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Minecraft as a technique video game – how is that expected to function? The employers talk regarding gameplay and koop

Imaginative Supervisor Magnus Nedfors and Exec Producer Dennis Ries welcomed me to a meeting after the gameplay demonstration. In it I had the ability to inquire questions regarding the features and also material of the video game.

A huge shock at Dergamescom 2022 was Minecraft Legends.

I was even more unusual from the new game of the Minecraft makers. Legends changes Minecraft into a method game in which she plays the leader of an army that leads his troops to protect the nasty Piglins.

Over 36 games existed at Gamescom 2022 and also dozens of various other products were playable in the halls. I was doubtful in advancement, due to the fact that only a couple of truly large blockbusters were recognized or were anticipated.

_ Den trailer for Minecraft Legends can be seen here: _

Minecraft Legends is a one-of-a-kind combination

MeinMMO: How would you describe Minecraft Legends in your very own words? What type of genre is that?

Lots of strategy games simply utilize computer mouse pointers to manage every little thing. Not several games do that, there were a couple in the 90s.

Magnus Nedfors: This is an one-of-a-kind combination-which would possibly come closest to the video game, it would certainly be activity strategy. Rationale of the game is a technique video game, it’s regarding strategic and tactical reasoning. Handle soldiers and sources, something like that. We desired to incorporate the aspect of yourself in this world.

MeinMMO: Do you only develop stations or a right, very own base that you need to defend?

Magnus Nedfors: It is a wide strategy for several different types of players. A little bit like what we did with Minecraft dungeons when we made dungeon creep more available. This is roughly what we wish to finish with method video games right here. [Minecraft Legends] is a less complicated way to go to this genre as, forgive, hardcore-like approach games. This is a niche and also we wish to open it a little, introduce more gamers..

Magnus Nedfors: Not truly. We have a little development that occurs through the tale. I play the tale as well as certain points take place. You saw the cutscenes in which brand-new troops come with the site. This is how it goes on..

Magnus nedfors: The progression is in your capacity to regulate your military. This consists of kinds of devices, exactly how several you manage and what you can do with them. The story will discuss that a little.

The entire campaign is ‘Coopable’.

Magnus nedfors: We at Mojang have a particular method to generate income from. These are not loot boxes or microtransactions. What we deliver to you ought to have a value..

Magnus Needfors: You saw how we ran via this zombie settlement. In this legend, during this time, every person lives in the same world without combating.

MeinMMO: Why Minecraft as a globe for the game? .

Magnus Needfors: Essentially, yes..

Both: Yes, precisely..

Magnus Nedfors: In some scenarios in the video game you need to defend specific places and also you will certainly then wish to broaden them. So there is a little protective gameplay.

The emphasis right here is on the upper globe. Whatever happens there..

MeinMMO: So do I simply defend right here? .

MeinMMO: But how specifically do I upgrade? Just how do I get better? .

Magnus nedfors: As I claimed, resources are shared. I can get resources faster if 2 gamers collect them. The maximum of exactly how numerous sources I can have is the same as a single player and in the co-op.

Magnus nedfors: These are the allays. One range builds, the other collects. The 2 shades..

_ A vital part in the story is meant to play water, as a component that offers life and also stands for the river. You ought to only experience even more details when playing. _.

MeinMMO: Do I have greater than one of these wellhouse, around which I can construct my base? .

_ We had a great deal of enjoyable at Gamescom 2022 and editor-in-chief Leya Jankwoski located her far better than before. You can see our highlights in the video clip: _.

Dennis Ries: You can build outposts with the Wellhouses, any place you desire in the world. You utilize it as a transportation point as well as base to then take activity versus the enemy.

MeinMMO: Is it much easier to play with even more players? For instance, if I have 2 individuals with their very own device constraint, I have a two times as huge army. .

Magnus nedfors: If you make the entire globe less complicated for your wood as well as stone, you can no more develop. There is a limitation, however if you want, you can also put 3 pieces next to each various other. As well as if you desire, you can additionally produce a tiny empire..

We try to balance the video game’s obstacle in this method so that it continues to be difficult with even more gamers. It can be perceived as easier since you can do even more tactical. Something like: ‘If you sidetrack your opponent back there, I can assault from there.’ For us, this is the fun of the video game. I would not call it simpler, simply a various experience. One more type of gameplay..

MeinMMO: The emphasis is on the co-op? .

