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FC Schalke 04 is claimed to locate Thiaw

The begin of the season showed: Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 plague great defense concerns. Quickly prior to completion of the change duration, the area club apparently desires to retrofit. A main defender from Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool might concern the royal blue.

There is no set transfer in the room, yet a rental base change. At Schalke 04, the Dutch worldwide should obtain the urgently required video game practice. Van den Berg’s future is most likely to be with the Reds at the very least in the tool term, his contract is dated the English runner-up up until 2024.

According to the paper, Sepp van Den Berg from Liverpool FC is anticipated on Tuesday morning for the medical check in Gelsenkirchen. The 20-year-old defender can also exist to the fans if the general public training occurs.

FC Schalke 04 wishes to rearrange itself at the protection center: U21 global Malick Thiaw is about to switch over to air conditioning Milan and, according to Italian media records, rinses around five million euros in the scarcity of money. According to Bild, the team square of the 21-year-old is also to take over a gifted as well as young main protector.

van den Berg debut at 16 in the eredivisie

For the specialist squad of group manager Jürgen Klopp, the ideal foot trained at the PEC Zwolle is not intended anyway. In the previous year as well as a half, van Denberg was obtained from the second department club Preston North End.

The beginning of the season showed: Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 plague great defense concerns. A central defender from Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool could come to the royal blue.

With the Young person, Schalke head instructor Frank Kramer had one more option for the defensive, which in the 4 games thus far since gone back to the Bundesliga was not truly saddle celebration. In the home game against 1. FC Union (1: 6), the issues ended up being greater than clear, S04 already yielded eleven objectives.

There the 1.89 meter tall defender came to 61 competitive games, 58 times he remained in the starting eleven. For Zwolle, he as soon as debuted in the Eredivisia as a 16-year-old as well as made 23 competitive video games until his transfer to England. Ever since he has actually played twice under Klopp in the English Fa Mug.

FC Union (1: 6), the troubles came to be extra than clear, S04 currently acknowledged eleven objectives.

Ginters break with Gladbach: something broke

When he found out last summer that the Borussia wanted to sell him, it was a break with the club. “It was very bitter and hard for me. Something broke,” said Matthias Ginter in the Gladbach fan podcast.

Previously, the association around the then manager Max Eberl had assured him of planning with him as a leadership figure and future captain during the first contract talks in February 2021. After a change in summer had not come about for different reasons, the club made him an “alibi offer” in October, said Ginter: “But I said to my consultant: No matter how the sum is, the thing is through. “

“I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to create any unrest”

Matthias Ginter STOPPED Bayern from Winning!
He was also particularly disappointed that he was not allowed to make his own statement when the Borussia made its departure public at the end of the season: “That I was put up so public and that I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to create any restlessness, that was The hardest time, “said the 28-year-old.

After 178 competitive games for the Borussia, with which he has been under contract since 2017, the Freiburger native will change back to his home club after the season. In 2012, Ginter had debuted with the professionals and completed a total of 81 competitive games until his transfer to Borussia Dortmund in 2014.

Corona faked: Deportivo fires players

Players who cannot take part in the game due to a corona infection have been part of the new reality in the football world since the beginning of the pandemic. In Spain, however, a highly curious case has occurred.

As the Spanish daily “El País” writes, the professional Juan Carlos Menudo from third division team Deportivo La Coruna faked a Covid 19 disease last weekend so that they do not have to travel with the team to go away against Talavera.

According to the report, the 30-year-old is said to have contacted the medical department of his club on Thursday of last week. There he faked symptoms and claimed that a antigen test carried out on Covid-19 was positive.

Coach Borja Jiménez then stroked him from the squad for the game in Talavera.

However, the offensive midfielder did not use the leisure gained as a result. Instead, he is said to have followed the Spanish Cup final between Betis Sevilla and FC Valencia live in the stadium on Saturday evening.

Menudo originally comes from Seville and, according to the newspaper, is a glowing Betis follower. The deportivo player did not want to miss their most important game in the recent club history.

Tackling Coronavirus Fake News | This Morning

Deportivo fires corona swindler menudo

The ten had obviously obtained tickets for the final at an early stage. His plan to visit the game would also have worked if Talavera had not applied to the association to move the game against Deportivo from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

Ultimately, Menudo was only able to look forward to the triumph of his heart’s association in the penalty shootout. Since Deportivo was able to understand due to pictures that the player had visited and lied the cup final, the club resolved the contract with Menudo without further ado. This was confirmed by the former Champions League participant in a message on the club website on Friday.

