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NC update Lineage W new class Dark Elf

[CEO Kim Moon Young -soo] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin) updated the second episode of Lineage W.

Lineage W users can play new class Dark Elves from this day. The Dark Elves can play dynamic with powerful physical attack power and hideout technology. Use ‘Ido Ryu’ and ‘Crow’, which are dedicated weapons.

The company opens the 19th new world ‘Antaras’. The user can enjoy Lineage W in the new world from 18:00 on the 4th. The ‘Class Change’, which allows you to change the class of existing characters, will also be able to change the Darkel Pro until the 18th.

There is also a commemorative event for the Dark Elf Update. If you achieve a certain level by June 2, you will receive a ‘growth potion’ that gains additional experience. If you access the game until May 25, you can also get ‘Attendance Check 14days-Invitation of Blodica’, which will help you to help you foster characters.

The new World Antaras Open Celebration will also be held. The user can receive a push -up item on the 4th 22:100 and Growth Support Consumption. Users who enjoy Lineage W by creating new characters on the Antaras server will receive push rewards and attendance check rewards 3 times (9:00, 14:00, 18:00) every day until May 11.

Pre-register for Dark Elf and receive a coupon! [Lineage W Weekly News]

Meanwhile, NCsoft unveiled its future update plan in the Communication Broadcasting ‘Director Talk 2’ on April 29. Lineage W users: ▲ New Party Dungeon ‘Hwa Garden of Craving’ (May 11) ▲ Large New Dungeon ‘Oman Tower’ and the first server transfer (May 18) You can enjoy new content such as a schedule later).

Disney + Moon Knight: how many chapters he hWritten and dates; Full calendar

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna) is officially releWrittened this Wednesday, March 30 around the world through the subscription platform Disney + . The service of the North American giant welcomes a character not Written well known Written others in the Marvel World, but it does appear Written one of the most authentic, adult and unique bets of Marvel’s cinematographic universe, whose phWrittene 4 paints every time better. We tell you how many chapters you have and the premiere calendar of each episode .

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna): When Each Episode is releWrittened and how many there are

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna) consists of a total of six episodes . Like other Marvel miniseries in Disney +, such Written scarlet witch and Vision (Wandavision), Falcon and the winter soldier, Loki or Hawkeye, duration of each chapter is approximately * between 40 and 50 minutes * .

The first episode is published on Wednesday, March 30 at 09:00 (CEST) , the usual premiere of Disney productions during European central hours. From there, every Wednesday we will have a new episode until the next May 4 , when the lWrittent of all will be releWrittened.

  • Moon Knight – Episode 1 | March 30, 2022 | Written by Jeremy Slater
  • Moon Knight – Episode 2 | April 6, 2022 | Written by Michael KWrittentelein
  • Moon Knight – Episode 3 | April 13, 2022 | Written by Beau Demayo and Peter Cameron & Sabir Pirzada
  • Moon Knight – Episode 4 | April 20, 2022 | Written by Alex Meenehan and Peter Cameron & Sabir Pirzada
  • Moon Knight – Episode 5 | April 27, 2022 | Written by Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton
  • Moon Knight – Episode 6 | May 4, 2022 | Written by Danielle Iman and Jeremy Slater

Moon Knight: what is the new Disney + series with Oscar Isaac

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+
Oscar Isaac plays Marvel Spector, Moon Luna (Moon Knight) from Marvel Studios will tell us the story of Steven Grant , an employee of a gift shop that suffers memory losses and experiences memories of another life. Steven will soon discover that he hWritten a dissociative identity disorder and that his body is shared with the mercenary Marc Spector. To deal with this double identity will be one of the main tWrittenks of it, Written well Written a lethal mystery that resides in the gods of Egypt. Action, suspense, personality changes and the indistinguishable seal of Marvel.

You can check the Marvel’s full premiere calendar for 2022 , both from series and movies, in this article. Also, here we leave you the recommended order to see all the series and movies ** of the UCM.

The makers of Ori are implicated of racism, sexism and also creating an overbearing work setting

According to Windows Central, the reasons would have to do with this working climate, in which the creators of Moon Studios would have resorted to individual attacks and scare tactics in the direction of the Xbox teams, melting all bridges . In the GamesBeat report they likewise specify that no complaint has been made against the study, although there would certainly have been a high turnover of personnel after multiple resignations **.

Both the initial video game of the collection, Ori as well as the Blind Forest, as the following delivery of the beautiful Metroidvania, Ori as well as the Will of the Wisps, have been characterized by being Entitles as stunning as delicate . Nonetheless, a new GamesBeat record in which several interviews with present and also ancient programmers of Moon Studios would certainly describe, would describe a very different job atmosphere to the lived in its games.

