Basketball national player Maxi Kleber and his Dallas Mavericks started with a defeat in the playoff semi-final.

How Luka & The Dallas Mavs DECEIVED The Entire NBA.. | Mavericks News (Jalen Brunson, Dinwiddie)

The Texans lost 87: 112 at the Golden State Warriors and initially conceded a dampers in the best-of-Seven series.

Three days after the gala performance in the decisive match against the Phoenix Suns (123: 90), the MAVs caught a used day for their stricken superstar Luka Doncic (shoulder problems) and were behind from the start. Doncic (20 points) and Co. Together just 31 of their 86 attempts at throw from the field.

Defense specialist Kleber was also unable to put his stamp on the game of Dallas in the almost 20 minutes of operation (3 points, 3 rebounds).

“If you lose with a point or 40 points, it is only a defeat. We have to prepare for the second game now,” said Doncic: “But I have to get better. I have to play better for the whole group and that is due to me.”

curry: “We did what we should do”

The Warriors, on the other hand, get upset with their balance. In the end, exceptional skiers Stephen Curry landed on 21 points, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole each collected 19 points. Four other players scored double digits. “We did what we should do – we won the first game, but there is still a lot of work,” said Curry.

Shortly before the game, Dallas had been finished by the NBA bosses for improper behavior on the replacement bank to a fine of $ 50,000. In the event of success against the Suns, the players would have entered the field in several cases and once again illegally. For this reason, the Mavericks had already been fined at the beginning of May.

Dallas has been in the Conference final for the first time since the title coup eleven years ago. Now the new head coach Jason Kidd, member of the championship team, is missing only one step to the big finals. Should it work against the Warriors, there could even be a German duel. Because in the second semi -final, Daniel Theis meets the Miami Heat with the Boston Celtics – but Boston also lost game one of the series on Wednesday.