“The parts director told me that the club made the decision based on values that should be respected by everyone and that show how Deportivo should be,” says “El País” coach Jiménez.

According to the sheet, Menudo is said to have been one of the top earners of the Galicians. In the current season he had played eleven games in the third division and scored a goal.

Janelt in the interview: There were inquiries from the Bundesliga

Mr. Janelt, according to your coach Thomas Frank you are not the best obligation of the club history of FC Brentford. Can you live with it?

Yes, of couse. I can think that he meant.

The “Best Commitment of Club History” is a certain Christian Eriksen, according to Frank.

That’s no surprise.

Eriksen signed in January at Brentford because he was no longer allowed to play in the Serie A at Inter due to his defibrillator.

That was a blessing for us. With his experience, with his quality he does us well, everyone sees us. He is an enrichment for all, and it’s no coincidence that we won each game with him in the starting eleven. I’m totally happy that I stand together with him on the square.

Against Newcastle (0: 2) Eriksen debuted at the end of February for half an hour, in the week he stood at 3-1 in Norwich in the starting eleven. What makes him so good that it has been going well since then?

His beveragekeit is brutal. Recently he beaten a flank, which can only be made on the PlayStation – and he does that with the weak foot! His presence in the square triggers something, to its rest on the ball, you can play it in every situation. Christian does not even print when he has pressure.

He has top integrated and is a very pleasant guy, not in the batch arrogant.

Vitaly Janelt About Christian Eriksen

Say: Eriksen is now primarily the footballer Eriksen and not only the Feel-Good story after the drama at the em?

And he wants that too. After his idea on the first day he said directly: “Guys, do not worry, if you have any questions, come to me, I like to explain everything. But let’s play football here.” He has top integrated and is a very pleasant guy, not in the approach arrogant.

You yourself contribute a non-insignificant part to the success story. Recently, you have extended your contract until 2026 and a day later achieved a double pack at the sensational 4: 1 victory at Klubweltmeister Chelsea.

The 48 hours were not so wrong. _ (smiles) _ We have been in conversations since January, but first wanted to focus on athletic. And when it ran better again, we finalized the contract. Let’s say so: Friday and Saturday was great fun.

They changed in October 2020 from VFL Bochum to the then second division to West London. How did you come to the contract extension?

At that time I signed “only” by 2024 and then a very big contribution to the climb. And it is actually most of the way that you look at two years before the end of the contract in which direction it goes: extend or sell? I signals that I want to feel very comfortable and extend. Meanwhile, many power carriers have extended.

Because Christian Nörgaard hurt himself in the preseason, they were allowed to prove themselves quickly, meanwhile they call their teammate Ivan Toney with a wink “Ronaldinho”. How have you experienced the so far about one and a half years?

Nobody would probably have two years ago – not my old club, my current club, my family, my girlfriend or me – counted with this development. My consultant had a good sense. Now the irreeal has become real, I would say. Alone the climb with these tingling play-offs was a crazy experience. There was a pressure in the crucial game, it was about hundreds of millions of euros. Now the year in the Premier League, with the on and abs. Everything is there, and it’s great fun.

Brentford will pretty sure keep the class, despite a small budget in the league comparison with comparatively little transfer spending. How did that?

We bring players with development potential, so it was with me too. The majority of the team already played together last year, with us everyone knows what he has to do on the court. Everyone makes his job, no one is arrogant. Even Ivan (Toney, Best Torobäger, d. Red.) Is the ways and defends in your own sixteen.

Between the beginning of January and early March, Brentford won not a single league game, slipped into 17th 17th place. How did the club deal with this crisis?

Our goalkeeper (David Raya) was long unusual, Ivan has meanwhile missing. Of course, we can not replace our service providers. In the difficult phase, however, we have held together, and against Norwich we had a kind of final in early March, have it – even thanks to a system conversion to 4-3-3 – won and a run. Sometimes it just needs a success experience.

They act as a sixth time on the eight. Where does the coach look like?

I am a classic six, no one-counter-one player. I get more about my power, my physique and ball distribution. Just my power is on the eight but also benefits from time to time; That I do deep routes and go to the dangerous z1. I get an ever better feeling for the position.

The 2: 0 for the prelude to Arsenal, a 3: 3 against Liverpool or the 4: 1 at Chelsea: What were the highlights in the previous season?