Mahler as well as Korol have actually likewise urged that do not think that experiences shared by GamesBeat interviews are representative of “The even more than 80 members of the Moon Studios team that are prospering and also doing a wonderful job each day”.

Mahler and also Korol have concentrated the improper remarks covered in the record as “ jokes in between siblings “, appealing to their various cultures. The co-founders have actually confessed to having carried out jokes that may have resulted in others really feel uncomfortable , although in all times they have actually referred to these as “jokes in between them as well as at their expense”.

The statements got by Dean Takahashi for GamesBeat, have been supported by Jez Corden, Windows Central , who has actually associated range between Moon Studios and also Microsoft for his next video game. In December of in 2014 we understood that the new experience of the study would be edited by Private Department, as opposed to by Microsoft.

According to Windows Central, the factors would pertain to this functioning environment, in which the creators of Moon Studios would have resorted to individual strikes and scare tactics towards the Xbox teams, shedding all bridges . Although Jez Corden himself has also acknowledged having actually obtained messages from Moon Studios developers who would have guaranteed that recently points would certainly have boosted. In the GamesBeat record they also define that no grievance has actually been made versus the research study, although there would certainly have been a high turn over of workers after numerous resignations **.

In the comprehensive short article, complaints focus on founders, Thomas Mahler as well as Gennadiy Korol , which according to designers would have developed an “oppressive” work environment in which they would have been Executing countless remarks and racist and also sexist jokes , while making use of an “truthful and open” interaction to work out misuses and also harassment ** towards workers.

” We are not excellent, yet we care deeply by our skills and also we regularly function to boost . If you have actually ever done that someone feel uneasy or dissatisfied, we regret it as well as we will always try to do much better,” shared from Moon Studios. Mahler and Korol have additionally urged that do not think that experiences shared by GamesBeat meetings are representative of “The greater than 80 members of the Moon Studios team that are prospering and also doing a terrific task every day”.

Its co-founders do not believe that the testimonies are depictive In their reaction, co-founders highlight the significance for them to develop a research study without geographical borders made up of “talents around the globe”. They have additionally safeguarded the multiculturalism of their team, with “ employees from more than 40 nations as well as four continents “, interesting “a level research study framework that enables everybody to talk truthfully and also straight.”

Woman Glues Her Teeth Back In Place To Avoid The Dentist | The Truth About Your Teeth | Tonic
The record collects the testament of ancient and also current study workers Both Thomas Mahler as well as Gennadiy Korol formally responded to the testaments shared by Gamesbeat, where they referred to the prosperity of Moon Studios after these 12 years: “ We have actually grown up as well as found out a great deal throughout all these years. We have had the benefit of functioning with lots of superb people and incredibly skilled, we are actually thankful as well as happy of our group, both those that are right here today as well as those who are They invested some time in Moon and also relocated to other firms, and also we are satisfied to have noted a favorable difference in their lives. “

Elden Ring: What causes the memory of the full moon?

ELDENRING has a wealth of memorable boss fights, with Rennala, Queen of the Vollmond not only offers one of the most challenging struggles of the game, but also one of the most visually appealing. On a battlefield of water, they turn out, parry and punish their way to victory after being trained by this malignant enemy. Unless you follow our guide as you can defeat them easily.

After defeating this mighty and exciting boss, you get the memory of the full moon queen. What exactly is this item and what can you do with it? Follow our helpful instructions to find out exactly what this powerful object holds for you!

Memory of the full moon queen – what is it?

Remembrance of the full moon queen is an object you get after you have defeated the second challenging boss Rostala. As soon as you have received this item, you may be confused about what you can do with it It is displayed as a consumable material.

You can exchange this item 20,000 runes, these are very many, but it’s not very worthwhile, as they can transform it into great items that will certainly benefit them on their way.

If you are overgrowing Enia in the Roundtable, you will be able to release its true strength. They are supplied with powerful magic called D Rennala’s full moon or the powerful offensive sword, the royal scepter search.

Rennala’s full moon creates a moon-like projectile, which scatters all the magic, which hits it, and also temporarily reduces the negation of magical damage to enemies. This means that they will be able to act this powerful piece of witchcraft and not only to hold other spells to meet them, but with the magic they act on their enemies more harm. This could be great for everyone who chooses a magic-based build.

On the other hand, you can see the Carian Regal Scepter, which immediately offers 24 physical damage with 100 critical and 140 magic. It also offers great values ​​for guarding with 25 physical, 15 for all forms of magic and 15 for boost. This makes it a mighty and fast weapon for their offensive builds and at the same time offers a great opportunity to learn about something magic.

You can duplicate this memory at any time Hiking museums But remember that it can only be duplicated once!

