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All video highlights for 1. FC Köln VS Fehervar | 1: 2

In a week, the Cologne citizens have the chance to shoot the bitter result of the home game away in order to relocate right into the team phase of the Europa Conference League and also to offer their followers a season 2022/23 on a big European phase. The game will be broadcast reside on RTL+ on Thursday, August 25th.

FC Köln put a tummy touchdown in the first leg of the playoffs to the Europa Conference League. After early lead, the Domstadt locals lost 1: 2 to Fehervar FC from Hungary on Thursday evening.

The essence of the game was a very early red card versus Cologne’s defender Julian Chabot (20th), who provided his group after the early lead by Florian Dietz (14th). Di Hungary turned the game in the remaining 25 mins of the initial fifty percent. The former Hertha expert Pálko Dárdai already guaranteed that Hungary educated by the German instructor Michael Boris.

The video clip summary for 1. FC Köln vs. Färenervar in the Europa Conference League:

choose the video game:

FC trainer Steffen Baumgart is annoyed after the defeat

Captain Jonas Hector and Florian Kainz after the plocked European return:

The followers of the south stands celebrate the Effzeh despite the defeat:

62.: The joker makes certain threat! The increased hector plays level from the left on the short article, where Maina runs but simply missed out on.

49.: Likelihood for Cologne! Hector heads a kainz edge from the left side on the short message just over the objective.

However quickly later on, Fehérvár involves equalize! Négo is played in the appropriate fifty percent field and can flank without pressure. Its sharp cross flies sharply to the five-meter space where Civilian dominates versus Hübers as well as heads right into the internet with the aid of the bottom edge of the cappucino!

82.: ZivziVadze leaves Hector on the right external lane and also closes from an acute angle, however his effort goes clearly past the score of Schwäbe.

90 +2: A totally free kick from the best fifty percent area heads Hüber’s just left past the goal.

77.: Baumgart utilizes its continuing to be offending alternatives and also brings Adamyan, Olesen and also Tigges.

40. Tooor for FeiRvár FC, 1-2 by Pal Dárdai .

Break in Cologne as well as Effzeh after 45 mins with 1: 2 versus Feirvár! The video game started very well from the factor of sight of the Domstadt point of view. Cologne acted strongly and took the lead with Dietz after 14 minutes.

45.: Half time! .

47.: Yellow card for Steffen Baumgart (1. FC Köln).
The Cologne instructor is distressed about an offside choice against his group and is alerted.

Unbelievable, Feirvár turns the game! Civilian can merely show up in the facility and run in the direction of the Cologne defensive. Hübers relocates out of the facility as well as therefore gets rid of the means for the Pass towards Dárdai. The ex-Herthaner strikes the round from an acute angle from the left side high right into the brief edge! Swabia is captured on the wrong foot.

31.: The thick possibility for 1: 1! Bamgboye is sent out right into the box with a chip behind the Cologne 4 chain and shows up alone in front of Swabia. From eleven meters, he puts the sphere past the sphere left wing.

The video clip highlights for 1. FC Köln vs. Fehervar FC:

32. Tooor for FeiRvár FC, 1-1 by Budu ZivziVadze .

70: Maina once again! Hector dribbles with the facility and puts package into package for the joker. Maina pulls on the brief edge from eight meters, but fails on goalkeeper Kovács and on the post! Negative luck for the Cologne.

It’s over! 1. FC Köln sheds the first leg versus Fehérvár 1-2 in the playoffs for the Europa Conference League and has to stress over relocating into the group phase! After the reboot, the Cologne gamers played onward in spite of their outnumbered and also managed the game. The visitors from Hungary barely revealed themselves on the offensive, retired as well as concentrated on the defensive. It was similarly tough to develop scoring possibilities for Effzeh. Maina, that fell short on the post (70th). Hence, the Cologne homeowners have to approve the defeat, the sticking point was likewise the red card in round 1. Nevertheless, every little thing is still open: In a week in the second leg, the Cologne citizens have completely to transform the outcome. We bid farewell now and wish you a wonderful night!