I could take every game, but the 2-0 against Arsenal I would highlight. The euphoria at that time, the floodlight to the starting game, a derby and then the mood. Everything was fine.

I think he has me on the screen.

Vitaly Janelt via Hansi Flick

At 3: 3 against Liverpool, when they also met, Hansi was on-site. He will certainly have also registered their double pack against Chelsea.

Dutch lesson with Brooks and Weghorst - Repeat After Me - Bundesliga 2019 Advent Calendar 12
I randomly met him when we played at Arsenal in February. Since he went over the way in the tunnel, and we squatted briefly.

about your chances in the national team?

It was more of a bit of Smalltalk, as he went and why he was at all on site. And because Bernd Leno sat at Arsenal on the bench, it had to be about me. He also confirmed that. Unfortunately, I have just been playing in the game for the first time when I was fit, did not play from the beginning, but was replaced early.

There have been contact with the national coach since then?

No, but I think he’s on the screen.

What would you say if in the summer despite the recent contract renewal a Bundesligan knock on?

I’m completely relaxed there. What comes, that comes, but I’m not waiting for an offer. There were inquiries from the Bundesliga and other great leagues before the extension. Currently I am happy in Brentford.

Roman Abramovich obviously interested in taking over Turkish club Göztepe Izmir

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has apparently already appreciated for the time after the desired sale of the blues. As the Turkish sports direction fanatik reports, the Russian oligarch is seeking a takeover of the Süper-Lig club Göztepe Izmir.

Accordingly, negotiations between Abramovich and Club side should already run. Göztepe is currently located in the Turkish league at a relegation of relegation, the longtime President Mehmet Sepil had announced his resignation to the end of the season.

Turkey could therefore be of interest to Abramovich because the country has not imposed such sharp sanctions against Russian persons in the course of the war between Russia and Ukraine as other European states. Turkey is not a member of the EU. Only in these weeks was apparently two yachts of the 55-year-old billionaire in Turkish ports.

Chelsea is subject to strict rules because of Abramovich

In the course of the sanctions, Abramovich already announced to sell Chelsea. However, since the British government issued regulations that it abused Abramovich continues to make money with the club, the club around Trainer Thomas Tuchel last in day-to-day business in trouble. Thus Chelsea may not complete contract extensions with players, the sale of merchandising is prohibited. After all, the strict rules when selling tickets were somewhat loosened.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Tuchel to Chelsea-Chaos: “Drive for distress in the seven-seater to Lille”
* Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

'Ukraine deserves peace' says protester who tried to block Roman Abramovich's yacht

Overall, more than 200 bids should have given the deadline for a takeover of the club on 18 March. A final decision is likely to fall in the coming weeks.

Klos farewell of Bielefeld means a large tin

Arminia Bielefeld without Fabian Klos \ – This is not only for die-hard fans of the Bundesliga club, but generally difficult for many viewers. After this season, however, it becomes reality. The farewell announced by the 34-year-old himself for this summer means a large taest in the history of the East Westphalia.

Perhaps that is above all the fact that the long-standing captain and cult striker presented an unprecedented constant, in a club history, which could have been hardly even more thoroughly changing over ten years during his presence.

Proud 162 mandatory gates for the heart club DSC

In the relegation champion of the 3rd league, the players emerged by Lower Saxon SV in 2011 at Arminia hosted, shot them back to the 2nd league with his goals soon. The relegation drama against Darmstadt 98 in 2014 with the associated, renewed descent into the third class could soon be able to end an end to his era in Bielefeld – there was enough interest in the true attacker. Klos but signaled immediately to repair the damage himself. That succeeded bravely. In the currently now 383 competitive games, he achieved for the DSC, who became the club of his heart, in all three highest leagues and in the cup proud 162 competitive gates – among a variety of coaches and sometimes most difficult conditions in the multiple shortly before the insolvency club.

But not only the impressive balance sheet, but the rousing occurrence of the strong 1.95 meter man caused an exceptionally close connection with the audience. The identification with the city and the city was and is great, the place in the hierarchy of the squad far above – even though insiders have always reported on the “two faces” of the success hungry and thus not always simple colleagues in dealing.

