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The first gameplay trailer for the cooperative shooter outpost came out

The publisher of Lightning Games and the developer of Team Ranger took part in the presentation of Future Games Show and presented the first trailer for the gameplay of a fantastic cooperative shooter with the working name Outpost.

This game also presents such gaming elements as survival and construction of the base. Players will become collectors who will fight on the forefront with their eclipse rifles against various enemies, explore and collect resources throughout the map, and then return to their base and improve it with the character himself.

At the moment, Outpost is at a stage of early development, hence the working name. A game for personal computers is being developed. It is still unknown about the date of its release and future tests.

For Tom Clancys The Division 2, a patch 15.1 came out. He corrects a number of techniques of errors

For a cooperative shooter from a third person, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, an update 15.1 was released, the purpose of which is to eliminate some problems that players faced in the ninth season of the Secret Alliance.

We do not see the point of dwelling in more detail on the detailed listing of all corrections, especially since you yourself can recognize them from the article of the thematic public VK.

Recall that the players did not receive the new content for The Division 2 for about a year and a half. But on May 12, the ninth season was finally added to the game, the plot of which continues the story of the traitor Fei Lau and the decision of the consequences of her actions. The “Expertise” system was also added, with which it is possible to minimize and maximize the final content of the game.

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