Final thought: .

20. Red card for Julian Chabot (1. FC Köln) .

For the very first time in five years, 1. FC Köln has the chance to relocate into a European cup competitors. Heading right into the group phase of the UEFA Europa Conference League, the Domstadt citizens still need to clear the Hungarian representative of Fehérvár FC.

After around five years, 1. FC Köln celebrates its resurgence in international business today! More than 40,000 fans are anticipated tonight to support the team in the defend relocating into the team stage. The expectancy for the appearances on the global stage are big in the area. The successful begin of the season in the Bundesliga with 4 factors from two games does the remainder. We want to relocate into the group phase since I believe we can. I believe we are the favored as well as we must approve this function and show on the pitch, claimed FC trainer Steffen Baumgart ahead of time.

In the Cologne team, there are 3 adjustments compared to the video game versus Leipzig. Chabot, Schmitz and also Pedersen start rather than Kilian, Ehizibue as well as Martel.

31.: The thick opportunity for 1: 1! Red card for Julian Chabot (1. FC Köln) .

here runs 1. FC Köln vs. Fehérvár FC Live on TV.

The early excursion for effzeh! Ljubicic switches promptly at the facility line and plays the round with a get in touch with in the run of Dietz, which is highly insisted in the running battle as well as therefore runs alone on Kovács. In front of the keeper alone, Cologne’s assaulter remains cool and also strikes the ideal edge to 1-0!

Quickly after the goal, the Domstadt surpassed are exceeded! Dárdai runs in the direction of the last chain of the Cologne team and pushers the ball past Chabot, that brings the midfielder down as the last man. Umpire Martins instantly draws red. A practical decision.

Preliminary record: .

11.: Cologne has the first good chance! FC Köln is back in Europe… **.

The club finished 4th last season in Hungary and desires to create the shock against the Cologne group with Palko Dárdai, child of the veteran Bundesliga player as well as train Pál Dárdai.

The Effzeh gamers go into the location to warm up… .

11.: Cologne has the very first good chance! Thielmann crosses from the best side on the short post where Ljubicic runs, but the round is not fully caught. The ball goes much away.

At the start, Coach Boris depends on a protective 5-4-1 system. With Friend Dárdai (Hertha BSC) there is additionally a previous Bundesliga player in the starting eleven.

Pure goosebumps! 1. FC Köln is back in Europe… .

  • The playoff initial leg in Cologne-Müngersdorf is relayed online by RTL on Free TV: The initial look starts at 8:15 p.m.
  • On top of that, the game is also shown survive on the paid streaming offer from RTL+.

Welcome to the playoffs of the Europa Conference League! At 8:30 p.m., 1. FC Köln receives the Hungarian Club Fehérvár FC for the very first leg in the Rhine-Energy Stadium.

The game is led by the Portuguese umpire Tiago Lopes Martins. Luis Campos and Hugo Pires Ribeiro aid him. There is just a VAR in the Conference League from the semi-finals.

the listing of 1. FC Köln:.

Schwäbe-Pedersen, Hübers, Chabot, Schmitz-Hector, Skhiri, Ljubicic, Kainz, Thielmann-Dietz .

4.: The Cologne nerves taxed from the beginning as well as push the guests into their very own half.

The Fehérvár FC in Hungary is the second behind the document champions Ferencvaros against which it just recently set a collapsing 0: 4. The beginning of the period was a bit rough total. After 3 games you just have three factors in the account. The Underdog will likewise remain in the playoffs versus 1. FC Köln. Most of all, the huge background in Müngersdorf could impress the players, as the German instructor Michael Boris admits: It gets warm, loud and tough. My gamers must also enjoy this mood..

If the Effzeh gets the team phase, noticeable challengers such as FC Villarreal from Spain, West Ham United from England or A/c Florence from Italy are anticipated to wait for the only rep from the Bundesliga.

The outsider from Hungary is educated by the German principal train Michael Boris, that had previously just functioned as a trainer in Germany.

