Currently there is hardly a day on which not a video game or a large corporation is happy to know his opinion on the subject NFTs . The non-fungible tokens are particularly a potential future pillar for Ubisoft. Only recently was a more controversy integration for Ghost Recon Breakpoint implemented.

The playership was anything but enthusiastic about this decision, after all, NFTs are more than questionable for the video game industry.

Ubisoft continues to stand for NFTS

Ubisoft Gifts NFTs To Devs Who Don't Want Them To

Now Ubisoft has been expressed in an interview with the website Finder on the topic NFTs and the reception of the player’s reception. And the utterances made in this interview should by no means be soothed by the clientele:

_ “We have expected the negative reactions. We know that [at NFTS] is not a slightly tangible concept. But quartz is actually only the first step, which should lead to something even greater. Something that is easier by players is understood. So we think about it and therefore we continue experimenting with it “, _ says Nicolas Pouard, VP at” Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab “.

_ “And our assumption is that the player will understand the puzzle piece by piece. We hope you understand the added value, which we offer you better.” _

“It’s very beneficial. But they do not understand that at the moment.”

In the course of the interview, Pouard shows relatively unimpressed from the reaction of the player’s reaction and expresses almost euphemistically sounding praise for NFTs. The interviewer then asks relatively direct: “What is the big advantage of NFTS and Quartz, the gamer currently not understand?”

_ “I think players do not understand what a digital secondary market can bring for them. Currently players thinking about the situation around NFTs that these first are destroying the planet and, secondly, simply a way for speculation. But what we see in the first place is the endgame. In the end, it is about the possibility to give players the opportunity to resell items as soon as they have lost their benefits, or as soon as they have stopped playing the game._

So it’s actually an advantage for the players. It is very beneficial. But they do not understand that at the moment. “

Correctly heard, the gameship did not understand the Brillianz of the NFT world simply yet. Perhaps developers did not understand the brilliance behind the NFT cosmos if they express themselves critical to this topic. According to Nicolas Pouard, it is allegedly not about ubisoft or profit, which ubisoft could move from NFTs, but about the added value of the players.