The Dallas Mavericks lead with 2-1 in their series against Utah Jazz – and Luka Doncic has not completed a single playoff minute. The question arises: What about the MAVs in the playoffs 2022 in it?

Since the last game of the regular season, Doncic makes the calf to create a stubborn torrent previously prevents the Slovenian superstar in the NBA playoffs. And yet the MAVs have already decided two out of three games against Utah.

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The Texans helped a Jalen Brunson in top shape, the bear strong defense or even Maxi glue, which finally overcome his shooting slump and inherit the jazz threesome around threesome. When Doncic comes back is still questionable.

Nevertheless, a victory in the first round for the Texans seems to be feasible. And then? What about the MAVs this year? We want to know how far Dallas comes in the playoffs 2022. App users please here!

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