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DFB Cup, Finale: That is why the Freiburg lead against RB Leipzig was compliant

The complaints from RB Leipzig were great after the Freiburg lead by Maximilian Eggestein in the cup final. This was preceded by a handball. A look at the DFB regulations shows that it was nevertheless compliant.

Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

German Cup FINAL! Freiburg vs. RB Leipzig | Full Highlights | ESPN FC

In the run-up to the left shot from Eggestein, who landed in the left corner from around 20 meters unsustainable for Leipzig goalkeeper Gulacsi, team-mate Roland Sallai had touched the ball by hand. He was able to control a cross from Christian Günter and forward them to Eggestein. Intention or unnatural hand position could not be assumed, the hit counted – despite protests among the Leipzigers and a corresponding tweet.

For years, the interpretation of the handball rule has repeatedly been causing discussions among players, trainers, experts and fans, and this is regularly adapted in details. So also before this season. The crucial note on this comes from DFB referee teaching attendant Lutz Wagner, who said in the course of the new new formulation: “The unintentional handball of an attacker, after which the team scores a goal, is restricted as far as the concept of immediacy is concerned.”

Accordingly, “a gate that was preceded by an unintentional handball is only invalid if it is achieved by the player himself and immediately. If there is only a chance to score or if another player comes to the ball and the gate can score, is not a immediacy. In such cases, the goal was generated. ” Exactly this case applies to Sallai, who did not score the goal himself and unintentionally played the ball by hand.

Network reactions: Leipzig’s Twitter department ensures a hit mood

here the “Rule 12: Fouls and other misconduct (handball)” as a whole:

_ For the assessment of handball offenses, the border between the shoulder and arm (when armed) runs at the bottom of the armpit. Not every touch of the ball of a player with the hand/arm is an offense._

E an offense if a player

  • Den ball deliberately touched the hand/arm (e.g. by moving the hand/arm to the ball).
  • Den ball touched with the hand/arm and unnaturally enlarged his body due to the hand/arm position. An unnatural enlargement of the body exists if the hand/arm posture neither the consequence of a body movement of the player in the respective situation is nor can it be justified with this body movement. With such a hand/arm posture, the player takes the risk that the ball will jump on his hand/arm and he is punished for it.

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in’s opposing goal meets…

  • direkt by hand/arm (whether intentionally or not) (also applies to the goalkeeper).
  • MUNDMATIVART After touching the ball with his hand/arm (whether intentionally or not).

Jokertor by Petersen Gold Value for Freiburg

“Joker” Nils Petersen has stabbed again and could become a pioneer for the SC Freiburg for the lucrative European football business.

“The victory is worth gold, we would have taken a point, but three are better,” said the 33-year-old striker after his 33. Jokertor to the 2-1 win on Sunday in the Bundesliga game at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Where Is The Value In Physical Silver?
The Breisgauer lie as a table fifth with 48 points four points in front of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and the 1st Union Berlin and only three behind the league-fourth RB Leipzig. “There are only five games, including two home games, and only a few points to be awarded,” Petersen said to the opportunities on the move to the Europa League or even the Champions League.

Vincenzo Grifo brought the Freiburg (27 minutes). After compensation by Filip Kostic (54th), Petersen (69.) managed seven minutes after his intercession of the winner by head after a free-kick of Christian Günter. “We practiced it several times during the week – and it worked,” explained Freiburg’s coach Christian Streich. “Great that he did just right.” Petersen said only: “That was happier’s happiness.”

Prank sets new club record

For prank his striker is an exception player. “I’ve never trained a player who has such a gift to know an intuition where the balls do,” praised the coach. “He’s almost always running right, in the sense of probability where the balls do.” That’s a great quality that all had big strikers. “There are few in the Bundesliga who can do that so well.”

Petersen gave prank its 105th Bundesligasieg for the SC Freiburg. Thereafter, the coach overflowed his successful predecessor Volker Finke, who brought it to 104 successes with the Breisgauer.

For the Frankfurt, the Petersen Gate could have destroyed the targeted European acup qualification. “We are still in the Europa League, so I’m not thinking about the next season now,” said Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner after the “brutal defeat”. Finally, the Hesse fight on Thursday at the Spanish Topclub FC Barcelona around the entry into the semifinals. The first leg was 1: 1. “Now our very clear goal is to come into the semi-finals,” said Eintracht-Petersens Management Markus Kröse after the 1: 2 against Freiburg. “We drive there and beat the.”

FC Augsburg | Confirmed: Weinzierl can intervene

21/22 // Pressekonferenz vor Freiburg // Reiner Maurer
Augsburg’s replacement coach Reiner Maurer will not be in constant direct exchange with his boss Markus Weinzierl during the FCA on Saturday against SC Freiburg. “One that sits a bit higher has the plug in the ear,” Maurer said just before kick-off at the pay-TV station “Sky”. Weinzierl is in domestic quarantine and is therefore “physically not there”, Maurer said, who had worked as a co-trainer at the FCA for several clubs as a head coach before his time. Weinzierl but “always intervene at any time”.

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