As well as a few individuals, consisting of Dennis as well as I, thought: ‘Hey, a strategy video game in Minecraft seems really great.’ It started. But mainly it is around providing the gamers extra possibilities to experience Minecraft..

meinmmo: Just how do I get more from them? .

Dennis Ries: What dungeons taught us is that it is not concerning what specific gameplay components might bring tales, however how much our gamers want new experiences. [Dungeons] was exceptionally well gotten. We were able to transfer the knowledge that we acquired from this to Legends. Dungeons have educated us a great deal, it is not practically private game elements..

Dennis Ries: It works a little in different ways, however you can command the units really straight. You can specifically claim your varied systems that they should assault that structure..

Magnus Needfors: There are no actual quests or goals. At the start of the video game you will be handled a little much more for what you ought to do. After that, you are open to what you want to do.

The typical subject is deep space of Minecraft, that is the core. You can identify specific challengers and also atmospheres. We don’t take a piece of the dungeons gameplay as well as put it in the next game. We intend to separate that. These are various experiences from the gameplay..

Magnus nedfors: Brief solution: yes..

MeinMMO: And also do I have to finish quests or collect telephone calls to unlock brand-new buildings? .

** MeinMMO: So is it more of this gameplay where you build, anywhere you require it for the strike, however without your very own basis that is attacked?

Not in this video game..

Magnus nedfors: The method you get upgrades in this game mores than friends. And also that’s a type of upgrade. In the starting you only have a couple, then it will certainly be an increasing number of..

Dennis Ries: The focus here is on the upper globe. Whatever takes location there..

Yes, there are tools in both video games with which you can wave around. The video games are extremely various. And because you additionally asked why we are doing this video game: we want our games to differ.

MeinMMO: To the systems: Can you organize them like in approach games? .

Dennis Ries: You can play with close friends in co-op mode, approximately 4 individuals on PC and high-end consoles and also up to 2 on the older gaming consoles like switch. In versus setting, which we can not speak about today, you will certainly have the ability to contend against buddies..

Dennis Ries: With this new method game we achieve a whole brand-new course of gamers that Minecraft does not yet recognize. For us, this is a great way to get you to attempt it out. Bringing this method aspect to those gamers who want Minecraft, yet did not desire to play it yet, opens up brand-new opportunities..

MeinMMO: You stated that the activity share of the video game will be relatively small. What type of gamer is attempting to attend to? .

Magnus Nedfors: This is various for every animal type. You have to protect citizens from Piglins. Skeletons and also zombies have various requirements. The simplest method is to play the video game. You understand what you need to do. No quest, however options to do particular points. You will mainly need to combat Piglins. That’s what it’s all around. That is the core of the game..

MeinMMO: I just ask because people have been very conscious marketplaces lately. .

With this brand-new technique video game we achieve a whole brand-new class of gamers.

MeinMMO: You revealed us the marketplace. Can you at the very least inform us something specifically what that is? .

MeinMMO: Where you are dealing with dungeons: Which gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons was taken over right here? The entire schnett looks similar. .

MeinMMO: Everyone controls their own army or do all players share a common device limitation? .

MeinMMO: At some time I strike the Nether myself after I have knocked the invasion back? .

MeinMMO: I saw that the citizens had a box in their town. Do they simply accumulate so stuff for me? .

MeinMMO: You discussed the base of the great boss of the Piglins, which can be located someplace worldwide. If I work with it, or because the globe is produced procedurally, it could take place that I spawne on his front door? .

MeinMMO: For progression: I believe I only saw Steve with the diamonds sword. Do I already begin with it or can I somehow enhance? .

Magnus Nedfors: You have a little development through the tale, but likewise by accumulating materials and also building various buildings. Some buildings give you new skills..

_ Consequently, the selection of systems is also feasible to split yourself into specific duties. For instance, one gamer could take over the front competitors, another the back rows and also a 3rd party.

Magnus nedfors: There are various systems that are shared. Resources, as an example. However everybody has their own limit of units that they can manage. As well as there suffices to do for everyone if they regulate their military..

MeinMMO: Just how specifically does the gathering of resources really function? Exist only these two kinds of fairies accumulate for me? .

Magnus Nedfors: The major reason why we are increasing our world is to be able to play more kinds of video games to make sure that more people can appreciate the fantastic cosmos of Minecraft. As well as the reason that we make this game in this odd genre, which does not truly exist, is: We try to play video games that individuals wish to play in the workshop.

