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Com2us launched Chronicle officially… Summers War IP

[game Moon Young-soo] Com2us released the second game ‘Summers Wars: Chronicle’ based on the signboard hit ‘Summers War: Arena’. Unlike the ‘Summers War: Hundred Years War‘, which was lukewarm, it is noteworthy that it can achieve visible performance.

According to the game industry on the 16th, Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) started the domestic service of Summers Wars: Chronicle (hereinafter Chronicle) at 10 am on the day. You can download it from Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store, and your PC version can be downloaded from the game brand site and the hive homepage.

Chronicle is a large-scale multi-entertained game (MMORPG) based on the global hit, Summers Wars’ intellectual property (IP), which has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide. Based on 350 various summons, it is characterized by the fun of the strategy that the existing MMORPG did not encounter. The user can select one of three summoners, Magic Attack Orbia, Support Kina, and Defensive Cliff, and play teams with up to three of the various summons with various attributes and skills.


Chronicle is also a test that will verify Com2us’ capabilities. In particular, it is important to be reborn as a long-lived hit like the original Summoners War. Prior to the Chronicle, the Game Summers Wars based on the Summoners War IP: In the case of the hundred-year war, it earned 5 billion won in sales in three days of April last year, but the long-term success failed and the long-term success failed. It also disappeared from the sales rankings of major global markets.

Chronicle has been expected to be ranked No. 1 in the Apple App Store free ranking only on the 15th, which was provided on the 15th, a day before the official launch. Aggressive marketing is also expected. Com2uS said on November 11 that it paid 28.3 billion won in marketing costs in the first half of this year, and it will increase more than 30% in the second half. This is a big deal for the large-scale marketing of Chronicle.

Securities firms predict that Chronicle’s daily sales will be around 500 million won. Seong Jong-hwa, a researcher at Evest Securities, estimated the average daily sales of 550 million won during the first quarter after its launch. Lee Ji-eun, a researcher at Daishin Securities, also said, The users’ response to the latest new showcases is positive.

An official from Com2us said, Chronicle offers a new world that has never been experienced to the Summer’s Wars IP, and MMORPG users provide a novel play fun of summoned MMORPG with differentiated content. We will target the game market with differentiated content that is out of global power and other MMO formula.

Netmarble, Seven Knights Revolution special broadcast on the 23rd

[CEO Kwon Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) will unveil the special broadcast ‘Communication Hasena‘ in the live platform ‘Naver NOW.’

This special broadcast will be held for about an hour with popular games YouTuber G Sikbaek, Kim Sung-hoe, Lee Hyun-kyung announcer, and Ahn Jun-seok Netmarble Nexus Development PD.

Ahn Jun-seok will be honest with various questions about Seven Knights Revolution sent by users and will reveal the behind-the-scenes of the game through the in-depth interview corner.

In addition, on the day, the story of the influencers’ Seven Knights Revolution, which was held on June 25, will be revealed.

Seven Knights Revolution, which is scheduled to be released in Korea on the 28th, is a work that maximizes the characteristics of the original. The high-end graphics boast the Seven Knights down graphics and provide fun and strategic battles to transform into Seven Knights Heroes.

Currently, Netmarble will hold various events on the official website, including the 7777-year-old Nare Ball Expedition Event and the Seven Recognition Succession Qualification Test. The 7777-year-old Nare Ball expedition is a free event that will be paid for a total of 10,000 won after launching a total of 7777 people after completing pre-registration by 11 am on the 27th. The seven-year-old successor qualification test is an event that allows you to receive various prizes through the quiz and acquired certificate.

Netmarble reveals Merge Kungya Island YouTube Content Money Kungya Drifter

[Kungya Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) unveiled the video content of the casual game ‘Merge Kungya Island’ on the YouTube channel on the YouTube channel.

Merge Kungya drifter is a YouTube content based on the worldview of Merge Kungya Island, which purifies polluted lands.

