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For Musiala and Nianzou, the opportunities increase

Two days before the penultimate away game of the season in Mainz, FC Bayern indicates that both Thomas Müller and Dayot Upamecano will be canceled on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! The duo also missed the training on Thursday and was not on the pitch this week.

Müller continues to cold – Coman fully joins again

Müller slows down a cold, and the Munich none of the Munich did not share anything at Upamecano. Kingsley Coman, who had trained individually on Wednesday, joined the team again and easily took part in every exercise, including various forms of play. The Frenchman seems to have recovered his ankle problems.

The possible failures of Upamecano and Müller make coach Julian Nagelsmann make the agony of choice. The 34-year-old had already announced after the 3-1 victory against Dortmund, the youngsters, who so far only been allowed to watch, to give more playing time.

Musiala this time behind Lewandowski

As a replacement for Upamecano, his compatriot Tanguy Nianzou would be ready, for Müller Jamal Musiala should begin in the center behind Robert Lewandowski. In addition, 16-year-old Paul Wanner and the 18-year-old Gabriel Vidovic should also receive another minutes in the final three games.

How Upamecano, Nianzou & Co. prepare for the new season | FC Bayern performance tests

_ How are the chances of the youngster? You can read a more detailed view in the current Thomas Müller (Thursday edition) or here in the emagazine! _

VFL Wolfsburg – 1. FSV Mainz 05 5: 0: Wolves decompose M05 and get air in the relegation battle

With a shooting resistant out of the relegation battle: The VfL Wolfsburg has eliminated the last doubts about the Bundesliga league with its highest season. Favored from a 67-minute overview, the Lower Saxony declassified the FSV Mainz 05 with 5: 0 (5: 0), improved on the twelfth table space and put nine points between themselves and relegation rang 16.

The largest share of completely carefully paid success Max Kruse had a triple pack. The ex-national player, still six days ago at the 1: 6-Slip near Borussia Dortmund nearly a total failure, met in the 24th minute per faulfämeter as well as in the 35th minute and in the first half of the first half. Before the side change, Jonas Wind was successfully successful (8th and 42).

“We were in duty to show a reaction, that made us today. The team made that well and scored beautiful gates,” VfL-goalkeeper Koen Castels said at dazn.

“In the first 20 minutes we were just not present,” said the Mainz Stefan Bell: “The first half was embarrassing for Mainz 05.”

After nervously start, the early guidance gave the seats. VfL captain Koen Castels prevented the mainzer compensation by foot against Jonathan Burkardt (15,), then the guests dipped completely. And had to get out of the 23rd minute with only nine field players: Niklas Tauer looked after video proof the red card, it was already the fourth Mainz course in the current season.

Mainz: Fifth defeat in series sealed early

Already at this early stage, the one-sided game was virtually decided that the fifth defeat was sealed in a row for the team of coach Bo Svensson. Often the coach stood motionless on the playing edge for minutes and did not seem to be able to understand the events. Despite this bankruptcy, his team claimed specters before 19,055 but the ninth place in the table.

Even after the highest half-time guidance in its 25-year-old Bundesliga history, the North Germans did not loose even at the beginning of the second 45 minutes, without first playing further clear bullet options. With a lot of running work, the main earnings succeeded in relieving at least phase from the Wolfsburg clutch. In the offensive, however, Mainz did not take place practically anymore.

So it could afford VfL-Coach Florian Kohfeldt, after a good hour to take his top gate lukas nmecha from the field. The national player had torn with a lot of commitment and extension because of many gaps for the two scorer Kruse and wind.


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VFL Wolfsburg – FSV Mainz 05: The data for the game

Kruse with Record For Wolfsburg! | Wolfsburg - Mainz 05 5-0 | All Goals | MD 31 – Bundesliga 21/22

Wolfsburg : Castels – Baku (74th Mbabu), Bornauw, Brooks, Roussillon – Arnold – Schlager (64. Felix Nmecha), Gerhardt – Wind (74th Philipp), Lukas Nmecha (64. Bialek), Kruse ( 81. Paredes). – Trainer: Kohfeldt

Mainz : Zentner – Tauer, Bell, Niakhate – Widmer, Stach (46th Papela), Lucoqui (46th Martin) – Barreiro, Boetius (46th Kohr) – Burkardt (72. Onisiwo), Ingvartsen (46. Alexander Hack). – Trainer: Svensson

Referee : Harm Osmers (Hannover)

Goals : 1: 0 Wind (8.), 2: 0 Kruse (24th, foul foulmeter), 3: 0 Kruse (35th), 4: 0 Wind (42nd), 5: 0 Kruse (45, + 2)

Yellow cards : – Kohr (6), Alexander Hack (6)

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Red card : Tauer (Mainz) after an emergency brake (23., after video proof)

Bo Svensson and the new Mainz

“The goal is not that we win every game, but every game so that you can say: that was totally Mainz 05. It takes a long time to build something like that. Much faster,” emphasized Svensson in the 60 Minute video call with the Mainz. The 42-year-old was clear from the beginning that there is no sprint, but rather a long-distance race, which is why he signed for three and a half years in January 2021. His intermediate conclusion after 15 months falls “in many areas positively, in other less. The benefits in home and away games differ quite strong”.

With the spectators, the mood returned to the Mewa Arena, where against Bielefeld and Dortmund finally 25,000 people were admitted and all cards were sold. Now Mainz expect three away games one after the other: The appearance at Borussia Mönchengladbach (April 3), the catch-up of FC Augsburg (April 6) and the game at 1 FC Cologne (April 9). “We can practice well,” Svensson said smirking.

