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Season analysis in Wolfsburg: Is there a separation from Kohfeldt?

His view on Saturday was already fully on the new season: “We will consistently go our way from the first day of training,” announced Florian Kohfeldt. However, it is extremely questionable whether the trainer will still be part of this path. The VfL people responsible came together on Sunday, the analysis of the messed up season could lead to the coach again, according to Kohfeldt information.

The talks are called open to the results, but a new change at the Wolfsburg command bridge is still evident. Last October, Kohfeldt took over Mark van Bommel’s post, but there was no clear improvement.

In the meantime, there was a risk of relegation, but VfL delivered the necessary results in the decisive games, the last four season games remained undefeated last year. Is that enough for Kohfeldt (contract until 2023) to stay in office? There has been no mention of a clear “keep it up” since Sunday.

Pervan is convinced: lousy season can help VfL

No, nobody can be really satisfied with VfL Wolfsburg with this season, which comes to an end on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Bayern Munich) with the home game against FC Bayern Munich. After all, the relegation was brought under the roof and compartment early, according to which it hadn’t always looked over the course of the season. VfL wants to attack again in the new season, coach Florian Kohfeldt has already proclaimed the attack on the international ranks.

This messed up year should help – if VfL pulls the right lessons. “It was a very mixed season with many more negative points than positive,” says keeper Pavao Pervan. Does the VfL use the crash to develop a new greed to win? The Austrian, who became the player of the game in Cologne on the last match day (Bayern Munich grade 1), is convinced of this. “We want to get better through such negative experiences, hopefully we will succeed.”

VfL Wolfsburg - tactical game 3v4 + 4v3 by Mark van Bommel

As a rule, Pervan is only in the second row as a representative of Stammtorwart Koen Casteels, but the word of the keeper has weight in the cabin. The 34-year-old shows that he also considered changes within the squad to find it back on track. “Such a year can be very good for a club as stupid. You can draw certain conclusions, see who you can rely on.” And who not.

Pervan, who came from Linz ASK in 2018, will remain on board, and at the end of January he extended his contract with VfL by 2024. “He is an absolute top professional,” says coach Kohfeldt the veteran, who showed his best performance in the VfL jersey in Cologne. His qualities are also in demand outside the square. Kohfeldt: “He is very important for the team, also internally.”

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