It is made of large dolls and the Kungya visits Hongdae, Yeouido, Han River Park, Korean Folk Village, and Busan Zombie Run. Merge Kungya Drifter consists of 10 episodes and can be seen in YouTube channel Money Kungya Island.

Merge Kungya Island, meanwhile, is a casual game of the Merge genre using Netmarble’s own IP ‘Kungya’. Mer is a game genre that combines three objects to combine new objects, and has become a popular mobile game genre in the Western market.

Users can make and decorate their own islands by using resources and kungya from Merge Kungya Island. Merge Kungya Island has 19 kinds of kungya, about 300 kinds of resources, and 100 kinds of decorations used to decorate the island. do.

Line Games, Origin of the Age of the Age

[CEO Kim Moon Young-soo reporter] Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) announced on the 4th that it will start a pre-booking new ‘Aviation Age Origin’ on the 12th.

The Origin of the Sea Era, which is about to be launched in the third quarter, is a large-scale multi-entertainment role-playing game (MMORPG) jointly developed by Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Koe Tech Mo Games (CEO Koinuma Hisashi) to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sea of Sea. It is based on the ‘Era 2’ and ‘The Age of Sea Era’.

The game reproduced the scenario of the original more precisely, and used big data collected from all over the world to build a game environment based on actual data such as wind direction, wind speed, and current. In addition, based on high-quality graphics using Unreal Engine 4, it is characterized by reproducing major ports and various types of ships in the 16th century Middle Ages.

The Origin of the Age of the Sea Era has improved its completion by conducting two tests and early access, and plans to launch a formal service through mobile (AOS, iOS) and PC (Floor) platforms in the third quarter of this year.

In addition, Line Games also released a new cinematic video of the Old Origin era. Through this video, you can see the unique emotions and high quality graphics of the origin era.

Pearl Abyss, VOA Seoul meets Black Desert user on the 16th

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Pearl Abyss (CEO Huh Jin-young) will hold ‘Voice of Adventurus Seoul (VOA Seoul)’ on July 16th.

VOA is a user-centered event where Pearl Abyss visits users around the world. Pearl Abyss, which directly serves black deserts around the world, is designed to meet users from all over the world and listen to voices.

Prior to Korea, the company conducted a VOA meeting with the US and Japanese users this year, especially in North American users and the Black Desert Manager in the pub in a free atmosphere.


VOA Seoul is the first offline event held in Korea since the Calpeon Banquet in December 2019 due to Corona 19 Fan Demick. It will be held at the Seoul Wave Art Center at 6 pm on the 16th and will be accepted by July 3 through the Black Desert official website. Both the Black Desert PC and the console account can participate, and a total of 100 people will be selected.

VOA Seoul has prepared various programs such as black desert user communication events and dinner. Following North America, Japan, and South Korea, the company plans to continue VOA events to visit users around the world.

Netmarble Disabled Squads, 13 medals in the 2022 Yeongsan Kang Jeon -guk Disabled Contribution Competition

[Mokpo Yeongsan Moon Young-soo] The Netmarble Cultural Foundation (Chairman Bang Jun-hyuk) is a total of 13 medals in the Netmarble Disabled Squad at the 2022 Yeongsan Kang Jeon-jung-jeongjojo Conference held at the Mokpo Yeongsan Joojeong Stadium on June 24 and 25, Silver 8, Dong 1) announced on the 28th.

The Yeongsan Kang Jeon-guk-do Coordination Competition, hosted by the Korea Disabled Coordination Federation and the Jeollanam-do Disabled Federation, is awarded the sports (awards, indoor), disabled types (delegation, vision, intellectual), gender (male, female, mixed) The competition was held with 11 sports and 15 details divided into high and general departments.

Five Netmarble Disabled Athletes participated in this tournament, and Choi Bum-seo (gold 2, silver 1), Kang Hyun-joo (gold 2), Kang Yi-sung (3), Han Eun-ji (3), Lee Seung-ju (1, 1, East 1) All of them have been able to achieve good results and prove once again.

