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DFB Cup: Medical emergency after Leipzig Sieg

Before the award ceremony after the DFB Cup final, there was a medical emergency on the edge of the Berlin Olympic Stadium.
A man near the photographer stands had to be treated on the sidelines of rescue workers.
According to the Berlin fire brigade, the person was successfully reanimated.
The man had pulse and breathing again and was taken to a hospital.
Brown towels were curious to block the view.
The award ceremony was initially delayed.
An ambulance drove to the stadium.
Almost 20 minutes later, the stadium spokesman said that the patient was “stable” and was taken to a hospital.
“We wish him a speedy recovery and say a big thank you to the rescue workers,” said the spokesman.

Leipzig holt den DFB-Pokal! Die Tore des Final-Krimis | MDR
Numerous spectators had switched on their cell phone light and kept up.
The cup handover should then take place

Final Cup: That was the final day of amateurs

Magdeburg according to the custody – Viktoria Berlin dramatic

Due to its placement in the 3rd division, 1. FC Magdeburg was already determined before the final in the State Cup Saxony-Anhalt as a DFB Cup participant. Accordingly, Oberligist Wernigerode was also able to look forward to the cup ticket before kick -off. Nevertheless, things went intensively in the final. Conteh hit before and after the break. The FC unit, which was decimated from the middle of the second half (Hess flew on the line from the field after handball), defended itself Wacker, also because Atik failed from the point. But the fifth division did not come back. Youngster Nischhalke, Atik and Franzke screwed the result up (5: 0).

Viktoria Berlin beat the class deeper VSG Altglienicke in the State Cup: The leadership gate of the Underdog by Uzan had long existed, but in added time Pinckert (90.+1) and Benyamina (90.+5) were playing the game. The future regional league plays for the second time after 2019 in the DFB Cup. The FV Engers is also in the cup round round for the second time. Meinert scored the only goal in the final of the State Cup Rheinland against FC Karbach. The SV Oberachern meanwhile defeated Association League participants Donaueschingen in the South Baden cup final ** 2: 0 (Gueddin; Wild, own goal).

Ottensen for the first time in the DFB Cup – damaged trophy for Offenbach

The latter has prevailed in the duel between the Hamburg regional league rival Altona 93 and Teutonia Ottensen. At the final of the Hamburg State Cup in the Hoheluft stadium, Teutonia took the lead after two minutes through an ISTEFO elf. Düzel followed up a little later, Gumpert’s connection remained cosmetics of results. The ambitious Teutonia not only starts as a winner from the “Stadtviertel duel”, but also in the DFB Cup for the first time in the coming season.

In Gießen ( Hessen Cup ) there was the first shock moment before the game: the trophy exhibited before the game was overturned during a gust of wind and was damaged. The finals Offenbach, accompanied by numerous vocal fans, did not stop this from exuberant celebrating the temporarily crooked trophy after the final against league competitor Steinbach. The place was already stormed at this point. Steinbach’s goal of the day undertook Strujic in the form of an own goal shortly before the break (39.).

Underdog Türkspor sells expensive – Schott Mainz celebrates its premiere

The deepest representative at this year’s amateurs, seventh division Türkspor Mannheim, sold expensive in the city derby against third division team SV Waldhof. The underdog succeeded 50 meters from his own training area, which is located right next to the Carl-Benz Stadium, to set one or the other needles. In the end, the SVW won the final of the State Cup Baden but deserved 3-0 (goals: Kother, Wagner and Ünlücüfcü).

The winner of the Saarland state cup had to be determined in the extension. After Sickinger’s goal for third division promoters Elversberg and Stegerers compensation for regional league Homburg, it was Mustafa who shot the SVE for the title. In the Südwest Cup , attacker del Vecchio decided the duel of the two regional league relegated Schott Mainz and FK Pirmasens. The Italian shot the Rheinhessen with his double pack for the first time in its club history into the DFB Cup.

Cottbus and Jena confidently – penalty shootout in Neustrelitz and Flensburg

Energie Cottbus defeated Oberligist VfB Krieschow in the State Cup Brandenburg 2-0, Hasse and Zographakis decided the competitive game in the final phase. With Carl Zeiss Jena there is another well-known club in the Cup main round, the FCC won a balanced final in the Thuringian Cup against Liga-Rival Meuselwitz with 1: 0 (goal scorer: Eisele).

2017 Amateur Cup Final
The State Cup Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania won the TSG Neustrelitz. In an exciting penalty shootout, the Residenzstadt prevailed against Greifswald FC and have been back in the DFB Cup for the first time since 2013. The penalty shootout also had to decide in Schleswig-Holstein : After VfB Lübeck had played a 2-0 lead against top division TSB Flensburg, the regional league in the end.

chemnitzer comeback – Viktoria defends title

In the Sachsenpokal , Chemnitzer FC initially fell behind at home against Chemie Leipzig (Bury, 19th), but the CFC proved morality, turned the game through goals from Campulka (38th) and Bickel (85.) And thus ensured a big party in wide round.

