, was read in said Tit .

Game of Innersloth already has date on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, but it was also one of the free titles last May at the Epic Games Store.

And what about, are you enjoying both games without major concerns ?

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