After the pokey rush, Derby lust grows: HSV and St. Pauli are hot on the Hamburg city duel.

Five derbies in series without HSV success? The last home win in the city duel against St. Pauli is already over 20 years? I’m not interested in Tim Walter. It brings us nothing to deal with the past and former Derbies, said the coach from Hamburg SV before the game of the year for the fans on Friday (18:30 / Sky): We have to look forward to write the present and the future positively.

HSV against St. Pauli, according to the intoxicating cup nights, the Hanseatic city is already in the football fever. Where is there still such a city derby today? St. Pauli’s coach Time Schultz asked, It cracks everywhere. At the baker or no matter where you run long, you will never be addressed. Normality will never be addressed And after all, despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2000 fans may be in the Volksparkstadion.

HSV stands in the derby under special pressure

Even if the HSV is the supposedly larger of the two hamburger clubs, the red-to-red can be pressurized this time. In the fight for climbing into the Bundesliga, the HSV is currently only in place five, six points is the residue on the first — and that is just the archival.

In addition, St. Pauli won the first leg at the millennia 3: 2, the HSV has a lot of good care. This is a game with high explosive. We look forward to it, HSV-Goalbart Daniel Hewer Fernandes said: If we bring our performance in the place, we can win the game.

Either way, Schultz expects thrilling 90 minutes. I assume that tomorrow will be a completely, very hot dance, said the success guarantor of the Kiezkicker and also expects the neighbor in the further course of the season: The HSV remains the HSV. He always has the claim for to be and ascend. I think that you win more games in the second half and are up to the end.

In the middle of both St. Pauli and the HSV are somewhat surprising yes, even in the DFB Cup. And who knows, maybe there will be the next Derby at the beginning of March — on the way to Berlin. I hope that in the quarterfinals, no matter where we play, hopefully more fans will be there again, said Schultz, who the opponent does not really matter: The main thing in front of fans.