After three intense days with the northern items, it is now necessary It is expected with great intensity and great plays with a sample of skills of the agents of the South, four teams that seek glory but only two will be able to move forward.

EPIC! TSM vs GHOST Gaming HIGHLIGHTS - VCT NA Open Qualifier 2


The first series began with New Pampas against Pass Gaming on a map of Haven that would turn white with the inpenetrable defense that presented Pampas with diewijas and its Cypher version clutch/duelist that would not let Pass could enter the sites being a danger on the team’s defender, it was noted that the attack that Pass presented was not the best and ended up failing to leave the first half 11-1 , in the change of sides the reaction of these same was not good and in the end there were few rounds that were played that would end in favor of Pampas with 13-3 ** to take the first map.

Changing the stage we arrived at Ascent where Pass needed to react if or if to lengthen the series, things were complicated from the beginning thanks diewijas but now with Killjoy repeating the defense they handled in The first map to prevent Pass It would not be enough because Rubkkoid and the informative knives would end up closing the map 13-9.

The sun shines in the south

In the second series of the day we would see Sunxet facing bulls starting on a split map that seemed very even from the beginning but the team of the horns would gradually put the front with GR3EPS that would take the power of Jett placing Important casualties for his team and that would leave the 7-5 Because Nazek had other plans with his reason to define the game in favor of bulls with 13-9.

The second map would be a Ascent where the bulls began defending with a Celtrak that towards different appearances within the map with a omen , despite the situation that things were lived, things would end very couples with A 6-6 In the first half, in the second part of the map we saw fenny reacting like a phoenix that took the operator to move the rivals to the ground to be able to give Sunxet the tie in the Serie.

Moving to a Icebox that would be the decisive map for the series began with bulls defending but that side made them suffer due to the aggressiveness that proposed Rochetzs with his jett making it clear that he wanted the Victoria for his team when leaving 9-3 in the first half, the second foul would be a breath of air for the bulls with some rounds in his favor but the operator would return to the Jett of SUNXET to settle the Meeting with 13-5.

Thus concludes the first day of the southern Open Qualifier, showing that the desire is left to reach the Closed, we will have to see in detail how the teams develop in the remaining days to know which are the two best to advance To the next stage within the competitive, we still have two more days of southern clashes to decide what teams are going to advance within the competition.