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NHN, establish a dedicated organization to strengthen ESG management

[ESG Committee Moon Young -soo reporter] NHN is starting to strengthen ESG management.

ESG: Why Your Organization Should Care & How to Get Started

NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 17th that it will establish a dedicated ESG organization at the group level and promote ESG management strategy. The new ‘ESG TF’ is operated directly under the representative of NHN, Jung Woo -jin, and consists of employees of the relevant department leaders and practical promotions in each area of environment, society, and governance.

At the same time, NHN established the ‘ESG Conference’ to expand ESG management throughout the group company. NHN headquarters, NHN AD, NHN Academy, NHN Big Foot, NHN Bucks, NHN Cloud, NHN Commerce, NHN Data, NHN Duray, NHN Edu, NHN Enterprise, NHN Korea Cyber Payment, NHN Payco, etc. The representatives of 14 group companies will participate.

NHN plans to systematically promote ESG strategies and areas, focusing on new organizations. The ESG conference takes on the role of inheriting ESG management throughout the NHN group and encouraging each company’s practice and achievements. The ESG TF will establish and manage short -term and mid- to long -term tasks for each department according to the ESG management strategy roadmap.

Earlier, NHN established the ESG Committee under the board of directors in March and began preparing to strengthen ESG management. The ESG Committee consisted of three outside directors to enable objective and professional and risk management, and was chairman of Hanyang University Computer Software. The committee will deliberately deliberate on major strategies and policies related to ESG management based on independence, and check the performance of the tasks.

The ESG Committee, held on the 9th, decided to establish a dedicated ESG organization and establish a NHN ESG promotion strategy. In accordance with the results of the committee, NHN’s ESG promotion strategy is to grow regional and SME through technology ▲ realize business value based on the spirit of people and partner -oriented corporate spirit It is contained.

This year, NHN has declared its full -fledged ESG management and continues to carry out various internal and external activities where all employees participate. The company is expanding the training of local IT talent, focusing on the NHN Academy Gyeongnam Campus, which was opened in March, and continues to develop employee participation donations and sharing campaigns for the community. In addition, in order to establish employee -oriented corporate culture, the company has expanded various welfare benefits such as growth support system, and has expressed its willingness to strengthen its shareholders’ return policy and actively communicate through its first shareholders.

In addition, NHN is carrying out ESG management in various ways, including efforts to reduce energy through eco -friendly urban data centers and office spaces, and will publish a sustainable management report that contains such ESG management results.

Chung Woo -jin, CEO of NHN, said, “We expect to be a bridgehead for the greater growth and vision of the next stage.” “We will actively operate a dedicated organization to establish NHN’s unique ESG value.”

NC update Lineage W new class Dark Elf

[CEO Kim Moon Young -soo] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin) updated the second episode of Lineage W.

Lineage W users can play new class Dark Elves from this day. The Dark Elves can play dynamic with powerful physical attack power and hideout technology. Use ‘Ido Ryu’ and ‘Crow’, which are dedicated weapons.

The company opens the 19th new world ‘Antaras’. The user can enjoy Lineage W in the new world from 18:00 on the 4th. The ‘Class Change’, which allows you to change the class of existing characters, will also be able to change the Darkel Pro until the 18th.

There is also a commemorative event for the Dark Elf Update. If you achieve a certain level by June 2, you will receive a ‘growth potion’ that gains additional experience. If you access the game until May 25, you can also get ‘Attendance Check 14days-Invitation of Blodica’, which will help you to help you foster characters.

The new World Antaras Open Celebration will also be held. The user can receive a push -up item on the 4th 22:100 and Growth Support Consumption. Users who enjoy Lineage W by creating new characters on the Antaras server will receive push rewards and attendance check rewards 3 times (9:00, 14:00, 18:00) every day until May 11.