Magnus nedfors: No, at the very least not exactly what he is. What I can tell you is: Take a look at what the marketplace in Vanilla is. It is comparable in Legends. Just how we expand the pc gaming experience for gamers..

The progress remains in your capacity to regulate your army.

MeinMMO: How specifically do I buddies pals? .

_ Beide laugh. _.


Magnus nedfors: The whole campaign is ‘Coopable.’ [Laughs] Is that a word in any way? It is your globe, your good friends can join you as well as go once again. You can do everything with each other, yet [Minecraft Legends] is likewise an open world. One might take this means, the other an additional to safeguard two bases at the same time..

MeinMMO: When I start, I am already good friends with everybody or do I still need to show myself? .

MeinMMO: How can I have fun with or versus buddies? .

How much Minecraft is actually in tales?

_ A pleasant girl from the public relations responses for the two from the background _: Yes, and also it will appear in the Game Pass..

MeinMMO: And just what takes place in this game when I get to the edge of the card? .

MeinMMO: What concerning the re-playability? .

MeinMMO: What sort of adaptation alternatives can I expect? Can I only pick between male and female? .

MeinMMO: What regarding mods? Are you going to permit that? .

_ In Minecraft Legends should be lots of types of challengers, so-called crowds. _.

MeinMMO: Yet you still only build finished buildings, right? .

_ The one in charges maintain available to improve legends to discover just how much more is in Minecraft as well as what you can do from deep space. _.

Magnus Nedfors: I can not state also much about it, but the more we play, the extra we think about what goes beyond this world. Just how is the Minecraft globe infinite and also yet obviously not?.

MeinMMO: Exist new kinds of animals that you don’t yet recognize? .

Dennis Ries: Furthermore, the globe is additionally procedurally created as well as utilizes FREDOCK, the very same engine as Vanilla-Minecraft. There are several fundamental resemblances, you can see that it is Minecraft if you just check out the video game..

Magnus Nedfors: A classic inquiry that is always challenging to answer. When I look at exactly how various individuals play the game, it is hard to call an exact number. If I play for the enjoyable, I may invest 40 hrs in the game.

Dennis Ries: You can select your personality, yet we have no character production in Legends..

Magnus nedfors: Collect resources, build buildings as well as something like that, every one of this is performed in various other species, but it is still there. In Vanilla you build block by block. Here you construct your outpost and also still have a particular creative liberty..

Magnus nedfors: This is a thing?.

Magnus nedfors: The hero is not always a person. He is a development of you as a gamer and you are an individual, but what they remain in the globe is challenging to claim. They are human-like. You can look different. I’m uncertain, but I believe we don’t have a zombie-kin for it..

Dennis Ries: I am this player..

Dennis Ries: Not yet..

Dennis Ries: We do not speak about that yet. It is a hazard, so it will be much easier for the area if you desire that. But we can not state anything regarding it yet..

MeinMMO: Because that was a topic lately: what happens when I get to completion of the world? .

MeinMMO: Just what are the biomes? Do I find various points there, or what are you good for? .

MeinMMO: Can you currently claim something about the price? .

Magnus nedfors: No, she is not unlimited. To be truthful, I still don’t know exactly how big the world is. We still adapt that and have an influence on just how large the globe will certainly be.

Magnus nedfors: Given that it is a step-by-step globe, the experience is constantly different. I frequently play the game in various variations as well as still believe that it is enjoyable. That is what makes it rejectability for me. The story will coincide, after all there is the start, middle and also end. Yet I still repeat and over again due to the fact that the step-by-step generation gets the opponents from a different instructions..

MeinMMO: However it will be a Buy2Play title? .

Dennis Ries: You get to water. We use an island..

MeinMMO: Regarding the tale: You stated the game will finish. How much time will a flow take? .

MeinMMO: What similarities will Vanilla gamers from Minecraft find in Legends? .

Magnus nedfors: Wikinger-Minecraft. I recommend that!.

a Buy2Play video game with a future.

MeinMMO: How large is the globe really? Is it as huge as Vanilla-Minecraft? .

Magnus Nedfors: Wikinger design. I such as that..

_ Beide laugh. _.

Magnus nedfors: mostly the cosmos. It is certainly a Minecraft video game. In this game we tell a somewhat longer story compared to the other games.

Dennis Ries: You can not transform the appearance of your units, at the very least not to release..

MeinMMO: Is it feasible to change the look, for instance with Cosmetics? If I want to have a Viking castle? .

Magnus nedfors: Ah, in vanilla? I really did not even notice that, I need to consider..

