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PSV gives 2-0 against Feyenoord

The PSV, which Roger Schmidt had sent to the field with Götze with Götze after the 4: 2 against Willem II, came into the game well. After twelve minutes, Max left and pushed over to Gakpo, who was worth seeing around his opponent and pulled off directly. However, his shot just passed the left post.

PSV missed the answer to gakpo

Three minutes later, the captain and top scorer of the cup winner was more lucky in the end. Feyenoord had moved up wide, Veerman switched quickly and hit the leather across the field into the run of Gakpo. He prevailed against Geertruida, sprinted into the sixteen and left no chance of defense with his tight shot into the lower left corner of Marciano (16th).

After the tour, the second in the table withdrew, left the ball to the host and only attacked vigorously from the center line. Feyenoord was unable to make any capital from the print phase. When Eindhoven dared from his comfort zone again, the next goal was immediately scored. After a double pass with veteran Zahavi, Gakpo appeared in front of Marciano and hit the far corner with a see -worthy lupfer (29th). The last highlight of a subsequent half.

dessers punishes passive PSV twice

After the change of sides, the finalist of the Conference League repeatedly played ahead over the left, only through a flash of inspiration by Götze, the PSV caused relief in this phase. But Geertruida was able to prevent the end of Zahavi at the last moment (61st). Instead, Sinisterra and Dessers repeatedly appeared dangerously in front of the box of Mvogo – and in the 86th minute this Feyenoord rewarded exactly for a strong second half: Sinisterra found dessers with a flank that headed for the connection.

After the 1: 2, the PSV missed the excavated hosts. Instead, Feyenoord set the Lucky Punch: in the fifth minute of stoppage time, Mauro Junior tried a penalty that dessers turned ice cold into the final score. A deserved point win for Feyenoord, which had never given up in the second half and punished Einhoven for his negligence.

Eindhoven welcomes Nijmegen on the penultimate game day, but in the duel on Wednesday evening (8 p.m.) it will probably only play for the famous golden pineapple – leader Ajax is four points ahead. For Feyenoord, the situation in the guest appearance against the Go Ahead Eagels Deventer looks similar at the same time.

02. May 202201: 44: 19 hours

KMD #129 – Mario Götze

High visit to left meets! Mario Götze will look in the podcast this week and talks extensively about the 2014 World Cup, Tennisduelle with Jürgen Klopp and his experiences with Pep Guardiola, while Alex Schlüter is driving him through world history! In addition, the KMD crew takes another experiment and analyzes the Bundesliga weekend in parallel to the current Monday games. After all, left reporter George Moissidis keeps an overview and explains the current situation at VfB Stuttgart. Get in, strap and take you to a special kind of podcast exit!

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kmd#127 – Rouven Schröder Vol. III

April 18, 2022

# KMD#126 – Robin Knoche


# KMD#125 – Marius Wolf


PENALTY in de LAATSTE minuut beslist de KRAKER ???? | Samenvatting Feyenoord - PSV

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Klos farewell of Bielefeld means a large tin

Arminia Bielefeld without Fabian Klos \ – This is not only for die-hard fans of the Bundesliga club, but generally difficult for many viewers. After this season, however, it becomes reality. The farewell announced by the 34-year-old himself for this summer means a large taest in the history of the East Westphalia.

Perhaps that is above all the fact that the long-standing captain and cult striker presented an unprecedented constant, in a club history, which could have been hardly even more thoroughly changing over ten years during his presence.

Proud 162 mandatory gates for the heart club DSC

In the relegation champion of the 3rd league, the players emerged by Lower Saxon SV in 2011 at Arminia hosted, shot them back to the 2nd league with his goals soon. The relegation drama against Darmstadt 98 in 2014 with the associated, renewed descent into the third class could soon be able to end an end to his era in Bielefeld – there was enough interest in the true attacker. Klos but signaled immediately to repair the damage himself. That succeeded bravely. In the currently now 383 competitive games, he achieved for the DSC, who became the club of his heart, in all three highest leagues and in the cup proud 162 competitive gates – among a variety of coaches and sometimes most difficult conditions in the multiple shortly before the insolvency club.

But not only the impressive balance sheet, but the rousing occurrence of the strong 1.95 meter man caused an exceptionally close connection with the audience. The identification with the city and the city was and is great, the place in the hierarchy of the squad far above – even though insiders have always reported on the “two faces” of the success hungry and thus not always simple colleagues in dealing.

A difficult spot

That made it difficult for those responsible: In order to get a flowing transition for a time after Klos, they had to invest in the future without dismantling a living monument. This was achieved in the past summer with an extension of cooperation by a single year, combined with the partial withdrawal of the captain amps at co-team leaders Manuel Prietl and with the clear agreement, in the team of young recovers as well as the Kiel obliged Janni Serra step for Step into the large footsteps of “number 9” to be kicked. To give others, if they can take care of the water athletic, be no problem for him, Klos himself has always emphasized. His importance in the bid, even as a man on the bench, who can still influence games in the decide phase, has always highlighted coach Frank Kramer.

14. February 202201: 38: 20 hours

KMD # 119 – Frank Kramer

For the fourth time in this KMD season, Alex Schlüter and Benni Zander welcome a current Bundesliga coach in the podcast! This time, Frank Kramer is a guest of Arminia Bielefeld! The trio discusses, among other things, about the changed play style of the Ostwestfalen, the footballing class of Keeper Stefan Ortega and the Joker Roll of Arminia Legend Fabian Klos. Besides, Arminia Bielefeld reporter Andreas Hunzinger reports directly from Berlin about the current situation at Hertha and Union. And of course, it is also explained in detail about possible playoffs in the Bundesliga and Max Kruse…

KMD # 118 – Player Consultant Special


Last Flight of Captain Tim ten Velde @ KLM

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Fabian Klos is not “someone” in Bielefeld. Before it possibly came to a tormenting process around its expiring contract in the summer, he now moves out of its own drive the final stroke under a large chapter of its extraordinary career. In addition, of course, before he runs danger, sporty only “someone” in place. There most recently indicated that even a man of his format – but also pure his age – biodegrades biodegrading. What else in a scorer with this instinct does not mean that he does not achieve one or the other important goal for “his” Arminia in the remaining games.

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