The goal anthem was not yet faded when it started all over again. And then again – before you knew yourself, the lilies led 3-0 against Aue, there were no 20 minutes.

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It is precisely this bile, this hungry hungry is the southern Hesse this season and ensures that SV Darmstadt 98 is not only in second place after 32 match days, but also provides the best offensive in the league together with LigaPrimus Schalke (67 goals).

The star is the star in Darmstadt, the goals are spread over different players. “We treat ourselves to each other,” Braydon Manu confirmed after the 6-0 victory over Aue the secret of success of the lilies.

“Horny team, horny coaching team”

Exemplary for this was both his template before 4: 0 (39th) and Luca Pfeiffer’s assist before 5: 0 (74.). Both could have been on their own, but saw the better positioned player in the crucial situations.

This is probably why Tobias Kempe spoke of a “horny team with a horny coaching team” after the game – which is now knocking for the second time after 2015 at the door to the Bundesliga.

“Everything is possible” – “Full board” Düsseldorf is waiting

Also there is Kempe, who, like captain Fabian Holland, has already witnessed the first climb. “We are all in the mood. I get goose bumps again. We still have two important games, everything is possible,” said the 32-year-old Kempe at first euphorized before he caught again immediately. “We have to stay cool,” was his announcement.

Stay cool because the lilies in Düsseldorf and against Paderborn have two heavy games in front of their chest. Trainer Torsten Lieberknecht described the Fortuna, who is still undefeated under Daniel Thioune after eleven games, as a “full board” – in the first round, the southern Hesse had to give up the Rhinelander 1: 3. Warning enough.