Magnus nedfors: Sex is a rather unclear term. We do not say: This is a lady, this is a man. And we do not go so much that you can adjust your eyebrows. Minecraft graphics are fairly obstructed, the depiction is pixelated. It is more on greater degrees what specifically you can adjust..

Dennis Ries: That sounds quite awesome..

And as Magnus claimed, some of these biomes will certainly have specific resources much more frequently. If you are looking for something specific, at some point you understand where you can find that..

MeinMMO: Can I just play zombies or people? .

The tale lasts 18.73 hrs- so harsh.

We don’t go so much that you can adapt your brows.

Dennis Ries: The Piglin bases after that additionally have unique positions, for instance straight on a mountain. Then I ask myself: Exactly how should I take them? As well as occasionally they are in an open area and supply a various difficulty. That makes the video game unique with every round..

Magnus nedfors: Yes. As a gamer, you can not develop your own buildings, however what your base looks like can vary substantially. When we play in the team in the office, some individuals are really cautious.

Dennis Ries: There is an area that will be various for every person. However yes, maybe 18.73 hours. [He works seriously, however after that laughs].

_ Autumns you missed out on the story: _.

Magnus Nedfors: The Golems that manage you are new. Several of the Piglins are also various from the one you recognize from Vanilla. There will be some new buddies as well as enemies..

MeinMMO: Yes. A banner recently went to completion of the globe and also took a look at what takes place after that. .

MeinMMO: And also what concerning the troops as well as structures? .

Minecraft Legends is not limitless. There is an end..

Magnus nedfors: There are various points in the bioma, however for me they are mostly variety. They need to supply an extra lovely world, to be interesting to check out, allow the globe experience in various methods.

** MeinMMO: Do you also work with DLCs that show up after the launch?

MeinMMO: Thanks for the responses! .

_ Minecraft Legends was my size surprise at Gamescom 2022, however not the only 1. I found numerous among the smaller titles that could actually convince me: _.

Dennis Ries: We do not discuss DLCs yet, however if you take a look at our franchise business, you will see a certain custom. But we still can’t claim anything about that..

3 amazing video games from Gamescom, who are surprisingly good in spite of simple concepts.

Magnus Nedfors: This is a special combination-which would possibly come closest to the game, it would certainly be activity technique. Magnus nedfors: We at Mojang have a specific method to monetize. Magnus nedfors: Accumulate resources, construct structures and something like that, all of this is done in various other types, yet it is still there. Magnus nedfors: Yes. Magnus nedfors: No, she is not limitless.

Trip de France 2022: third stage now in the real-time ticker

The 3rd stage continues at the Excursion de France. stage accompanies you in the real-time ticker.

Tour de France 3rd stage

Nielsen likewise in front of the green: Ought to Nielsen get the following intermediate sprint in enhancement to the forthcoming hill position, the Dane would certainly have a total of 42 points in the Eco-friendly Trikot score and climb in third location.

It rolls: The peloton simply starts moving. The biking professionals are currently rolling via the streets of Velje in the Syddanmark region for concerning ten minutes. Despite yesterday’s falls, all 176 vehicle drivers are claimed to be there.

Maillot Jaune: As a versatile auto racing chauffeur, Wout van Aert on Saturday confirmed that he can also have a say in the mass sprint. The defense of his yellow jerseys dominated yesterday is not unlikely. The Belgian is just a couple of secs ahead of compatriot Yves Lampaert, the winner of the 1st stage, but the sprinter competitors in the person of Mads Pedersen have twelve secs as well as even more deficit.

Nielsen cranked undiminished: Nielsen still drives three and a fifty percent minutes and also is carried more by the followers on the side of the road. The Danish runner-up in the individual time test will possibly additionally get to the following hill ranking on its own-and the intermediate sprint eight kilometers later on.

_ Dieser article is constantly updated. Click right here for the refresh of the web page. _.

Weather condition: In any instance, the cycling professionals can do their work under great problems. At 22 degrees and currently loosened clouds, we do not expect precipitation. The moderate wind does not play the large duty either.

Quick-Step has control: On top of the category, the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl group has actually been in multitudes. The children drive for Fabio Jakobsen, the champion of the other day. A guy from Lotto Soudal is also on the front. Checking the stockpile for outlier functions completely.

Hill factor for the outlier: Formally, the very first mountain position of the day is a 1.1 kilometer climb, which is 3.4 percent steep typically. On top of the Koldingvej there is a point for Magnus Cort Nielsen. There is also 200 euros for the team fund of EF Education-Easypost.

