[American partner Moon Young -soo] Com2uS Group announced on the 29th that it has invested in the Latin American partner ‘Ola GG (CEO Martin Blagle Er)’ of the global default centralized game guide ‘YGG (YIELD Guild Games)’.

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Com2uS Group has worked with global investors such as Galaxy Interactive, Bitkraft, and ARCA and participated as early investors of GG. Ola GG’s investment is $ 8 million, and it plans to use NFT of Web 3 games to spread web 3 games in Latin America.

Ola GG is building a complex community by creating a profit through the game based on 230 million Latin American game user pools and helping to securely access blockchain -based finance.

Latin America is an area where potential growth is prominent in the global web 3 terrain, which is important in expanding the C2X platform led by Com2us Group. In particular, the area is also highly acceptable to blockchain games.

Com2us Group is a promising blockchain game company ‘5×5 Gaming’, a professional organization that develops blockchain games and methus -based digital assets, and ‘Double Jump Tokyo’, a Japanese blockchain game and solution company We are investing in the back and accelerating the global web 3 business.