Rennala Queen of the Full Moon Boss Guide - Elden Ring Rennala Boss Fight

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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The veterans of the Call of Duty and Last of Us industry form a new studio

Creativity and self-expression are key elements of the video game industry and veterans certainly understand it. Today, That’s No Moon Entertainment Inc., a new independent AAA game studio, has announced his team, mission, objectives, and video game type that it seeks to create. The studio will consist of veterans of the industry who worked on a plethora of video games.

This Friday

That’s No Moon Entertainment is ready to create narrative experiences and defining gender in different forms of media and its first project will be an ambitious and unique action-adventure game. Its first project will be carried out in partnership with industry leaders, Smilegate, who have invested more than $ 100 million. Smilegate is a global video game development and editing company based in South Korea. The most successful IP of society is Crossfire, a very popular FPS and is currently working on Lost Ark Online, a ARPG that should be launched in the West later this year.

To push the limits of the gameplay and history, That’s No Moon will use the attributes of a stellar team while Taylor Kurosaki (Naughty Dog Design) will serve as Creative Director and Jacob Minkoff (Call game designer for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare) As a game manager. In addition, That’s No Moon Entertainment will have the talent of developers who worked on God of War, Fortnite, Destiny, The Last of Us: Part II and more.

Michael Mumbauer, CEO of That’s No Moon, talked about the creation of the studio by declaring: _ “We started that’s No Moon with a singular vision of creating unforgettable stories and characters that will define and extend beyond our Media… I am proud to share this ambition with a team of creators as talented and our incredible partners at Smilegate. »_

While That’s No Moon continues to progress, he will bring together a diversified and inspired team. Interested persons can consult their website here.

What do you think of that’s no moon entertainment? What kind of game would you like to see them develop? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitterr and Facebook.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The story of Moon Knight

On March 30, 2022, one of Marvel’s most mysterious heroes gets his own series. Because what is real with Moon Knight Alias ​​Marc Spector Real and what not, you never know exactly. A short summary, who is the superhero, we have already given you here. At this point, you will learn more about his comic origins and what Marvel could make it in the character.

Marvels answer to Batman? ****

His first appearance had Moon Knight in 1972, but not as hero, but as a rogue. In Werewolf by Night # 32 he appears as a mercenary, who goes with his silver weapons on werewolf’s hunt. In the course of history, however, Moon Knight notes that his goal is not a perpetrator, but Moon Knight believes that his forces will be awarded him from the Mondgott Konshu. But that’s true? Source: Disney / Marvel is a victim and helps him. Already three years later, Moon Knight became known as hero, which had helped only as a mercenary of a group of villains to infiltrate them.

Until his first own series in 1980, Moon Knight had always been guest appearances with other heroes and individual solo adventures. The dark atmosphere, its investigative methods, the dramatic cape and the fact that he had no obvious superspowers quickly led to readers as Marvel’s version of Batman.

To distinguish their masked detective of DCS masked detective, Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, who were responsible for the first Moon Knight series in 1980, paid their heroes with an expanded background. In him, the mercenary and former CIA Agent Marc Spector will be revived from the Egyptian moon deity Konshu and chosen to be your warrior and executor.

So he should strip his sinful life and do good. The only problem on the matter: Marc Spector is the only one who hears Konshus voice and otherwise it will not be clear if the ex-mercenary only forms the deity. In order to better combat the crime, Spector assumes different identities, including those of Steven Grant, Jake Lockley or Mr. Knight. He is temporarily a member of the West Coast Avengers guided by Hawkeye.

History Of Moon Knight

The price of crime fighting ****

Already in 1985, there were first signs that Moon Knight could be even more than an alternative Batman, who fought the crime in the costume of an Egyptian Räces. More and more it became clear that Mark Spector has long not been control of his alternative identities, in addition to villains, Marc Spector has also struggling with its alternative identities. Source: Disney / Marvel He believed. The reason for reasons: the stress and the traumata of his life as mercenaries had led that Spector had developed a dissociative identity disorder, which also influenced his work as Moon Knight. That, combined with the fact that it was never clear how real Konshu and the supposed super forces of Moon Knight were, allowed the comic cars to tell stories, which always asked the question of what Moon Knight’s adventure is real and what is not.

Also, the question is also negotiated how far Mark Spector is willing to go for his kind of justice. Moon Knight also hikes in his stories often at the boundary between “everyday” crimes and the supernatural. That even affects his forces. Whether Moon Knight actually has no super forces and how big the influence of Konshu is on the hero are questions that can be answered differently from Comic to Comic.