Kolding: on our journey through the Syddanmark region, where we move throughout the stage, we now cross Kolding. The spots of the port city on the arm of the same name is Koldinghus Castle. In the handball stronghold, you are also pleased with the Tramholt Museum.

Magnus Cort Nielsen: Our outlier drives his 4th trip, has actually never been a man for the general classification. The 29-year-old has already won a stage on the trip of France. In 2018 it was. The Dane celebrated six day-to-day successes at the Vuelta.

Almost 7 minutes: Magnus Cort Nielsen cranked undisturbed on top. The range to the peloton relocates towards 7 minutes. As well as the preferred mountain position is slowly relocating accessible.

Stable situation: Every person is satisfied with this scenario, which is accordingly secure. In the peloton you let it roll out leisurely as well as make the fugitive there. Magnus Cort Nielsen promptly hurried up by one minute.

Nielsen maintains the jersey: So the hill jacket is forgiven for the time being. Nielsen has caught all four factors that have been awarded to this Grand Boucle. And also given that just two more points are at risk today, the populated textile is no more to be eliminated.

Walking in the peloton: In the peloton you go for a stroll, it looks like a really unwinded Sunday leave. This reminds a little of the scenic tour d’Honneur, the last stage of the trip. Only Magnus Cort Nielsen additionally works as well as benefits from it.

Exactly how long lasts Nielsen? Up until the following mountain ranking can currently be ramped regarding 55 kilometers. His lead has actually simply gone down under 6 mins.

Holidays for Nielsen: Now the distance thaws slightly for the first time. Magnus Cort Nielsen is currently driving via the streets of Velje.

Colored begin numbers: With the red start number, Sven Erik Bystrøm, that was recognized for his dedication on the other day’s stage. The most effective group has been Jumbo-Visma with 21 secs ahead of Ineos Grenadiers.

Prior to the start: After an unwinded excursion begin on Friday with 13 kilometers, the very first long stage over 202 kilometers was scheduled the other day. The Dutch Fabio Jakobsen triumphed.

Supporting job begins: There is currently some framework generally field. Some groups see the moment coming not to expand the distance any type of even more. The peloton right away runs into the length.

Tour de France 2022: third stage now in the real-time ticker.

sharp begin: Now excursion supervisor Christian Prudhomme offers the race flag swing.

Nielsen on the move: None of the competitors still makes any type of institutions to follow the outlier. Nielsen mainly has the first hill position in mind, which is decreased 27.3 kilometers after the beginning. If the Dane gets the mentioned there, if he had already safely his mountain jersey, it would certainly take it to France tomorrow.

No man for the general classification: Just in the overall private classification Magnus Cort Nielsen does not speak to a word. As 170. The 29-year-old has more than eight and a fifty percent mins behind. His existing lead on the primary field is presently a great 5 minutes.

companion for Nielsen: A cycling follower is driving the speed of Magnus Cort Nielsen on a path following to the street. The Nielsen needs to not bastardize, because the fan is on the roadway with digital support as well as after that has to stop because cars stand in the method.

The initial hour of race: Throughout the first hr of racing, the outlier covered 39.7 kilometers. With this we move under the slowest cut of the march table and manage the target at around 5:50 p.m. But certainly a little bit even more speed will certainly be available in.

Profile: Topographically, the obstacles are restricted. The Fourth group hill rankings are compulsory in order to be able to award at the very least a couple of dots for the populated jersey. The intermediate sprint is on the program practically specifically in the center of the stage.

Team | Distance .
Competing idea (Magnus Cort Nielsen) | still 107 kilometers.
Peloton | +3: 36.

Another four minutes for Nielsen: item by item, the peloton nibbles from the lead of the still fleeting. Magnus Cort Nielsen is still developing for regarding 4 minutes. So the pursuers have the issue in control, but probably allow the Danes fidget for a while.

The various other jackets: Environment-friendly is likewise owned by Wout van Aert. Right here the lead over pursuer Fabio Jakobsen, the victor of yesterday, is one factor. The Dutchman births the sprinter jersey agent today. As a outlier lawn, Magnus Cort Nielsen has actually collected all 3 hill factors that have actually been awarded until now and also hence safeguarded the dotted jersey. In white, the two-time excursion winner and also protecting champion Tadej Pogacar, who hides once again in the total category.

