Dying Light 2: Stay Human is just around the corner; The launch will take place next to 4 February at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and Tech land continues to offer details about what awaits us. On this occDying Lightion, it is cooperative mode, one of the most important features we have already seen on the first installment. The Polish study hDying Light confirmed that we can enjoy practically all the adventure in the company of other players.

Those responsible for the title have nuanced that the first thing we will find will be a prologue that we must play alone, but nothing else to complete can we enter the cooperative game. Dying Light for how shared progress works, there is an significant detail to take into account: Dying Light explained to the Game Rant, Only the host will progress in your world (History, Missions), while in the cDying Lighte of the Guests will be limited to the evolution of the character. Finally, in terms of decisions, a voting period will open so that players choose their favorite choice.

A sequel of the most ambitious

Almost 7 years have pDying Lightsed since the premiere of the first installment; It wDying Light in 2015 when Tech land surprised with a peculiar vision of the Holocaust Zombie in the form of Action Sandbox with Parkour mechanics. On this occDying Lightion, the second part will take us to the city of Villager and the title will have a powerful narrative load, in which the player’s decisions will not be lacking, among other RPG elements. In our progress you can know our first impressions after prove it .


Dying Light 2: Stay Human will go on sale the next February 4 at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive (through the cloud) in some moment of 2022. This is because it hDying Light suffered a delay; Tech land needs, at leDying Lightt, half a year more to work on it.