Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland are the two largest stars that the Bundesliga has currently to offer. Whether the Torjäger of the BVB can ever step in the footsteps of the world footballer in services of Bayern, but the time must only show. Even the pole itself does not want to praise his Norwegian adversary too early on the green clover.

In the interview with the Polish magazine “Pilkanozna” Robert Lewandowski warned of it, Erling Haaland warned too early. “Just because someone has great potential, that does not mean that he gets a real star for many years.” He therefore resorts to compare very young and older players with each other, because: “Everyone develops differently.”

But of course, the Norwegian is a “great player”, which you would like to look at, supplemented the World Footballer of Bayern. At the same time, however, Haaland is also another player type as he himself. “He is strong, fast, physical. It is based on his game. I have other qualities,” said Lewandowski, who explained with a view to the (still-) Dortmunder: “We know Not, as he will develop. “

Lewandowski: This depends on a Champions League victory of FC Bayern

He himself, that is out of question, his physical level has not only kept his physical level in recent years, but even increased, as Lewandowski revealed: “My performance tests now provide better results than last year. What the numbers are concerned, my best seems Time to come. I feel better now than two years ago. “

It is also inscriptive that FC Bayern needs a Robert Lewandowski in top form on the way to the targeted Champions League victory. But not only of it depends on the triumph in the royal class, knows the scorer.

“I’ve found more than once that the health of the players in the important weeks of the season is the most important. If we have healthy leaders, we have a better chance. At the same time you need a good timing. You have to be in the most important moments Best form can retrieve “, says Lewandowski.

Does the Bundesliga hurt the FC Bayern? “I do not think so”

When asked if the lack of national competition is a problem compared to the Premier League clubs for FC Bayern on the way to a possible Champions League victory, the pole said, “No, I do not think it’s But just so that England has the richest and personally occupied clubs. From Germany either the FC Bayern wins the Champions League or nobody, from France wins Paris or nobody, from Spain at the moment Real Madrid or nobody wins. That’s the difference “

Erling Haaland Interview : Arrogant Referee!

The fact that the parent goal of Bayern is also the Champions League this year, Lewandowski does not see: “Bayern always wants to win all titles. And if you look at how we are playing and what a team we have, then We one of the big favorites on the Champions League. “