Players who cannot take part in the game due to a corona infection have been part of the new reality in the football world since the beginning of the pandemic. In Spain, however, a highly curious case has occurred.

As the Spanish daily “El País” writes, the professional Juan Carlos Menudo from third division team Deportivo La Coruna faked a Covid 19 disease last weekend so that they do not have to travel with the team to go away against Talavera.

According to the report, the 30-year-old is said to have contacted the medical department of his club on Thursday of last week. There he faked symptoms and claimed that a antigen test carried out on Covid-19 was positive.

Coach Borja Jiménez then stroked him from the squad for the game in Talavera.

However, the offensive midfielder did not use the leisure gained as a result. Instead, he is said to have followed the Spanish Cup final between Betis Sevilla and FC Valencia live in the stadium on Saturday evening.

Menudo originally comes from Seville and, according to the newspaper, is a glowing Betis follower. The deportivo player did not want to miss their most important game in the recent club history.

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Deportivo fires corona swindler menudo

The ten had obviously obtained tickets for the final at an early stage. His plan to visit the game would also have worked if Talavera had not applied to the association to move the game against Deportivo from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

Ultimately, Menudo was only able to look forward to the triumph of his heart’s association in the penalty shootout. Since Deportivo was able to understand due to pictures that the player had visited and lied the cup final, the club resolved the contract with Menudo without further ado. This was confirmed by the former Champions League participant in a message on the club website on Friday.

“The parts director told me that the club made the decision based on values that should be respected by everyone and that show how Deportivo should be,” says “El País” coach Jiménez.

According to the sheet, Menudo is said to have been one of the top earners of the Galicians. In the current season he had played eleven games in the third division and scored a goal.