A difficult spot

That made it difficult for those responsible: In order to get a flowing transition for a time after Klos, they had to invest in the future without dismantling a living monument. This was achieved in the past summer with an extension of cooperation by a single year, combined with the partial withdrawal of the captain amps at co-team leaders Manuel Prietl and with the clear agreement, in the team of young recovers as well as the Kiel obliged Janni Serra step for Step into the large footsteps of “number 9” to be kicked. To give others, if they can take care of the water athletic, be no problem for him, Klos himself has always emphasized. His importance in the bid, even as a man on the bench, who can still influence games in the decide phase, has always highlighted coach Frank Kramer.

14. February 202201: 38: 20 hours

KMD # 119 – Frank Kramer

For the fourth time in this KMD season, Alex Schlüter and Benni Zander welcome a current Bundesliga coach in the podcast! This time, Frank Kramer is a guest of Arminia Bielefeld! The trio discusses, among other things, about the changed play style of the Ostwestfalen, the footballing class of Keeper Stefan Ortega and the Joker Roll of Arminia Legend Fabian Klos. Besides, Arminia Bielefeld reporter Andreas Hunzinger reports directly from Berlin about the current situation at Hertha and Union. And of course, it is also explained in detail about possible playoffs in the Bundesliga and Max Kruse…

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Fabian Klos is not “someone” in Bielefeld. Before it possibly came to a tormenting process around its expiring contract in the summer, he now moves out of its own drive the final stroke under a large chapter of its extraordinary career. In addition, of course, before he runs danger, sporty only “someone” in place. There most recently indicated that even a man of his format – but also pure his age – biodegrades biodegrading. What else in a scorer with this instinct does not mean that he does not achieve one or the other important goal for “his” Arminia in the remaining games.

Transfer Ticker: Zakaria leaves Gladbach, BVB

The transfer window in the football Bundesliga closes on Monday at 18:00 clock. Until then, numerous changes can go over the stage.

What plan FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke 04, Gladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt and Co.? What developments are there in Premier League, La League or Serie A?

All news and the hottest rumors around the Deadline Day are available in the Transfer Ticker by Barcelona .

  • Dembélé change to “99 percent” Fix
  • FC Bayern confirms wanner extension
  • Aubameyang change probably bursting
  • Zakaria leaves Gladbach
  • MBAPPÉ with Real Madrid unique

+++ 31.01.2022, 18:00 clock: closed transfer window +++

Just in time at 6 pm, the transfer window closes in Germany. In the coming hours, however, obligations can still be proclaimed as long as the papers were handled in front of the deadline. In addition, the change period ends in other countries only at 0 o’clock. Will the BVB Bürki be left? Does Gladbach present a successor to Zakaria? The next hours will show it!

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:55 pm: Tottenham Wildert at Juventus +++

Tottenham lets it really crash the last day of the transfer window. With Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski, the Spurs have set off two players from Juventus. Bentancur should cost the Londoner around 25 million euros. Kulusevski is borrowed for half-million euros for colported ten million euros and could be committed afterwards for 35 million, it says.

+++ 31.01.2022, 17:51 clock: Dembélé change to “99 percent” Fix +++

While Paris Saint-Germain has apparently adopted from the poker for Ousmane Dembélé, the FC Chelsea dares from coverage. As the Spanish newspaper “ABC” reports, the wing player changes to “99 percent” from FC Barcelona to FC Chelsea. For the Londonern, the 24-year-old should receive a contract by 2026. Dembélé already knows Blues-Coach Thomas Tuchel from the shared time at Borussia Dortmund.

+++ 31.01.2022, 17:37 clock: Union gives Van Dronggelen +++

Defender Rick Van Drongelen Leaves Union Berlin prematurely and passes by lending until the end of the season to the Belgian first division KV Mechelen. Most recently, the former HSV professional struggled against injuries.

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:33 pm: “Unmoral offer” for modests +++

Anthony Modeste would have apparently left the 1st FC Cologne towards Saudi Arabia. Thomas Kessler confirmed a “immoral offer” for the scorer. However, the French have decided against a departure.

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:26 pm: FC Bayern confirms wanner extension +++

FC Bayern has now officially confirmed the contract extension with Paul Wanner. “We have now accompanied his first steps in the Bundesliga, many more should follow. Paul is a special talent we want to promote,” quotes the record champion coach Julian Nagelsmann. About the term make the Munich no indication.

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:19 pm: The countdown is running! +++

Less than an hour remains the Bundesliga club in order to strengthen for the further second half of the year. However, confirmations can be done after 6 pm, if the deals were completed before the change period.