Pre-register for Dark Elf and receive a coupon! [Lineage W Weekly News]

Meanwhile, NCsoft unveiled its future update plan in the Communication Broadcasting ‘Director Talk 2’ on April 29. Lineage W users: ▲ New Party Dungeon ‘Hwa Garden of Craving’ (May 11) ▲ Large New Dungeon ‘Oman Tower’ and the first server transfer (May 18) You can enjoy new content such as a schedule later).

NHN, a large -scale game campaign with Lee Byung -hun, Jung Woo -sung and Cho Seung -woo

[Lee Byung Moon Young -soo] Three popular actors Lee Byung -hun, Jung Woo -sung and Cho Seung -woo gathered in a game.

NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 3rd that it will select Lee Byung -hun, Jung Woo -sung, and Cho Seung -woo with a new face of the web board game ‘Hangame’.

The campaign is a story about three top -class actors gathering in a game to play the biggest edition in Korea and compete for the best talents. ▲ Lee Byung -hun actor ‘Poker’ ▲ Cho Seung -woo actor ‘Sumda’ and ‘Shin -hyeo’, and Jung Woo -sung actor ‘Baduk’ leads a variety of programs and appears all over the game. It will be presented.

NHN expects that many users with many campaigns will energize web board games as ‘mind sports’.

You can meet actors representing each game in the game, and you can also use the actor avatar for free. ‘Mobile Sumda & Quick’ offers avatars just by connecting to the game after logging in, and Hangame Poker and Hangame Poker Classic can be easily acquired by randomly provided by randomly two types of avatars.

Chung Woo -jin, CEO of NHN, said, “We will reaffirm the position of Hangame’s web board game leading brand through this campaign and realize the goal of ‘the overwhelming No. 1 in the domestic webboard game market’.” I hope that many users will have the healthy fun that only web board games will provide with national actors in a game. ”

Com2us Group, Blockchain Game Guild Ola GG Invest

[American partner Moon Young -soo] Com2uS Group announced on the 29th that it has invested in the Latin American partner ‘Ola GG (CEO Martin Blagle Er)’ of the global default centralized game guide ‘YGG (YIELD Guild Games)’.

METASTORM - НОВЫЙ ШУТЕР С МЕТАВСЕЛЕННОЙ ???? Сейчас проходит Private sale???? Blockchain games

Com2uS Group has worked with global investors such as Galaxy Interactive, Bitkraft, and ARCA and participated as early investors of GG. Ola GG’s investment is $ 8 million, and it plans to use NFT of Web 3 games to spread web 3 games in Latin America.

Ola GG is building a complex community by creating a profit through the game based on 230 million Latin American game user pools and helping to securely access blockchain -based finance.

Latin America is an area where potential growth is prominent in the global web 3 terrain, which is important in expanding the C2X platform led by Com2us Group. In particular, the area is also highly acceptable to blockchain games.

Com2us Group is a promising blockchain game company ‘5×5 Gaming’, a professional organization that develops blockchain games and methus -based digital assets, and ‘Double Jump Tokyo’, a Japanese blockchain game and solution company We are investing in the back and accelerating the global web 3 business.

Finding the NFT Development Agreement with Playard, Mamatch and NFT

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] The play ad will announced on the 28th that Burger, Chicken Brand Mamatch and NFT was achieved for NFT development.

Both companies will collaborate in a variety of areas, including the development of the Mamatch‘s digital contents by combining the NFT and metaverse technology of the play advice through this partner.

NFT refers to a technology that grants scarcity and ownership to photograph, videos, pictures, and game items. Through consumption, it is attracting attention as a new digital asset and investment instrument expressing his personality.

The playdap is a policy that expands the business area with the F & B service that has grown NFT and metaverse technology, and the F & B service, and provides a differentiated experience as a service that crosses online and offline areas.

“NFT, which has been on the” art and game, “NFT, which has been on the” art and game field, has been recognized as a digital asset with fun elements, “said Mamatch,” said NFT, “said NFT, has already been recognized as a digital asset with funny elements.” He will speed up the NFT to fused NFT, such as increasing, combined with marketing, including marketing, “he said.