The second leg, which will certainly after that make a decision to move into the team phase of the Conference League, will take place a week in the future August 25th at the Fehérvár FC.

He offers very important details about both duels with the Fehérvár FC from Hungary.


14.: Tooor for 1. FC Köln, 1-0 by Florian Dietz .

Test Mario Strikers Battle League Football: Big strike, however the goal is missed

If there is one aspect in which Mario Strikers Battle League Football is unstoppable, it is the gameplay. With an unsuspected deepness, it is aimed at both perfectionists that love to see PSG be degraded in the Champions Organization, and the neophytes who do not comprehend that we can bear OM while we live in Arras. We conserve you the basic controls that we find in any football video game (displacement, acceleration, strike, deal with, pass, modification of character, game in one touch, pass lobed among others) to be interested in what singularized Mario Strikers Battle League Football.

If there is one facet in which Mario Strikers Battle League Football is unstoppable, it is the gameplay. With an unsuspected depth, it is focused on both perfectionists that enjoy to see PSG be embarrassed in the Champions League, and the neophytes who do not recognize that we can birth OM while we reside in Arras.

When we make an excellent tackle, the sphere continues to be in our feet, which is sensible to leave immediately behind. Perfect passes can not be intercepted. Unexpectedly, it is possible to chain them as well as completed with a shot in full skylight. As for the best dribbling, the success enables you to scratch a boost and also start a disastrous counter. These nuances reveal that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is gratifying risk-taking, understanding that an endurance gauge protects against abusing sprints and also dribbles-therefore worthless to club ZR as well as R. Game to the marrow, the video game Nevertheless has free passes (packed or not) with which we can bang exceptional openings in a hand-operated means. Other sophisticated strategies, we keep in mind the assisted deal with which is composed in tackling his own teammate to either thrust him onward and obtain ground, or recover the natural leather in the challenger’s feet. Allow’s not forget the possibility of canceling a crammed strike, which is priceless when the opponent is about to intervene. By pressing R, we can also Terminate while doing a dribbling. As in the previous opuses, the viewers of Mario Strikers Battle League Football do not be reluctant to swing blocks ? From the color of our team when we get involved in it when we do not have the ball. Hence the importance of not spamming in all costs: we always reveal ourselves to a reproduction opposite.

The eagle shot

We conserve you the standard controls that we find in any football game (displacement, velocity, strike, tackle, pass, modification of character, game in one touch, pass lobed amongst others) to be interested in what singularized Mario Strikers Battle League Football. These nuances show that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is gratifying risk-taking, knowing that an endurance scale stops abusing sprints as well as dribbles-therefore worthless to club ZR and R. Gallery to the marrow, the game Nonetheless has cost-free passes (filled or not) with which we can pound fantastic openings in a hand-operated way. To take shelter and stay clear of unpleasant surprises of the last minute, it is therefore much better to use active strikes, these special shots at the Olive as well as Tom which count double when they are perfectly performed, and also which were already present in Smash Football and also Charged Football. > With such an imperial game system, we regret that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is harsh at times. With such an imperial video game system, we regret that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is rough at times.

It all depends on the video game we desire to deploy. From what we have seen, Bowser is by much the best shooter of Mario Strikers Battle League Football. Alternatively, we saw Bowser in attack exactly since his strikes hurt.

As for the aesthetic making, the video game is in line with other Mario stamped sporting activities video games: it’s colorful, some light effects come with the strikes and also huge contacts, as well as the designers have actually not forgotten D ‘Include parties, replays and scenes of misery. Mario Strikers Battle League Football is not a simu, but you can observe Boom asking his companions to come and get the sphere. There, primarily, what Mario Strikers Battle League Football uses solo.

With such an imperial video game system, we are sorry for that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is harsh sometimes. It’s rather unusual because in Super Hit Bros., the brothel has constantly been arranged. There, when it starts to fuse in all directions, the activity ends up being illegible.

