For the title of the sequel, the developer As hobo Studios has uploaded the bet and has expanded the scope of the mechanics of the game to include a relatively solid elaboration system. However, before you can start forge weapons and articles to use in the adventure of Alicia and Hugo, you will first need some hardware. Here is How to get tools in a tale plague’s.

Get tools in plague tale requiem

The tools are distributed quite generously throughout the game, since they are necessary to update the team. They can be found in two different types of chests: secret chests and large chests.

The secret chests are closed and require that you break them with knives (in the photo above, to the right), while the large chests are the gold with adorned leaves that hang from them (in the photo above, to the left).

Remember that, in the case of secret chests, the knives that are used to open them are normally in strongly protected areas, as well as within the secret chests themselves.

Since they are so valuable, our advice is that you always keep them in order to break locks instead of killing enemies, especially because they become rarer to find later in the game.

Keep in mind that in addition to getting new tools to update your equipment, you can also work to acquire the third update of your instruments to get an unbreakable tool, which will make the cost of the tool to update to 0 permanent.

That should give everything you need to know about How to get tools in plague tale requiem . To get more useful tips and guides on the game, look for or see some related contents listed below.

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