HOW TO read crypto/NFT contracts

“The NAW member players are expected to meet the Mamthtch, which the NFT technology of the play admits meet the Momatch, which holds the most stores in the domestic Burger franchise market, and” the new business ” The model will also review how to provide a user-oriented service and a special benefit. “

Neptune, a subsidiary game 3-year release notice

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Neptune announced that it launched three new mobile games through the subsidiary of Neptune.

Triplela (Representative Hmmans) will launch Tycoon Games’ Make Over Tycoon (Tycoon) game “Make Over Tycoon” that is the best style through cool hairstyles and makeups that want to be a star.

Prittyvid (Representative Yoon Na) introduces a new “Lovers Holly Chief Classroom” in the first half of the year. This game has succeeded the ‘Lover Holic’ IP and a novelty attempt to a mobile casual game that combines the puzzle and collecting elements in the women’s story games.

Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP Announcement and Release Date | Game Preview | Neptunia News

Play Hard (Representative Shinseuh) will be released in the first half of the year. This game is going to challenge the global market with a comical Cartoon Games Art, the main character and the manager.

“Development of Neptune, Neptune, said,” Neptune’s development subsidiary will expand the game content and expand the mobile casual game service area of ​​Neptune to expand the role of global. “

Games “Kim Jung-joo Nexon Founder, Game Powerful Korean Spooky”

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Korea Games Industry Association shall be the will of the Mourning of the Nexon Changchun Kim Jung-joo ENX.

The Association of the Association said, “Through the Gokdong Moon, the Bond,” I have a great deal in the Korean game industry, “he said.

“Kim Jung-joo, who was the Nexon founder, is like a pioneer who had the buds of the game of the game in the game,” he said, “It is not an exaggeration,” he said. “.

Founder of S. Korea's gaming giant Nexon reportedly to sell controlling stake in holding firm

In addition, it was a great loss of “a very big loss of Kim Jung-joo, who has a powerful Hye-ji and leadership,” the terrain of the game and the economy is a powerful Hye-ji and leadership. “

Finally, “I would not be able to hesitate to challenge and innovate, and change according to the appearance of the lifetime, and follow the appearance of the life.” We will contribute to making a better world. ” I added the name of the deceased. “

Black Desert Mobile – Goblin, 17173 Games Player Award Selected

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Pulse The Bis (CEO) announced that ‘Black Desert Mobile’ and ‘Goblin’ were selected for the most expected game this year in the ‘Games Player Awards’ in China’s largest game site in China.

Black Desert Mobile Opening 600 Ancient Secret Chests & 700 Fortune Cookies
The game player awards are 17173 dot comes the independent game awards ceremony hosted since 2001. This year’s game IP, 10 sectors, including the best expectation games, has selected a variety of games.

Black Desert Mobile won the ‘most expected game’ sector, which is 17173 users. This game has recently been stabilized in China and increases the completeness.

The bobbin was “the most expecting global game” that the twenty, “the realistic character and the realistic character remembered the Pokemon series.”

Black Desert Mobile is MMORPG reinterpreting PC original black desert as mobile. It is popular with users with high level graphics and strikes made by its own game engine. Last year, the Chinese government was issued by the Phan (Business Permit).

The goblin is an open-world action adventure game that is released to the unique world view. In August, the largest game show game of the European game show games and December, the game award, released the game video and music videos, and received attention worldwide.

Nezzi Thirts, Samgong, NFT Games and New Years Global Aim

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Nezu Thirts (Representative Han Sung-jin) announced on the 28th that it will show a total of 8 games in a global market, including two NFT games and six new Mobile, PC games.

Nezza Thirts It is a “ing project (tentative)” game “Ing Project (tentative)” is a block chain based NFT game. It is being developed as RPG implemented by all of the economic systems and equipment items and resources in the game.

In particular, the direction of the game’s core contents is updated through the community user’s opinions and voting, voting, and is a company-side explanation that users are engaged directly in the development of a constantly evolved.