The team is too good to play only to play the league.

Bo Svensson

His team is in the home table of third parties, away seventeangers. The team had already taken many hurdles this season: “Corona, the short-term change from Adam Szalai or the injury of Jeremiah St. Juste, who had to be operated twice at the shoulder. Of course, I would like to be more stable benefits as an ambitious coach seen or progress in the trophy. “

Die Profis auf Fahrradtour durch Mainz | Djanga hat die GoPro dabei! | #05ERtv | 2021/22
Constant services and a good recognition value are important attributes for the Danes. “We do not define ourselves about a certain number of points, it’s about the way we play to constancy and reliability. I also find that the team is simply too good for this season, just to close the league Play, “he said. He personally reflects him to call higher goals like a European starter square, he leaves his players free hand.

Sen you in the print edition on Monday _ (here as eMagazine) _ , which self-picture Svensson has, as he wants to get along with fewer yellow cards and how he deals with the constant comparisons with Thomas Tuchel and Jürgen Klopp.

More time for Haaland, Reyna & Co

Until Friday morning, Borussia Dortmund was still regularly prepared for the Bundesliga away game at FSV Mainz 05, which should take place this Sunday. However, the press conference originally challenged for 1 pm the club initially laid at 2 pm shortly before starting at 14 o’clock before he was quite canceled – in anticipation of the game trial due to the massive corona outbreak at the Mainz. At 14.31 clock was finally clarity: At this time, the DFL sent the official communication that the game is laid on the 16th of March. The impetus is then at 18.30.

Kehl: The laying is “a pity” but still “comprehensible and correct”

“It’s a pity that the game can not take place as planned. We were very looking forward to the game in our friends in Mainz and a full house,” said BVB license player Sebastian Kehl shortly after the decision of the DFL. Ultimately, however, a “fair competition” must be guaranteed, “on the basis of the rules we have given ourselves as a league”. But this was no longer guaranteed. “That’s why,” Kehl said, “is a laying of the game comprehensible and correct. Of course, health is always going. We wish all the affected main earnings as much as possible course and a speedy recovery possible.”

However, the laying of the game could not only play the current personally bad-born main earners in the cards, but also the BVB. Only on March 13th is the next game for the team of coach Marco Rose. Then the Borussia meets at home on Arminia Bielefeld. Until then, one or the other currently injured professionals could at least partially be available again. About Giovanni Reyna, who after surviving muscle complaints on Friday according to the “Ruhr news” for the first time was again with the team on the square.

Or also striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian was also spaced on Friday morning together with the team on the training place. An application on Sunday, however, would definitely have come too early for him. Until the next game against Bielefeld, he now has nine days to bring himself into a playable constitution, until the Mainz game even twelve.


Termination Collision with the Youth League quarterfinal

Whorthly happy, however, the BVB is still not with the relocation, more precisely: with the appointment of the reintrission: because the game in Mainz takes place on the same day as the Youth League game of Dortmund U19 against Atletico Madrid (kick-off: 6 pm). “We had deposited with the DFL that this date is a very unfortunate for us because of the home game of our U19. But we were notified that no other date comes into consideration,” Kehl said.

Tuchels topplant at FSV Mainz 05 wobbles

Bo Svensson remained faithful after returning to the trace of success with FSV Mainz 05. No triumphal, no euphoria – his team had garnished the 2-0 (0: 0) against the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim even with two top brands.

For the Danes, however, this was no reason to freak. “Fact is: If we want to go further victories, we have to play better than today. That’s out of question,” commented Svensson usually critically the appearance of his team on Saturday before 6800 fans.

For the fourth time in series, the mainzer stayed at home without conceding – this is club record in the Bundesliga. Since all these games were also won, the top mark against Bayer Leverkusen wobbles on 18 February, the last stamp from 2009, when Thomas Tuchel reaches the only time five home wins so far.

FSV Mainz 05 with imposing seasonal balance

Already there is an imposing seasonal balance in the domestic arena to book. There, the Mainzer 24 gathered their total of 30 points – more table leaders Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in their own stadium in this season. In the Bundesliga history, the Mainzer stood better in this statistic, in 2009/10 under Tuchel it was after eleven home games 25 meters.

For a long time against Hoffenheim, it did not look like a sense of achievement, the Svensson classified as “very important” as “very important”. Joker Jae-Sung Lee in the 79th minute and Captain Moussa Niakhaté (83nd) by trading met.

It was the 33rd Mainz’s full hit from the point in series – this managed since the Bundesliga 59 years ago no other team. “In the test match a week ago we got a 1. But if we only shoot in test matches and put in the penalty in the Bundesliga, then that’s right to me,” Svensson said grinning.

International places in view

Thomas Tuchel - Top 5 Mainz Moments
With 30 points, the 05s first deposed of the lowlands of the table and can now even turn up again. Up to a Europa League starting place, there are only two counters. “Now we are back where we wow up,” mainzer Director Martin Schmidt said satisfied.

Not nice, but efficient – that’s the 90 minutes from Mainzer visibility probably best summarize. “We brought the necessary fight in the square,” was Torwart Robin Zentner. A strength that the team now wants to finally show away. The next opportunity to do this next Saturday at the SC Freiburg. “We want to break points and break the away curse,” said striker Karim Onisiwo. The last victory in foreign characters is already more than three months back – on October 30, 2021 was a 2-1 at Arminia Bielefeld.

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