There was a Cologne derby in the final of the State Cup Mittelrhein . Regional league Fortuna asked third division Viktoria to dance – and ended up after the music. Jashari (28th) and Amyn (58th) ensured a 2-0 victory of the favorite, which thus defended his title from the previous year.

unworthy end in Straelen

The final of the State Cup Niederrhein came to an unworthy end. SV Straelen deservedly prevailed with 1-0 against Wuppertaler SV, but was able to thank his well -placed goalkeeper Paris, who parried a penalty, among other things. It became unsightly shortly before the final whistle, when Pytlik first went a rude foul and then also an assault – and saw red (90.+4). Lunga scored the goal of the day after 52 minutes.

heated minds and Sebald as hero in Münster

It was quite curious in Münster, where the Prussians in the Westphalia Cup back against Rödinghausen (Marceta, 61.), but then awarded a curious penalty. The ball was actually played back by the Münsterans to the Rödinghauseners. Flottmann then wanted to match the ball with his own keeper and indicated Wegkamp that he shouldn’t attack. However, he did this – and was reinstated by Wolff in the penalty area. There was a penalty that caused a thick neck among the guests, but turned the Teklab into 1-1 (71.). The decision was therefore made in the penalty shootout, which Rödinghausen’s goalkeeper Sebald put on his stamp with three penalty (!).

There were also decisions in the penalty shootout in Lower Saxony between the Heeslinger SC and Blau-Weiß Lohne as well as in Bayern between Illertissen and Aubstadt. Lohne prevailed 6: 5, where the Illertisseners held 4: 3. In Bremen , Bremer SV cheered, who thanks to Diop (43.) celebrated a 1-0 win over the Leher TS and thus qualified for the DFB Cup.

Castellucci decides Swabian duel

In the Württemberg final between the Stuttgart finals and SSV Ulm 1846, things went tough and roughly, goals were not, neither in the regular season nor in extra time. However, there was a dismissal for the Stuttgart Baroudi, who had allowed himself an unnecessary push away from the ball (99.). In this game too, there was a penalty lottery in which the finals had the happier end. Castellucci parried the decisive attempt by Ulms Beck and thus secured his colors the 5: 4 victory.

VfL Wolfsburg also without Barca

VfL Wolfsburg is eliminated against FC Barcelona in the semi -finals – the second leg victory against a record backdrop is said to have been the beginning.

With the megafon in hand, the disappointment had gone from the pitcher Almuth Schult. The victory celebration with the fans remaining long after the final whistle in the VW Arena conjured up a smile on the face of the soccer goalkeeper despite the semi-finals against the Champions League winner.

The impressive 2: 0 (0: 0) against the supposedly overpowering FC Barcelona had shown “what would have been possible,” said coach Tommy Stroot with pride after the 1: 5 clap in Camp Nou.

The currently best team in the world in series after 45 competitive victories, plus in front of the home record set of 22,057 spectators, comforted the missed final.

“We showed our true face and offered the spectators a good game. We hope that they will come back and reward VfL path in women’s football,” said Schult, which, however, switched to Angel City FC after the season.

[2-0] | 30.04.2022 | VfL Wolfsburg Frauen vs FC Barcelona Femeni | UWCL 2021-22 | Semi final 2nd Leg

There is no time to mourn, the double should be. In the league finish, VfL is currently ahead in the remote duel with Meister Bayern Munich, on Wednesday the catch-up game at SGS Essen is already pending. In the DFB Cup final on May 28, the permanent winner is also a favorite against Turbine Potsdam.

VfL sees itself on the “start of an insane journey”

“We have to continue with this joy of playing, taking this performance into the next games,” said Tabea Waßmuth. The national striker (47th) had initiated the brave catch-up of the Bundesliga leader against Barcelona with her deflected long-distance shot.

Jill Roord (59.) followed up, but it was no longer enough for the finale on May 21st against the ripped off starring ensemble around world footballer Alexia Putellas.

As in 2019, Barca and record winner Olympique Lyon, who eliminated the Bayern cone Paris St. Germain around Sara Däbritz, struggled for the Henkel Cup in Turin (2: 1/first leg 3: 2) without the injured Dzsenifer Marozsan.

But Wolfsburg, Champions League winner from 2013 and 2014, is on the right track after this big European Cup evening. “Even if this is the end of this, it is the beginning of an insane journey,” said Stroot (33), who only took over VfL last summer with a completely new coaching staff from Stephan Lerch.

The top-class summer transfers Jule Brand (TSG Hoffenheim), Merle Frohms (Eintracht Frankfurt), Marina Hegering (Bavaria Munich) and Sara Agrez (Turbine Potsdam) underline Stroot’s vision “taking the next step next year”.

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