Considering the landscape: The racing motorists are currently on a loop west of Velje. The major area is driving past Fårup Sø, a lake. You will shortly approach today’s beginning place as well as just after that take the course to the south.

Targeting as a soloist unrealistic: Of program, Nielsen is still a long way from a stage success. The Dane is only repaired on his hill jersey.

The lead keeps: The present development of the time interval reveals that the guy will remain to be granted at the front. Its furniture is expanding somewhat once more. It’s about 3:45 mins presently.

Before the begin: The Scenic tour de France 2022 proceeds with stage number three today. The starting signal goes to 1:05 p.m., Vejle is driven to Sønderborg. The cycling professionals continue to be in Denmark.

Before the beginning: Hi and also welcome to the online ticker!

_ Das Erstereveals the stage in the Livestream at from the beginning, as well as theard _- transmitterONEfrom 1:35 p.m.

day champion .

Day .

Start coating .

Tour de France 2022: All stages at a glimpse.

— |– |– |– |–

The stage can also be adhered to inworldwide cycling network (GCN) _.

_ Eurosportis also responsible likewise liable livestream transmission, but theeurosport playergamer subject to a fee. Due to the fact thateurosportas well as Dazn comply with each other, you can also see the phenomenon at dazn .

Path length .

Stage .

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Excursion de France 2022: third stage today on television as well as livestream.

1. stage.

1. July 2022.


13 kilometres.

Yves Lampaert.

2. stage.

2. July 2022.


199 kilometres.
| Fabio Jakobsen.

3. stage.

3. July 2022.


182 kilometres.

Transfer day .

4. July 2022.

4. stage.

5. July 2022.

Dunkirk Calais.

172 km.

5. stage.

6. July 2022.

Lille-Arenberg Porte du Hainaut.

144 kilometres.

6. stage.

7. July 2022.


220 km.

7. stage.

8th. July 2021.

Tomblaine airplane des Belles Filles.

176 kilometres.

8th. stage.

9. July 2022.

Dole lausanne.

184 km.

9. stage.

10. July 2022.

Aigle-Chatel Le Portes du Soleil.

183 km.

1. Throughout the day .

11. July 2022.
| | |.

10. stage.

12. July 2022.


148 km.

11. stage.

13. July 2022.

Albertville-Col du Granon.

149 kilometres.

12. stage.

14. July 2022.

BrainCon-Alpe d ´ Huez.

166 kilometres.

13. stage.

15. July 2022.

Bourg d ´ oisans-Saint-Etienne.

195 km.

14. stage.

16. July 2022.


195 kilometres.

15. stage.

17. July 2022.


200 km.

2. Throughout the day .

18. July 2022.
| | |.

16. stage.

19. July 2022.


179 km.

17. stage.

20. July 2022.

Saint-Gaudens Peyragudes.

130 km.

18. stage.

21. July 2022.


143 kilometres.

19. stage.

22. July 2022.


189 km.

20. stage.

23. July 2022.

Lacapelle Marival Rocamadour.

40 km.

21. stage.

24. July 2022.

Paris la Defense-Paris Champs-Élysées.

112 kilometres.

Kolding: on our journey through the Syddanmark area, where we relocate throughout the stage, we currently go across Kolding. Looking into the landscape: The racing vehicle drivers are presently on a loophole west of Velje. Targeting as a soloist impractical: Of training course, Nielsen is still a lengthy method from a stage success. Before the beginning: The Scenic tour de France 2022 proceeds with stage number 3 today. Sinceeurosportand Dazn coordinate together, you can likewise see the spectacle at dazn .

Chess World Cup Magnus Carlsen builds leadership with second victory

World Champion Magnus Carlson has made a big step towards successful title defense at the Chess World Cup in Dubai.

The Norwegian won the eighth match on Sunday against his challenger Jan Nepomnjaschtschi (Russia) and now leads 5: 3 points. On Monday, the third day of rest is on, before it goes on Tuesday (13.30 clock) with the ninth lot.

After 46 trains and around four hours of playing time, NepomnjaSchi, which lay in a near-hopeless position, Carlson handed the hand and gave the game. Carlson can thus play in the next matches for safety.

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Magnus Carlsen | All World Chess Championship Final Moments  | 2013 | 2014 | 2016 | 2018

There are a maximum of 14 lots, the initial right changes after each match. For a victory there is a point, for a draw half a half. Those who reached 7.5 points first is world champion. Carlson, who had successfully defended his title in 2014, 2016 and 2018, knows his counterparty since day of day.

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