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Refurbishment of the Volkspark Stadium: Kühne encourages Hamburg to the EM

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In the conflict over the improvement of the Volkspark Stadium, investor Klaus-Michael Kühne of the city as well as Burger SV has discovered the begin of video games at the 2024 European Football Championship. I strongly suggest the city and also the HSV to bypass EM video games in 2024 in order to avoid the exceptionally expensive stadium renovation that can not be funded by the HSV, stated Kühne of thebild-Zeitung _.

For Kühne, which currently holds 15.21 percent of the shares in HSV Fußball AG, the club’s return of the club has a substantially greater top priority than the expiration of the organized 5 European Championship games.

In the present situation, all toughness have actually to be focused on constructing a powerful HSV group, for which I supply funds to a minimal level, said the 85-year-old logistics business owner. The cash for spending in the arena, besides inescapable repair services, is merely not available-man need to likewise be able to do without.

The needs of the UEFA are our computations according to a little single-digit million amount, stated Sportstate Representative Christoph Holstein at NDR 90.3. The UEFA just requires an IT server with cooling and brand-new cables, an emergency generator for the flood lamp and also added hub.

The Burger Abendblatt had previously reported on boosted expenses of greater than 30 million euros. According to the city, the UEFA demands need to just comprise a little component of the costs asked for by the HSV.

If the HSV does not satisfy the demands for the EM, a contractual fine of 2.35 million euros would be because of the city, according to Abendblatt.

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HSV and St. Pauli in Derbylaune: “Will a hot dance”

After the pokey rush, Derby lust grows: HSV and St. Pauli are hot on the Hamburg city duel.

Five derbies in series without HSV success? The last home win in the city duel against St. Pauli is already over 20 years? I’m not interested in Tim Walter. It brings us nothing to deal with the past and former Derbies, said the coach from Hamburg SV before the game of the year for the fans on Friday (18:30 / Sky): We have to look forward to write the present and the future positively.

HSV against St. Pauli, according to the intoxicating cup nights, the Hanseatic city is already in the football fever. Where is there still such a city derby today? St. Pauli’s coach Time Schultz asked, It cracks everywhere. At the baker or no matter where you run long, you will never be addressed. Normality will never be addressed And after all, despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2000 fans may be in the Volksparkstadion.

HSV stands in the derby under special pressure

Even if the HSV is the supposedly larger of the two hamburger clubs, the red-to-red can be pressurized this time. In the fight for climbing into the Bundesliga, the HSV is currently only in place five, six points is the residue on the first — and that is just the archival.

In addition, St. Pauli won the first leg at the millennia 3: 2, the HSV has a lot of good care. This is a game with high explosive. We look forward to it, HSV-Goalbart Daniel Hewer Fernandes said: If we bring our performance in the place, we can win the game.

Either way, Schultz expects thrilling 90 minutes. I assume that tomorrow will be a completely, very hot dance, said the success guarantor of the Kiezkicker and also expects the neighbor in the further course of the season: The HSV remains the HSV. He always has the claim for to be and ascend. I think that you win more games in the second half and are up to the end.

In the middle of both St. Pauli and the HSV are somewhat surprising yes, even in the DFB Cup. And who knows, maybe there will be the next Derby at the beginning of March — on the way to Berlin. I hope that in the quarterfinals, no matter where we play, hopefully more fans will be there again, said Schultz, who the opponent does not really matter: The main thing in front of fans.

Double Pack Jansen 5 5 between HSV III and Buchholz

HSV/Hamm 02 Testspiel - 2. mA vs. Walddörfer SV - TEIL 3/3

It does not look good for the Us Odor: The former leader collected against the current leader Endorser TSV the fourth defeat resulting in a row and continues towards the relegation round. The hits of the day marked Zara shortly before the break. Still Odor stops four, but has completed two lots more than the harshest counterpart TSV Buchwald.

The earlier had a ten-goal spectacle with HSV III. The HSV, as well as an eye on four-ranking, was almost damned against the direct competitors. After that, but in this game, it did not look for a long time: an early penalty residue, worried by guest actor Bukhara, the HSV was able to equalize the HSV by a header of Fulbright, but Dominik ensured forest with a double strike for a good mood at the guests — both times Was the HSV snapped and conceded the 1: 3 half backrest after fast items. Shortly after the break — and after a longer injury interruption — it was 1: 4 from the point of view of the red red doses, Bacchus was with a margin on the spot. But Marcella Jansen rang a spectacular catch-up for the HSV, who had the ball possession of the ball. First, the ex-national player was in the best center-tower manner with the 2: 4 to the spot, then he — after Paschen-Back 3: 4 following a corner — from almost identical position in the five-meter room 4: 4. After ABD El AAL Ali’s Stamen’s right shot, the HSV had turned the match, but the final word had been Buchwald facture Pitchers, which produced three minutes before the end after a corner still by head the 5: 5 final score.

Also, not over a draw beyond Victoria Hamburg came to its own place against the table-top last SV Rugenbergen. It looked after a double pack of Marlon Statins — including a beautiful sideway — until just before the end after a threesome for the dedicated guests, in the second minute of the injection time but saved Sharkskin of the Victoria another counter — 2: 2 read The final score. Moreover, the table reciprocity HSBC had stayed at this weekend, but against the FC Sudanese, however, only a 3: 3 was on the display panel. To the man of the day, in this game, guest joker Rank AZA Band, who marked the two hits for 3: 3 finals in the seven minutes after his inception — and twenty minutes later with the traffic light card had to.

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