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:16 pm: Finely pulls to Dresden +++

At Greuther Fürth, Adrian Altieste usually only on the bench. Because of this, the midfielder of FC Bayern leaves the Bundesligist prematurely and closes on a lending to the end of the season’s dynamo Dresden.

+++ 31.01.2022, 5:10 pm: FC Bayern can hold wanner +++

Through its three Bundesliga missions, the just 16-year-old Paul Wanner (contract until 2022) has taken care of FC Bayern for a stir and drawn the interest of other clubs. But according to the “picture”, the Munichman equip the midfielder with a long-term contract. As a result, Wanner has shown a perspective at the professionals at FC Bayern. In addition, the junior player should receive the number 14, which was carried in the past among others by Xabi Alonso and Claudio Pizarro.

+++ 31.01.2022, 17:03 clock: Aubameyang change probably bursting +++

On Monday afternoon, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was already spotted in Barcelona, ​​now the attacker can obey the return flight to London. Finally, “The Athletic” has learned that the negotiations on a lending between the FC Arsenal and Barca have failed. Accordingly, clubs could not agree on a salary takeover.

+++ 31.01.2022, 16:56 clock: Lyon beats twice +++

Olympique Lyon beats twice on the transfer market! For example, the Club of Trainer Peter Bosz confirmed the obligations of the two midfielder Romain Faivre and Tanguy Ndombélé. While FAIVRE comes from Stade Brest for at least 15 million euros, Ndombélé is first borrowed from Tottenham.

+++ 31.01.2022, 16:48 clock: fix! Zakaria leaves Gladbach +++

Denis Zakaria leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach with immediate effect and closes Juventus Turin. “He opened us openly that he wants to change and he also clearly expressed that he wanted to allow us to reveal a transfer for his transfer. Because at the end, in our view, the economic conditions voted, we have the transfer Tuned, “Gladbach’s Vice President Rainer Bonhof is quoted.

Zakarias Treaty would have expired at Borussia at the end of the season. Lastly, the FC Bayern and BVB also considered a purchase of the central midfielder player. Now Juventus has received the surcharge.

Allegedly Gladbach receives five million euros in return. In addition, the transfer may probably increase by a further three million euros through performance-based conditions.

+++ 31.01.2022, 16:26 clock: Kolo Muani signs probably in Frankfurt +++

The obligation of Randal Kolo Muani apparently increasingly accepts more concrete forms at Eintracht Frankfurt. According to the latest reports, the offensive player has signed a five-year contract at the SGE. More information is available here.

+++ 31.01.2022, 16:17 clock: Ramsey goes to Scotland +++

Aaron Ramsey will leave Juventus Turin after two and a half years and connect the Glasgow Rangers. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Scottish traditional club has agreed with the Italian record champion to lending the central midfield player. In addition, the Rangers for the 31-year-old receive a purchase option.

+++ 31.01.2022, 16:04 clock: Union finds Kruse successor +++

After the departure of Max Kruse Union Berlin has found a suitable successor for the attack. Sven Michel comes from second division SC Paderborn to Köpenick. About the contract period of the 31-year-old make the Iron no specification. “The change to Union is a great chance for me. The talks with Oliver Ruhnert and coach Urs Fischer convinced me that here is worked with a concrete plan. That’s important to me and I am convinced that I can help this team “Michel says.

+++ 31.01.2022, 15:51 clock: BVB about Bürki lending unique +++

As “Sky” reports, Borussia Dortmund agrees with the FC Lorient about a lending of Roman Bürki. Now the ball is at the goalkeeper, because in the French first division, the Swiss would probably make less money than the BVB (around five million euros). A change to Ligue 1 is still possible until midnight.

+++ 31.01.2022, 15:40 clock: Manunited professional wants way +++

Jesse Lingard plays only a sideline at Manchester United and therefore wants to leave the English master. According to Fabrizio Romano, the outer railway player coach Ralf Rangnick asked to change the Deadline Day. With Newcastle United and West Ham, two interested parties are supposed to stand.

+++ 31.01.2022, 15:17 clock: mancity secures himself Álvarez +++

Manchester City has secured the services of Julián Álvarez. The attacker comes from the Argentine first division River Plate to the Premier League and receives a contract with the Skyblues until 2027. The 22-year-old costs mancity allegedly 17.5 million euros together with bonus payments. In the coming half year, however, the scorer will be headed for River Plate lending.