A hero with many possibilities ****

Madman or supernatural avenues? The answer is different in the Moon Knight Comics. Source: Disney / Marvel The different stories told with Moon Knight have the creative heads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) therefore many ways as they can use the character. Close from the first trailer of the upcoming series, serial creator Jeremy Slater is clearly serving the new background history of Moon Knight. So he is a superhero with dissociative personality disorder, which also explains why Oscar Isaac is not addressed in the trailer as a Marc Spector, but as Steven Grant, one of Spectors’s most famous alternative personalities. As in the comics is also unclear in the trailer, how many of Moon Knights’s forces are or actually exist.

Depending on which questions about Moon Knight and his God Konshu will be answered in the series, the hero can become the connective of the same multiple strands in the MCU. As a normal person he fits very well to heroes like Hawkeye or Daredevil; If the supernatural aspects of his character are stressed, Moon Knight can also quite well beside heroes like Dr. Exalt Strange. If you really attach it, you could even build Moon Knight as a rogue of a movie, as the Storyline The Age of Konshu proves. In her, the moon god attack against the Avengers and Moon Knight becomes its unwilling tool. It is more likely that Moon Knight remains a border character that will not play a greater role in the MCU. However, even in the comics, the hero started as a minor character, which should actually have only one appearance. To home page to the gallery

Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is a hell of a good time

Last update there is May 14, 2021

Pure roguelikes can be some of the most frustrating games and inducing rage – entirely on purpose, could I add – so the idea of ​​adding these exasperative mechanisms to another gender quieter seems to be a terrible idea. It turned out fantastic. Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is described as a Konami-style roguevania 2D action game, which means that it is an impious mix of levels generated procedurally, deceptively complex combat mechanisms and Tipculating environments that require a constant back. The result is an elegant game filled with frenetic energy that still requires a real reflection. Although technically a remake of one of the oldest Japanese exclusive IP addresses of Konami, Getufumaden: Undying Moon works as an autonomous title and is one of the most beautiful games I’ve been playing for years.

The plot of the game is simple: the Ryukotsuki daemon got up after a thousand years of sleep, ripping a hole that leads directly to hell and allowing innumerable malefic spirits to spread around the world. This is the duty of the Getsu clan to go down the pit and stop madness. Unfortunately, your elder brother, the most powerful warrior of the clan, has disappeared. You’re Call Getsu Fuma and you have to get into hell in his place. If it seems a little dangerous, do not worry – it’s a thug, which means that the mysterious shrine Maiden who serves your family will remind your soul in a new body to his death. And believe me, you will die. Many. Even in the lightest difficulty, this game is difficult.

A huge variety of enemies awaits you in this fantastic fantastic dark, who all have their own attack schemes and destroy you if you are imprudent. The winding levels in the form of labyrinth are as magnificent as they squeeze it. All the experience has a very mythological tone and a distinctly Japanese tone that reminds games like Okami. By playing Getufumaden: eternal moon feels like listening to a talented storyteller give life to old legends.

Most STUNNING Roguelite/Roguelike of 2021 - GetsuFumaDen Undying Moon [Review]
The levels generated procedurally become larger and more like a labyrinth as you advance, which requires a lot of return back to grab everything, but you can travel quickly between the activated sanctuary doors for more convenience. Finding the right road to advance you leads to a boss fight with an enemy straight out of the Japanese legend – a beast so big that it fills most of the screen. Even an ordinary enemy can kill you if you slide, so fighting a boss is an exercise of tests and errors. There is always a torsion or a unique mechanism in a boss fight, and solve the puzzle is half of the pleasure.

The unique visual style of the game immediately attracted my attention. Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is, to say it simply, beautiful. It feels like playing through an elaborate Japanese Ukiyo-e paint or wood engraving that can, at any time, suddenly transform into a blood bath. The atmosphere is thick, beautiful and sent a crowd shiver in my spine. The obsessive soundtrack uses a variety of traditional Japanese instruments to create a solemn beauty feeling and deep and painful discomfort. Suitable for a game on making your way to hell.

The environment of the game and the design of the enemy are also strongly linked. Getsu Fuma is a much more stylish figure than, let’s say, Jin Sakai, but he looks like home in a Ukiyo-E print. It would be the same for the enemies that you meet, especially the heads of floating monsters, the vicious oni, the spirits of dead-living cicada, the tormented souls of the warriors who killed civilians on the field of battle and enormous skeletons on fire. Suspended bodies and decomposition skeletons decorate the levels in such grotesque display as surprising.

In fact, the game is so dedicated to its traditional Japanese aesthetic that the name of the protagonist remains in the order of the Japanese names, name before the first name, which could be a little confusing for those who do not know Japanese culture. That said, the title is so simplified and full of action that it is more of a stylistic choice than anything else, and Getufumaden: Undying Moon uses his style as a weapon. A quick platform, a complex system of upgrading weapons and weapons, an expanding world that rewards the skills and punishes the errors – this game really has everything to please early access. I am on the edge of my seat while waiting for complete release.

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