Full Leaguetory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e -sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e -sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e -sports -related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e -sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e -sports at home and abroad

◎ FM22 First e -Sports Competition
\ -The Sports Channel Sky Sports Soccer Simulation Game will hold the first e-sports competition with the football manager (FM) developer sports. The tournament is ‘FM22 Invitational’, with K -League players and influencers. They will select K -League players in the game, form a team, and win the winner through the quarter -finals. In the broadcast, ‘Eastar’ Lee Joo -heon and Kim Soo -bin caster come out.

◎ Valorant Champions Tour, held in Europe
\ -In 2022, the venue for Valorant Global E-Sports Competition was decided to Europe. According to Riot Games, ‘Masters Stage 2’ during the Valorant Champions Tour will be held in Copenheim, Denmark, and ‘Champions’ in Istanbul, Turkey. The Masters Stage 2, which will be held in Denmark, will open in July.

◎ Summers War World Final, held in Seoul
\ -Summer’s War World Arena Championship 2022 is held in Seoul. It has been four years since the World Finals were held in Seoul in 2018. In addition, both the finals, the regional cups and the World Finals, will be held in offline competitions. In the past two years, all the matches have been online, so it’s a good thing for Summers War esports fans.

■ This week’s e -sports schedule

23rd (Mon): 2022 MSI Rumble Stage
24th (Tue): 2022 MSI Rumble Stage
27th (Fri): 2022 MSI semifinals
28th (Sat): 2022 MSI semi -finals, LCK AS League semi -finals in the first half of the league
29th (Sun): 2022 MSI Finals, LCK AS League Finals

23rd (Mon): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
24th (Tue): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
28th (Sat): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
29th (Sun): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League

26th (Thu): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
27th (Fri): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
28th (Sat): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
29th (Sun): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
30th (Mon): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks

26th (Thu): 2022 KRPL Quarterfinal Full League
29th (Sun): 2022 KRPL quarterfinal League Full League

25th Wednesday: 2022 ATL Season 2 1st

■ esports sources

◎ T1 after defeating ‘Klem’ Lee Hyun -woo’s commentary, fans sympathetic
– ‘Klem’ Lee Hyun-woo commentator gathered the topic by speaking about the characteristics of T1 and LCK during the second day of the 2022 MSI Rumble Stage. The T1 was defeated in the second half even after taking the initial leadership by LPL in China.

Lee Hyun -woo, a commentator, said, “If the MSI is different from other competitions, the first team in each region is coming. In this situation, there are few teams who will punish this in this situation (in LCK).. ”He said he was sorry for the reversal defeat. Most of the fans who watched the broadcast also agreed with the above remarks.

◎ Nongshim Red Force Squad, Volunteer Activities
-Nongshim Red Force Squadron has volunteered at Suseo Myung-hwa Social Welfare Center in Suseo. All of the first teams and employees of the Secretariat participated. In addition, 10 membership fans who applied for in advance were also included. The volunteer activities consisted of packaging lunch boxes for senior families who are uncomfortable with behavior, meals and dishes. Nongshim Red Force said that esports should also be added as social responsibility should be added as esports has grown into a big axis of professional sports.

◎ Live Sandbox cart team, Daejeon racing sortie… Fan signing meeting is also held
\ -Live Sandbox Cart Rider Game Team has been in Daejeon racing. Daejeon Racing was a cartrider event held at the Daejeon e -sports stadium for two days from 21 to 22. At the event, Blaze’s director Moon Ho -joon, Guangdong Prix Yoo Young -hyuk, and Kartrider Choi Si -eun announcer participated in lectures, and Blaze, Team GP, Live Sandbox, and Axells played the event. The Rib Sandbox Karat Rider Game Team also had time to meet with fans who visited the scene ahead of the game.

■ His talent hiring news

◎ Damwon Kia, LOL game team coach recruitment
\ -The Damwon Kia will open the League of Legend Game Team Coach. Among the qualifications, it was emphasized that ‘non -smokers’ and ‘who can be with Damwon Kia for a long time’. Recruitment by June 10th, and those who wish to apply can send their resume and portfolio by e -mail.

◎ Zenji, recruitment of marketing creative managers
\ -Marketing Creative Manager in Zenji is being adopted. It is a job group that strategically develops messages and sponsorship tasks by managing the ‘Cross-Functional’ team, consisting of graphic designers, copywriters, SNS managers, photographers/video grapers and project managers. When applying, the portfolio of the previous work must be prepared as a must, and the agency or the company’s environment will adopt at least five years of creative work. It prevails for those who are passionate about esports and games and those who can use Premier Pro.