+++ 31.01.2022, 15:00: HSV apparently keeps the feet still +++

The Hamburg SV keeps the feet quietly in the last hours of the transfer window. How to learn how to know “Image” is most likely no more new to the second division. Most recently, HSV was associated with the 20-year-old Wing Storm Crysenecio Summerville (Leeds United).

+++ 31.01.2022, 14:55: Gladbach allegedly reinforcement +++

Borussia Mönchengladbach apparently stands before the commitment of Angelo Fulgini. According to “L’Équipe” the central midfielder lacked in the training of the French first division Sco Angers. In the coming hours, the 25-year-old should sign a contract in Gladbach. There is no information about the amount of the transfer fee.

+++ 31.01.2022, 14:36 ​​clock: Raschl leaves the BVB +++

Tobias Rachsch leaves Borussia Dortmund after almost seven years and closes to 2024 Greuther Fürth. “I thank all those responsible, coaches, players and fans for the common years and the development I was allowed to take in Dortmund,” the 21-year-old is quoted on the BVB homepage. The central midfielder was predominantly used in the second team.

+++ 31.01.2022, 14:30: FC Bayern lets Motika probably pull +++

Nemanja Motika is clearly relying FC Bayern. According to “Sky”, FC Bayern has adopted the offer of Red Star Belgrade. As a result, Münchner collects over two million euros plus additional payments for the 18-year-old offensive player. However, the medical check is probably still out.

+++ 31.01.2022, 14:10 clock: 1. FC Cologne uses FC Bayern +++

What has already announced in the past few hours is now official! 1. FC Cologne lends Bright Arrey-MBI until June 30, 2023 from FC Bayern. A purchase option should not give media reports. The central defender has a contract in Munich until 2025.

+++ 31.01.2022, 14:05: Lee switches to FC Schalke +++

The FC Schalke 04 has secured the South Korean offensive player Dong-Gyeong Lee. The 24-year-old, who last raised for Ulsan Hyundai, will be borrowed until the end of the season. In addition, the second division owns a purchase option.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:52 clock: Morata stays faithful +++

In recent days, Juventus attacker Álvaro Morata was associated with FC Barcelona, ​​FC Arsenal and Tottenham. According to Fabrizio Romano, however, the Spaniard has now opted for a whereabout in Turin.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:46 clock: Will the BVB Bürki go? +++

Will Borussia Dortmund be going on his replacement keeper Roman Bürki? After the coloted change to Galatasaray has failed, it could now move to the Swiss to France. More information is available here.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:41 clock: Bayern-jewel arrived in Cologne +++

Bright Arrey-MBI stands immediately before a temporary change to 1. FC Cologne. According to “Sky” reporter Marlon Irlbacher is the 18-year-old central defender of FC Bayern already on the Geißbockheim to complete the necessary medicine check. The loan business should be dated by 2023, there is allegedly not a purchase option.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:34 o’clock: Everton wants to borrow Jovic +++

Luka Jovic could not prevail at Real Madrid so far. Now the former attacker could temporarily change the employer from Eintracht Frankfurt. As the “Daily Telegraph” reports, FC Everton wants to borrow the Serbs.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:23 clock: Barkok remains (for the time being) probably in Frankfurt +++

The 1st FSV Mainz 05 would like to reinforce with Aymen Barkok by Eintracht Frankfurt, but according to “Sky”, the SGE blocks a winter change. After the season, the offensive midfielder will probably connect the Rhine countries. According to “Barcelona1” Barkok receives a contract until 2025 in Mainz.

+++ 31.01.2022, 13:07 o’clock: Dembélé change burst? +++

Ousmane Dembélé will probably not change to Paris Saint-Germain. According to “Le Parisia”, the French capital club is not ready to pay the transfer fee required by FC Barcelona of around 20 million euros. Even a desktop with Mauro Icardi, Ángel di María or Juan Bernat is in this transfer period from the table, it says.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:59 pm: Mbappé with Real Madrid unique +++

Already last summer Kylian Mbappé was just before a change to Real Madrid, after the ongoing season, the release-free transfer should actually go over the stage. According to “picture”, the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain with the royal agreed.