With such a royal game system, we are sorry for that Mario Strikers Battle League Football is rough at times. It’s also a lot more discouraging when you attempt to check out a video game, expect opposing actions. Regardless of every little thing, Mario Strikers Battle League Football is unbelievably intensity and offers crazy reversals of which Nintendo has the trick; And the boom booms are not for absolutely nothing, they that increase the prowess in the objectives also if they are additionally guilty of a few dumplings.

The primary weakness of the video game hinges on its web content: six cuts to do in regular and galactic, only ten playable characters, a quick suit mode, a training mode-on which we are not meant to return by the after. There, primarily, what Mario Strikers Battle League Football offers solo.

Pertaining to the remainder, the formula has actually not changed: by preserving a-as if to make a crammed shot-we reveal the active gauge under the personality, and we have to all of a sudden stop the cursor in the two blue areas in order to be sure to string. Later on, it is not purely necessary to aim simply since a blue + orange mix can very much end on a goal. At worst, the goalkeeper will certainly do well in driving away the strike as well as not to obstruct it; The ideal possibility for surface area foxes to delight in the rebound as well as plant behind. On the other hand, in case of black + black, the opportunities of scoring are zero. Keep in mind that when we undertake a hyper strike, it is up to us to club a to that the doorperson does not get pierced-unless it is blue + blue, obviously. It seems like you’ve been around the gameplay, as well as yet Mario Strikers Battle League Football conceals other skill that can spend time building the most effective possible group. If the personalities are always set apart by stats (toughness, rate, capturing, pass, technique), we can currently customize their attributes with the equipment that we acquire thanks to the gold coins-most of the time-at completion of each match. You may as well alert you today: it is impossible to blow up abilities in limit. Concretely, the rise in an attribute should trigger the decline of one more. It has to be said that it would make no feeling to have players thoroughly all over.

The Nintendo Switch over Online functions as a rescue outcome via the Club Strikers mode which enables you to incorporate a maximum club of 20 players. Unsurprisingly, the goal is to appear during the period (which lasts a week) in order to scratch the maximum of factors, as well as for that reason to be promoted in the upper department. At the end of the champion, symbols are given to the club to ensure that he can develop. History that it is not the Slip fair, it is up to the designer of the club to manage all the administrative formalities (club name, option of stadium, color of the clothing, various personalizations), understanding that the other gamers have voice in the phase. Relating to the network code, until now, the link has actually rather been secure. Aside from a few stagnations, the suits were fluid throughout. An excellent point. Difficult to finish this test without stimulating the misstep worrying 4 vs. 4 online. It does not seem possible to invite three close friends to compete with another group. Pending a feasible spot, the only way to unite 4 players in the exact same team is to have two consoles with two gamers on each of them. Heresy, we can say. It’s less galley locally.

It is annoying in the feeling that it rather taints the tactical measurement of the game. To take shelter and also stay clear of undesirable shocks of the last minute, it is consequently far better to make use of active strikes, these unique shots at the Olive and also Tom which count double when they are completely executed, and which were currently present in Knockout Football as well as Charged Football. The whole group will after that start to shine, a sign that each player-and no longer just the captain-can unwind an overpowered strike as soon as he has the round between the feet, knowing that the impact only lasts Twenty seconds.

Meteor Strike

New mini event in summer season? UEFA validates considerations

The French sports newspaper L’Equipe published more information on considerations on Tuesday, of which the AP information firm had reported a month earlier. According to this, the incumbent victor with three other strong teams of the previous competitors in mid-August could play a mini tournament in the knockout layout in the USA from 2024/25 prior to the begin of the Champions League season.

The idea was gone over by the organization’s board, the UEFA verified on Thursday of the German Press Agency. There is still no formal choice about the concept.

Supercup with a brand-new participant?

What is already made a decision is: From the 2024 period, the Champions League will be held in a brand-new mode with 36 clubs rather of the previous 32 individuals \ and in the initial round in the kind of a big table after a brand-new layout.

Until now, it holds true that a brand-new period ago the incumbent Champions League victor meets the freshly baked Europa Organization title provider. This year this is the name of the battle on Wednesday, August 10 (9 p.m., live! At Twist), according to: Actual Madrid (1-0 versus Liverpool) vs. Eintracht Frankfurt (5: 4 I.E. against Glasgow Rangers).

