Game Ju Studio announced today that it will release the demo game of , a horror adventure game, which is being developed today.

Next Fest, which will be held from today to 20th, is an event that shows demonstrations of hundreds of new works in the current development stage. , which has recently been posted on more than 100,000 wish lists, will also participate in the event and will release its first official demo version.

The demo version provided during the Next Fest period contains a full chapter. The player should investigate the SCP-701 incident, called the tragedy of the king, and explore a mysterious hydroelectric power plant and match the puzzles of strange events that happened there.

You can get a glimpse of the chapters provided by the demo on the newly released trailer.

is inspired by the actual SCP Foundation’s joint writing project, which studies supernatural phenomena, and tells stories of activities to protect humanity from ideal phenomena.


The player will play the project auxiliary researchers and completes a program that changes the idea of the world that has been kept so far. In the game, several leads and gameplay styles appear, and , developed with Unreal Engine technology, aims to adapt the most SCP myths among the existing games.

Xiao Rang producer of Game Ju Studio said, I think it is our privilege to revive the most symbolic and memorable events of the SCP Foundation. I am curious about this favorite story and what players think about our adaptation.

The demo of the new SCP: Secret File can be downloaded for the Steam Next Fest period and will be officially released for PC in the third quarter of 2022.