According to this, the offensive player in the Spanish capital in the future should earn a mega content of around 50 million euros per year. Thus, the 23-year-old would be the best paid footballers in the world. Currently Lionel Messi is intended to take the highest salary at PSG with around 40 million euros.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:46 clock: Aubameyang landed in Barcelona +++

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is allegedly prior to a loan change to FC Barcelona. As Gerard Romero reports, the attacker of the FC Arsenal has already landed in the Mediterranean metropolis. Official confirmation is still out.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:35: Van de Beek consists medicine check +++

In recent days, Donny Van de Beek was traded at FC Bayern and BVB, now the Mittelfeldmann is facing a change to FC Everton. As Fabrizio Romano reports, the Dutchman passed the medical check with the Toffees and is awarded by Manchester United to the end of the season to the club from Liverpool.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:27 pm: Hertha BSC obliges Nsona +++

With the commitment of Kelian Nsona, Hertha BSC is strengthening for the descent fight in the football Bundesliga. The 19 year old right outside is from the French second division SM Caen and receives a contract in Berlin until 2026.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:20 clock: fix! Weghorst leaves Wolfsburg +++

The transfer of Wout Wirehorst to FC Burnley is perfect. Thus, the attacker turns his back to the VfL Wolfsburg after three and a half years. “The farewell is not easy for me. My family and I had a nice and very important time here,” the 29-year-old is quoted. The transfer fee should amount to around 14 million euros.

+++ 31.01.2022, 12:07 clock: Where is Dele Alli? +++

Tottenham Hotspur continues to search for a customer for Dele Alli. Like “The Athletic” wants to learn, the London is currently talking to FC Valencia and interested parties from England. Most recently, the offensive midfielder was traded at Borussia Dortmund, Brighton & Hove Albion and FC Burnley and FC Everton.

+++ 31.01.2022, 11:54 am: Bayern-Talent Motika Hot desires +++

Is the FC Bayern with Nemanja Motika (contract until 2023) a top talent? According to “SKY”, Roter Star Belgrade has given an offer of more than two million euros for the 18-year-old. The Hamburger SV should also advertise the left outside. Motika is currently only used in the second team of the Munich.

+++ 31.01.2022, 11:33 clock: VFL Wolfsburg brings wind +++

The VfL Wolfsburg has found a successor to the Changing Wout Wirehorst. As the Lower Saxony confirmed on Monday afternoon, Jonas Wind comes from FC Copenhagen into the Bundesliga.

+++ 31.01.2022, 11:25: Kolo Muani in Frankfurt +++

Eintracht Frankfurt continues to work on a commitment of Randal Kolo Muani. According to “L’Équipe” the attacker is already in Hesse to complete the compulsory medicine check. In summer, the 23-year-old will finally come from FC Nantes.

+++ 31.01.2022, 11:13 clock: Mourinho lures Bundesliga star +++

Florian Grillitsch wants to leave the TSG Hoffenheim probably in summer and has joined the agency “ICM Stellar Barcelona” according to “Sky”. According to the TV channel, among other things, Newcastle United and the AC Milan are interested in the central midfielder. The hottest lane is currently leads to Rome. Trainer José Mourinho is apparently intended for the 26-year-old to the AS.

+++ 31.01.2022, 10:50: HSV gets cancellation at Paris St. Germain +++

The Hamburg SV was probably on the 18-year-old Jewel Djeidi Gassama of Paris St. Germain. As the portal “” reported, the wing sprayer should be brought to lending from PSG, followed by a purchase option. However, however, the HSV has received a cancellation from Frankfrich, PSG does not want to draw the talent this winter.

+++ 31.01.2022, 10:38 clock: Zakaria received in Turin +++

Now the lid is made at Denis Zakaria and Juventus Turin! On Monday morning the old lady announced that the former Gladbacher has come to the medical check. Corresponding photos of his arrival posted JUVE immediately.

+++ 31.01.2022, 10:01 clock: Does the FC Bayern still collect for Booth? +++

On Sunday, Taylor Booth’s transfer was announced from FC Bayern Munich to FC Utrecht. However, only in the coming summer and free transfer. As it is said in a recent “Sky” report now, the American could still switch to the Eredivisie immediately. In this case, after all, Bayern beckons a transfer fee in the middle six-digit area, the transmitter reminded.

+++ 31.01.2022, 09:21 clock: Christian Eriksen plays for Brentford! +++

Around seven months after his collapse at the European Church, the Danish international Christian Eriksen found a new club.

The midfielder closes to the English first division FC Brentford until the end of the season. “I can not wait to get started,” says the Dane on Monday.