In order not to totally abolish the European Supercup due to the fact that of a new mini event around the CL participants, maybe a game in between Europa Organization as well as Conference League champion from 2024/25 (as Rome is the initial victor of this new competitors) offer.

FC Bayern: Thomas Müller wishes for more competitors in the Bundesliga

It will not take place, he guaranteed, that we are driving down.

In the viewpoint of Müller, nothing will certainly change, however, in the unique printing circumstance in Munich in the superiority of FC Bayern in Germany. The expectations right here are so high that it is completely provoking you. I don’t see any type of all-natural mechanism that is meant to brake us, he claimed.

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The document champ National Aktuell has a head start-we go to the budget and also at the competition place, he included.

National player Thomas Müller wish to strengthen the nationwide competitors for Bayern Munich. The other teams would need to capture up, that was likewise in the sense of the league, he claimed in the club magazine51 _.

For the coming years, Müller assumes that Bayern constantly get in between 75 and 85 factors every season is the target brand name in the fight for the championship.

In the viewpoint of Müller, absolutely nothing will certainly change, nevertheless, in the unique printing circumstance in Munich in the preeminence of FC Bayern in Germany. The assumptions right here are so high that it is completely prompting you. I don’t see any kind of natural system that is supposed to brake us, he stated.

In order to make up for the drawbacks, other German clubs would certainly need to raise and therefore reinforce the worldwide value of the Bundesliga, Müller highlighted: As an example, I have now been happy about the victory of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League last and also regarding Leipzig in the semi-finals Be a popular league internationally, and also everybody needs to work hard for that.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Ansgar Knauff has large goals in the Champions League

After the 20-year-old had just recently cleared up that he intended to meet his car loan contract generally city up until summer 2023, Knauff formulated to Ansgar Knauff1 ambitious objectives for Frankfurt’s initial year in the Champions League.

With his objectives against FC Barcelona as well as West Ham United in the K.O stage of the competition, Ansgar Knauff played a large component in the truth that Eintracht Frankfurt passed through into the European Organization last of Sevilla as well as beat the Rangers from Glasgow in the fine shootout.

Because of the spectacular win of the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt solved the Champions League ticket for the coming season. Furthermore, BVB car loan Ansgar Knauf-and that with ambitious goals.

Champions League A large step for Eintracht Frankfurt

The U21 global is eagerly anticipating everything that is still coming with the Eintracht, for which he previously played 19 competitive video games as well as scored 3 goals.

It is once more a significant step for us, for me directly, for the club. This is the very first time that the club is playing in the Champions League. There is something in it once more that it can end up being a similarly active season as this, If the wing player is optimistic.

Return to BVB No subject for Ansgar Knauff

The native of Göttingen once again verified that he wanted to accomplish his ongoing car loan at the Hesse.

The young person is looking ahead to the next year, because the SGE will begin in the Supercup against Real Madrid and in the team stage of the premier course: Obviously, these are large events, where we are likewise as successful as feasible Knauff was confident.

Most lately, there was speculation regarding early return to BVB after his sponsor Edin Terzic had actually once again taken over as head train there.


I am borrowed for a half as well as a year, after that I have one more year in Dortmund. That is the cubicle, I do not fret about anything else, highlighted Knauff.

[e -sports trend] Klem Lee Hyun -woo, commentator, T1

Full Leaguetory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e -sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e -sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e -sports -related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e -sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e -sports at home and abroad

◎ FM22 First e -Sports Competition
\ -The Sports Channel Sky Sports Soccer Simulation Game will hold the first e-sports competition with the football manager (FM) developer sports. The tournament is ‘FM22 Invitational’, with K -League players and influencers. They will select K -League players in the game, form a team, and win the winner through the quarter -finals. In the broadcast, ‘Eastar’ Lee Joo -heon and Kim Soo -bin caster come out.