Choi Bum-seo, a Netmarble Disabled athlete athlete, said, I was nervous because I had a long time since I played for a long time, but I am happy to have good results as I worked hard. We will also participate in the National Paralympic Sports Competition to show you good performance.

Meanwhile, the Netmarble Cultural Foundation founded the first disabled athlete’s team in March 2019 to promote the promotion of the disabled and the long-term independence of the disabled.

The Netmarble Disabled Squadron won the 13th medal as a single team in the 2019 National Disabled Sports Competition, followed by the 2019 Asian Coordination Championships, 2019 Chungju Tangeum Lake National Disability Coordination Competition, and 2019 Seoul Special Mayor. He has won medals in the National Disabled People’s Coordination Competition, the 2020 National Disabled Coordination Championships, and the 41st National Paralympic Sports Competition.

The Sandbox, Samyang Annie signed Samyang Food Meta Bus Partnership

[Samyang Aani Moon Young-soo] The Sandbox announced on the 17th that Samyang Food Land will be partnership with Samyang Aani, a media commerce affiliate of Samyang Food Group.


With this partnership, The Sandbox and Samyang Annie will create NFT product planning, production and land using Samyang Food Brand and Content IP to operate the participatory service that can be enjoyed by the Sandbox platform users around the world.

Samyang Annie is in charge of Samyang Food’s intellectual property and content-related metabus and NFT business, and is currently strengthening the e-commerce business to target ‘Global’ and ‘Millennials’ of Samyang Foods and establishing a platform sales network of Samyang Annie. The online market is expanding. The Sandbox, Samyang Foods, and Samyang Annie are planning to target the global market together through collaboration.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of the Sandbox Korea, said, We are happy to be with Samyang, which is leading the world’s food trends through the development of fresh products such as Bulgogi fried noodles for a long time. I will create a different experience that I haven’t seen before.

Kang In-gu, Samyang Annie COO, said, A culture that can have a new experience with consumers around the world by expanding the number of brands and contents IP assets that Samyang Food Group has accumulated for 60 years through global NFT and global methus platform. I will make it, he said. I am happy to create a theme land for food companies for the first time in K-VERSE, a professional space for K-content.

Meanwhile, in addition to Samyang Annie, the Sandbox joined the studio dragon, Todak Toko, Pororo, Square Enix, Shift-up, Ubisoft, Atari, SM brand marketing, cube entertainment The world is expanding with more than 200 partners, including Music Group, Dead Mouse, Adidas, Working Dead, Smurf, and Care Bear.

Mom Society, MOU signed to build 3D meta buses in Singapore

[Developer Mam Moon Young-soo] Neptune’s subsidiary XR Metabus Platform Developer Mam Society (CEO Chul-ho Yoo) participated in the information and communication fair held in Singapore on the 1st, and the 3D space construction solution company MOU was signed.

The Singapore Information and Communication Fair is Asia’s largest cloud computing broadcasting and telecommunications, satellite communication and next-generation information communication, various communication equipment and parts, and other IT products.

Ascent is a 3D space construction solution company located in Singapore’s mid-view City Sinming District, and is a virtual space based on 360 degrees of video. Based on the advanced VR technology, the company plans to expand its business to various fields such as introducing NFT to digital virtual space.

In particular, the two companies agreed to jointly study the technology of producing 3D digitaltwin methuses based on the 360-degree video taken by the accent to build 3D metabuses in Singapore. It is expected to be able to create synergy effects in various methus spaces throughout Singapore and meta-commerce.

This agreement is a good opportunity to lay the foundation for the entry into the local market in the Singapore market, said Yoo Chul-ho, CEO of Mam Mam Society. I said.

Meanwhile, Mam Mam Society launched a multi-access social meta bus platform ‘Galaxity: KOREA’, which was developed as a cross-platform technology last year, to Steam Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store. In May last year, he was invested in management rights from Neptune and was incorporated as a subsidiary of Neptune.

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