‘Project N (tentative name)’ is a block-based sports NFT game. We are developing as a comprehensive sports game that enjoys competition between the various sports and coordination, including land and coordination.

Top 10 Most Anticipated NFT Games Coming 2022! (Best Play to Earn Crypto Games)
The “Rumble Racing Star”, aiming for launching mobile platforms in the second quarter, is a real-time casual racing game using a lawnmower racing concept in the United States, Australia and UK. You can enjoy racing using a variety of track items and driving skills, and you can see over 30-piece driver characters, carts, and popping decorating items.

‘Boxing Star: Match 3’ is a real-time PVP puzzle game that utilizes ‘Boxing Star’ IP, which boasts a global scale of 45 million global scales worldwide. Boxing star unique unique strikes, as well as the fun of the confrontation (PVP) puzzle matching (PVP) puzzle matches full of tension.

The “Erocia”, which has a train that leaves the train, is also aiming for the development of the finals to the global launch of the first half. Erika is developing in the “Epic Kronick”, ‘Epic Hearts’, and is being developed in a fundamenter studio, which is the main character of the fantasy world, which is the main character of the fantasy world coexisting with Human and Dragon’s Human Danpies.

We offer adventures that provide puzzles through a combination of 30 kinds of heroes and various behavioral patterns, and a Japanese famous illustrator ‘Rack’, known as ‘Paint Grand Orders’, is a main artist, and shows sensational illustrations.

Royal Crow is also taking advantage of the recruitment of the recent global beta test participants and spurring the Launch of the PC FPS game ‘Crows’. CROUSZ is a PC open-world shooting game developed by Bae Seung-hoon, which developed ‘Sudden Attack’, and performs missions that have been discovered in a newly discovered resource material ‘Q-ON’ It is a game.

In addition, since last April released in April, Google plays the first place and 9th place in Google for sale, the mobile game ‘Dececaron M’, which has achieved 9th place, is also preparing to launch a global launch.

In Latarasuuui, the PC FPS new ‘SkyCraft’ was aimed at launching a new ‘SkyCraft Clapper’ this year. The SkyCraft is a PC platform-based shooting game that is built in North American cities as a motif. Wing suits Features such as a pacer system that maximizes the freedom of movement of glide and character.

Han Sung-jin’s Nezhugun Through the Representative, “I will continue to see the P2E game that introduces a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games and casual and RPG games that apply this year-centralized method, and” Mobile and PC, Console The platform also diversified and will be achieved as a significant game chain in the global market. “

Aurorasu Lius Wannyeong Month M Teaser Page Open

Star Wars video games include all adjusted video clip games from the numerous franchise business movies qualified Celebrity Wars, yet likewise the different games or software easily motivated by the world. The really prolific collection influences lots of type of video clip games as well as lots of systems and also has many accomplishments, converted into numerous languages. A huge bulk of this computer game are published by Quasars, some are additionally developed or published by third-party developers or publishers. The very first adaptations are arising from the end of the 1970s and also the collection experiences all generations of game platforms, as well as is still active in 2020.


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[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Tencent San Aurora Studios opened a teaser page of Mobile Games Annie M M on 15th.

If you enter only the phone number on the teaser page, you can participate in the Winnie Monthly M Pre Reservation. In addition, the stamping tour event is carried out at the time of the Vesta 2021, from the 17th to 21st,

Users can access the teaser page to complete the pre-reservation, complete one of the stamped tour event missions and obtain paintings.

Submitting paper that secured all the stamps in the stamping tour event provides a daily gaming speaker, gaming mouse, and a game keyboard, etc. through Lucky Box lottery.

Meanwhile, Canyon M has a large multi-neoplastic role-based performance (MMORPG) based on the original novel Pan-frying s intent property (IP). PC Games We will inherit the game performance of Wannyeong Won, and plan to introduce operations optimized for mobile devices.

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