◎ Valorant Champions Tour, held in Europe
\ -In 2022, the venue for Valorant Global E-Sports Competition was decided to Europe. According to Riot Games, ‘Masters Stage 2’ during the Valorant Champions Tour will be held in Copenheim, Denmark, and ‘Champions’ in Istanbul, Turkey. The Masters Stage 2, which will be held in Denmark, will open in July.

◎ Summers War World Final, held in Seoul
\ -Summer’s War World Arena Championship 2022 is held in Seoul. It has been four years since the World Finals were held in Seoul in 2018. In addition, both the finals, the regional cups and the World Finals, will be held in offline competitions. In the past two years, all the matches have been online, so it’s a good thing for Summers War esports fans.

■ This week’s e -sports schedule

23rd (Mon): 2022 MSI Rumble Stage
24th (Tue): 2022 MSI Rumble Stage
27th (Fri): 2022 MSI semifinals
28th (Sat): 2022 MSI semi -finals, LCK AS League semi -finals in the first half of the league
29th (Sun): 2022 MSI Finals, LCK AS League Finals

23rd (Mon): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
24th (Tue): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
28th (Sat): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League
29th (Sun): 2022 Challengers Korea Full League

26th (Thu): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
27th (Fri): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
28th (Sat): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
29th (Sun): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks
30th (Mon): 2022 Overwatch League 4 weeks

26th (Thu): 2022 KRPL Quarterfinal Full League
29th (Sun): 2022 KRPL quarterfinal League Full League

25th Wednesday: 2022 ATL Season 2 1st

■ esports sources

◎ T1 after defeating ‘Klem’ Lee Hyun -woo’s commentary, fans sympathetic
– ‘Klem’ Lee Hyun-woo commentator gathered the topic by speaking about the characteristics of T1 and LCK during the second day of the 2022 MSI Rumble Stage. The T1 was defeated in the second half even after taking the initial leadership by LPL in China.

Lee Hyun -woo, a commentator, said, “If the MSI is different from other competitions, the first team in each region is coming. In this situation, there are few teams who will punish this in this situation (in LCK).. ”He said he was sorry for the reversal defeat. Most of the fans who watched the broadcast also agreed with the above remarks.

◎ Nongshim Red Force Squad, Volunteer Activities
-Nongshim Red Force Squadron has volunteered at Suseo Myung-hwa Social Welfare Center in Suseo. All of the first teams and employees of the Secretariat participated. In addition, 10 membership fans who applied for in advance were also included. The volunteer activities consisted of packaging lunch boxes for senior families who are uncomfortable with behavior, meals and dishes. Nongshim Red Force said that esports should also be added as social responsibility should be added as esports has grown into a big axis of professional sports.

◎ Live Sandbox cart team, Daejeon racing sortie… Fan signing meeting is also held
\ -Live Sandbox Cart Rider Game Team has been in Daejeon racing. Daejeon Racing was a cartrider event held at the Daejeon e -sports stadium for two days from 21 to 22. At the event, Blaze’s director Moon Ho -joon, Guangdong Prix Yoo Young -hyuk, and Kartrider Choi Si -eun announcer participated in lectures, and Blaze, Team GP, Live Sandbox, and Axells played the event. The Rib Sandbox Karat Rider Game Team also had time to meet with fans who visited the scene ahead of the game.

■ His talent hiring news

◎ Damwon Kia, LOL game team coach recruitment
\ -The Damwon Kia will open the League of Legend Game Team Coach. Among the qualifications, it was emphasized that ‘non -smokers’ and ‘who can be with Damwon Kia for a long time’. Recruitment by June 10th, and those who wish to apply can send their resume and portfolio by e -mail.

◎ Zenji, recruitment of marketing creative managers
\ -Marketing Creative Manager in Zenji is being adopted. It is a job group that strategically develops messages and sponsorship tasks by managing the ‘Cross-Functional’ team, consisting of graphic designers, copywriters, SNS managers, photographers/video grapers and project managers. When applying, the portfolio of the previous work must be prepared as a must, and the agency or the company’s environment will adopt at least five years of creative work. It prevails for those who are passionate about esports and games and those who can use Premier Pro.

