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Adriano Grimaldi is missing Saarbrücken

For early February, Adriano Grimaldi, with eleven goals and five assists, lacks the top scorer of the 1st FC Saarbrücken, the table fourth of the 3rd league. Most recently, the absence of the 30-year-old was hardly noticed: Three victories in series celebrated the team of Uwe Koschinat in the league.

Diesbypeslage in the Cup should be restored

However, the coach had to accept a damper with his Saarbrückern in the recent compulsory match – with 1: 2 lost the FCS in Derby in Homburg in the regional cup and left.

“We have to check out the setback quickly,” Koschinat announced at the Game Tagess Press Conference. Finally, the persecutor diver is at the rise places against the Munich lions. In 1860, only a dinner stands in place in place only a dot of the Saarland.

“An important game,” as Koschinat said, in which no longer the long season is all before. In this, the cup game should be made forgotten, the previous run must be restored, so Manuel Zeitz. Coach Koschinat explained that Grimaldi will not participate in the statutory attempt.

Tautzi ruft an: bei Adriano Grimaldi
After tattering the calf as well as irritation of the Achilles tendon, the ex-lion (Grimaldi was in 2018/19 half a year for 1860 on the ball and shot in 20 games five goals) according to the coschinate after reissued training “again pain. I do not plan for the time being More with him. “

Super g of the men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker

As part of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Super G of the Gentlemen is today. In the Liveticker of February you can track the race live.

Subscribe now dazn and thus track the superg of the gentlemen at the Olympia in the Livestream!

Men's Super G - Award Ceremony - Beijing CHN 2022
The German Speed ​​Quartet is now asked in the Super-G after the disappointment in the exit today at the Olympics in Beijing. Does the jump succeed on the podium today? In the live ticker of February you will learn it.

The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Super G men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: One day after the departure, the Swiss Beat Feuz won from Johan Clarey from France and Matthias Mayer from Austria, the Olympic Games is directly the next speed competition of the gentlemen. After a weak performance in the first race, the DSV athletes are for reparation. The German quartet today form Romed Baumann, Josef Ferstl, Andreas Sander and Olympic debutant Simon Jocher. Dominik Schwaiger will not compete today after his fall in the departure today. He pulled himself a bruise on the forearm and elbows.

Before starting: **** At 4am German time the race is opened in the National Ski Alpine Center Xiaohaituo.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the superg of the gentlemen at the Olympics in Beijing.

Super G men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today on TV and Livestream

EUROSPORT and the ARD transfer the race tonight live live in free TV. To pursue the spectacle in the live stream, you can also use that of ZDF in addition to the streams of Eurosport and the ard.

In addition, because of a cooperation also transfers Dazn the super-g of the gentlemen in the LiveStream.

Since February 1, the price for all new customers and recurring customers is € 29.99 per month and 274.99 euros per year. For this you can also watch sports such as football, American football, basketball, tennis, handball, motorsport, cycling, martial arts, and even more live sports.

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Ski Alpin at Olympia 2022: the schedule

Date Time Competition Winner
7. February 5 o’clock Departure of the men Beat Feuz
7. February 2.30 and 7.30 am Ladies Giant Slalom Sara Hector
8th. February 4 o’clock Super g of men

9. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Slalom of ladies |
10. February | 3:30 and 7.15 pm | Alpine combination of men |
11. February | 4 o’clock | Super G the ladies |
13. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Giant Lalom of Men |
15. February | 4 o’clock | Departure of the ladies |
16. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Slalom of men |
17. February | 3:30 and 7.15 pm | Alpine combination of ladies |
19. February | 4 o’clock | Team competition |

Strategy ADV Leading Strategy ADV “Home Behind 2” February 16th-Last chance that can be purchased at discounted prices before raising price

TPP Studio has announced a formal release date on February 16th on STEAM on Jan.22 January 221 January 221.

This work takes a strategy forces to attract the carrier dominated by the dictator Nakamura and aim to break up the government forces. By exploring a ringlike element and searching for a randomly generated map, you can collect various equipment with different capabilities from old-fashioned things to the prototyping stage and strengthen the unit.

In addition, a 2022 roadmap is also released at the same time as the official release date announcement. In February 2022, the addition of stories / side missions, bosses, jobs and skills, 2022 Q2 has optional tactics, vehicle weapons and accessories, random events and NPC additions, and three in 2022 Q3 The addition of jobs and skills, regional features, camps and news events is scheduled to add collectives, side missions and bosses to 2022 Q4.

After early access, the price will be raised to 19.99 dollars (about 2,300 yen for Japanese yen). STEAM New Year Sale, which will be held until 3 am on February 4, the last discount will be the last discount, and this work can be purchased at 1,140 yen (tax included) of 25% off. You can also receive an additional 5% discount by purchasing a bundle set with the previous work “Home Behind”.

Final 2020 Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump, Joe Biden | NBC News

“Home Behind 2” is early access in Steam at 1,520 yen (tax included). According to the Steam Store page, it supports Japanese interface / subtitles.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human details the cooperative mode; Shared progress and more

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is just around the corner; The launch will take place next to 4 February at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and Tech land continues to offer details about what awaits us. On this occDying Lightion, it is cooperative mode, one of the most important features we have already seen on the first installment. The Polish study hDying Light confirmed that we can enjoy practically all the adventure in the company of other players.

Those responsible for the title have nuanced that the first thing we will find will be a prologue that we must play alone, but nothing else to complete can we enter the cooperative game. Dying Light for how shared progress works, there is an significant detail to take into account: Dying Light explained to the Game Rant, Only the host will progress in your world (History, Missions), while in the cDying Lighte of the Guests will be limited to the evolution of the character. Finally, in terms of decisions, a voting period will open so that players choose their favorite choice.

A sequel of the most ambitious

Almost 7 years have pDying Lightsed since the premiere of the first installment; It wDying Light in 2015 when Tech land surprised with a peculiar vision of the Holocaust Zombie in the form of Action Sandbox with Parkour mechanics. On this occDying Lightion, the second part will take us to the city of Villager and the title will have a powerful narrative load, in which the player’s decisions will not be lacking, among other RPG elements. In our progress you can know our first impressions after prove it .


Dying Light 2: Stay Human will go on sale the next February 4 at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive (through the cloud) in some moment of 2022. This is because it hDying Light suffered a delay; Tech land needs, at leDying Lightt, half a year more to work on it.

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