Premier League: FC Arsenal patzt in Newcastle – Champions-League

Arsenal FC probably has to put up with a Europa League place in the English Premier League.
After the derby defeat at Tottenham Hotspur (0: 3), the 13-time champions also lost 0: 2 (0: 0) on Monday and remains fifth in the table.
On the last day of the match, the Spurs is sufficient for a tie with relegated Norwich City to secure fourth place.
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Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal | Europa League Is An Embarrasment For Arsenal!

Arsenals Ben White underwent an own goal in St. James’ Park for Newcastle’s leadership.
Bruno Guimaraes (85th) met the final score.
The German goalkeeper Bernd Leno was sitting on the bench near Arsenal.

Viktoria Berlin rises, Verl holds the class – 1860 in the DFB

Viktoria Berlin has relegated from the 3rd league after only one year. The capitals were subject to SV Meppen 3: 4 in a very turbulent game on the last matchday. However, the capitals would not have helped a tight victory, because the SC Verl, who has the much better goal difference on its side, won a point in the parallel game against MSV Duisburg (1-1) and crowned its final sprint of four victories without defeat With relegation, which means that the East Westphalia can go to their third season as a third division.

Berlin, which had started the season so furiously and, among other things, clearly defeated the later top teams Kaiserslautern and Braunschweig (4-0 each, only won four games in the second half of the season and now has to with Türkgücü Munich, co-promoted Havelse and Würzburg Back to the regional league.

1860 Munich and top scorer Bär secure the DFB Cup starting site

In three-way battle for fourth place, which entitles you to participate in the DFB Cup in the coming season, 1860 Munich prevailed. The lions defeated Borussia Dortmund II 6: 3. Lex and Bär, who made the sole top scorer, put the Giesinger in the lead, Papadopoulos and Njinmah struck back before the break. In a wild second round, Biankadi, Bär, Deichmann and Dressel screwed the result up, Bah-Trore achieved the meantime 3: 5. As in the previous season, 1860 Munich is in fourth place and will start in the DFB Cup next season.

Viktoria Berlin vs. TSV 1860 München | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 30
Waldhof Mannheim and VfL Osnabrück went away empty -handed. The Kurpfälzer celebrated a peat festival themselves and gave the already relegated TSV Havelse seven goals. After all, Mannheim pushed himself past Osnabrück when the coach Patrick Glöckner was saying goodbye. The purple whites had gone furiously against the 1. FC Magdeburg, which was initially changed to eight positions, through Klaas. But after five minutes Conteh, the lead equalized two pointer turns later. In the second round, the playful FCM turned open and shot out a 5-1 win.

Zwickau sends Würzburg with a pack of the regional league

It was also a goal in Zwickau: the FSV sent the Würzburger Munichs with a crashing 7-0 win to the regional league, Baumann scored twice. Eintracht Braunschweig, which has been determined as a promoted man since Sunday, had a 0-1 defeat against Cologne, which was not significant in view of the exuberant celebrations. In addition: Halle and Woe Wiesbaden played 1: 1, Saarbrücken could not end the season as hoped for conciliatory, but remained without a three in the 1-1 in Freiburg in Freiburg.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal: Premier League today in the live ticker

Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal FC are now facing the North London derby. The Premier League game is sticked live at Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham Hotspur and FC Arsenal are now fetching the North London derby, which should have taken place in mid-January. Who triumphs in the fight for the Champions League places? You can see it in the live ticker from Tottenham Hotspur .

Dieser article is continuously updated. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Tottenham – Arsenal

Tore |
List Tottenham | Lloris – Sanchez, Dier, Davies – Emerson Royal, Bentancur, Höjbjerg, Sessegnon, Kulusevski, Son – Kane
Arch | Ramsdale – Cedric, Holding, Gabriel, Tomiyasu – ELENENY, XHAKA, SAKA, ÖDEGAARD, Gabriel Martinelli – NKETIAH
yellow cards |

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal: Premier League today in the live ticker – before the start

Before the start: Arsenal triumphed in a Premier League match at Tottenham in March 2014. At that time, coach Arteta led the Gunners on the White Hart Lane as captain to 1-0 away win.

Before the start: Arsenal recently convinced with four wins in a row – including two away successes at the other London top teams Chelsea and West Ham. Meanwhile, Tottenham won only one of his past four games – a 3-1 home win against Leicester.

Before the start: Tottenham and Arsenal meet for the 191st time to make out the football pre -rules in the north of the English capital. For the first time since the 1971/72 season, the duel takes place on a Thursday evening. The overall balance speaks for Arsenal with 79 victories (60 wins for Tottenham).

Before the start: North London Derby around the Champions League: Arsenal wins at Tottenham today, the Gunners are sure to participate in the premier class. If Tottenham wins, you move up to one point to the neighbors.

Before the start: The two Nordlondon clubs should have met on January 16 as part of the 22nd matchday. However, since the Gunners did not have enough players (reason for this were mainly corona failures, but also injuries and the Africa Cup), it had to be canceled. Now the duel of the rivals is made up for. There is also a lot at stake. Both clubs still fight for the Champions League. Arsenal is currently fourth with a four -point lead over Tottenham (fifth). You still have to play three games in the league.

Before the start: **** the encounter will be kicked off at 8:45 p.m. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London serves as a venue.

Tottenham vs Arsenal 3-0 | All Goals & Highlights | Premier League 2021/22 | Matchday 22
Before the start: **** Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the Premier League game between Tottenham Hotspur and FC Arsenal.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal: Premier League today on TV and Livestream

The duel is broadcast today both in the Pay TV and in the sky live stream. Tottenham vs. Arsenal is shown on the transmitter Sky Sport Uhd and Sky Sport 1 (HD). Joachim Hebel will comment on the spectacle.

If you want to see the derby in the livestream, you need either a skygo -subscription or a skyticket.

Track the last matchday of the Premier League live: now acquire the skyticket.

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Premier League: The current table

Square Team Sp. Tore Diff Pts.
1. Manchester City 36 94: 22 72 89
2. Liverpool 36 89: 24 65 86
3. Chelsea 36 73: 31 42 70
4. Arsenal 35 56: 42 14 66
5th Tottenham Hotspur 35 60: 40 20 62
6. Manchester United 37 57: 56 1 58
7. West Ham United 36 57: 46 11 55
8. Wolverhampton Wanderers 36 36: 39 -3 50
9. Brighton & Hove Albion 36 38: 42 -4 47
10. Leicester City 35 52: 56 -4 45
11. Crystal Palace 35 46: 42 4 44
12. Aston Villa 35 48: 49 -1 43
13. Brentford 36 44: 52 -8 43
14. Newcastle United 36 40: 61 -21 43
15. Southampton 36 41: 61 -20 40
16. Everton 35 37: 56 -19 36
17. Burnley 35 32: 49 -17 34
18. Leeds United 36 39: 77 -38 34
19. Watford 36 32: 70 -38 23
20. Norwich City 36 22: 78 -56 21

Europa League final: How you can see Frankfurt

After the semi-finals, a lot had spoken for a purely German final in the Europa League.
But ultimately only Eintracht Frankfurt (two victories against West Ham) prevailed, RB Leipzig failed despite the 1-0 in the first comparison to the Glasgow Rangers (1: 3 in the second leg).
In Seville, the two traditional clubs are now fighting over the coveted Europa League trophy-and the associated Champions League starting site on May 18.
The final from Andalusia is transferred live and exclusively at Free TV channel RTL.
In addition, this transmitter also offers a fee -based stream via RTL+.
The kick -off is at 9 p.m.

Preliminary reporting begins at 8:15 p.m.

Europa League FINALIST! - Top 5 Goals | Eintracht Frankfurt
Laura Papendick takes over the moderation, and Karl-Heinz Riedle is there as an expert.
Marco Hagemann and Steffen Freund will comment.

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