+++ 31.01.2022, 08:55: Union has Kruse replacement at the Angel +++

With his immediate farewell towards VfL Wolfsburg, Max Kruse has taken care of the weekend for a bugging at the 1st FC Union Berlin. Now the Köpenicker is still looking for a replacement for the offensive player.

The solution could be Sven Michel from the SC Paderborn. The 31-year-old plays an outstanding season at the East Westphalia, is with 14 hits and seven goals of the top scorer of the 2nd league. According to a “kicker” report, the iron firs work on a commitment of Michels for the start of the week, which is bound to Paderborn until 2023.

+++ 31.01.2022, 08:45 clock: What happens to the deadline day? +++

Until 18 o’clock transfers in Germany are still possible, the phones of numerous clubs from the Bundesliga should therefore run hot. Does Union Berlin still bring replacement for the Max Kruse immigrated to Wolfsburg? And leaves Denis Zakaria Borussia Mönchengladbach?

But even with the European top clubs, it is still zealous to the last deals today: The former Dortmund Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is available for information of “The Athletic” about a loan change to FC Barcelona. The Catalans again try to get rid of Ousmane Dembélé, according to the Spanish “Barcelona” shows PSG interest.

+++ 31.01.2022, 08:36 clock: Weghorst at the MedicinalCheck +++

Wout Wirehorst will leave VfL Wolfsburg on the last pusher. According to “Sky”, the center-for-uper completes the medical check at the England Club FC Burnley. The wolves, which have already committed to Max Kruse from 1. FC Union Berlin, receive 14 million euros.

+++ 31.01.2022, 07:10 clock: BVB-Talent Ravil pulls it to Fürth +++

Tobias Rachl of Borussia Dortmund stands according to “Kicker” before a change to Bundesliga competitor Greuther Fürth. The contract of the 21-year-old would have expired anyway in the coming summer, so that he can now switch to the shamrocks, a transfer is transferred in the lower six-digit area, it says.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:01 clock: FC Schalke 04 before next transfer +++

According to Marius Lode and Andreas Vindheim, football second division FC Schalke 04 is currently presenting a third winter newcomer today. Dong-Gyeong Lee completes his medical check in Gelsenkirchen according to “SKY” at the Deadline Day.

Dong-Gyeong Lee feels most comfortable in the offensive midfield. For his club Ulsan Hyundai he collected a total of eleven scorer points in 2021.

+++ 30.01.2022, 22:40 clock: Zakaria landed in Turin +++

The change from Denis Zakaria from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Juventus Turin is about to graduate. The Swiss landed on Sunday with his agent in Turin and will complete the compulsory medicine check on Monday.

According to “TransferExperte” Fabrizio Romano, the foals for the defensive midfielder collect a transfer of five million euros. Another three million euros can still be added in the form of bonus payments. At the old lady Zakaria is to sign a contract by 2016.

+++ 30.01.2022, 21:59 clock: nothing new from Dortmund +++

The BVB has held back so far in the current transfer window – and it will probably remain. At least the “Ruhr news” report that in Dortmund to the deadline will not do much. This concerns, among other things, two personalities that sat with one leg already in the plane.

The newspaper writes that there is currently neither novel Bürki nor at Nico Schulz after a quick change. Bürki was already announced by Galatasaray President Burak Elmas as a new approach, but now it looks like the transfer finally burst. According to “Ruhr news”, Gala still has no contact with the Swiss.

And also too Schulz, who was also written to Turkey, no club has yet to have taken on. At the same time, the defender should not have not signaled the Dortmundern that he would like to change.

+++ 30.01.2022, 21:33 clock: Eriksen finds new club +++

Around seven months after his collapse at the European Church, the Danish international Christian Eriksen found a new club. According to “Sky Barcelonas”, the midfielder will join the England first division FC Brentford until the end of the season.

+++ 30.01.2022, 20:52 clock: plays Auba for free for Barca? +++

The FC Barcelona and ex-BVB striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have something together: both are not so good. Barca is looking for players, but has no money, Auba is looking for a new club, but just does not find.

To solve the problem of the two parties, the Gaboner is apparently willing to go a radical step. The newspaper “Barcelona” claims that Aubameyang had agreed to give up his salary and to run “virtually free of” for the Catalans.

+++ 30.01.2022, 20:26 clock: Ex-VFL captain Guilavogui pulls it to Bordeaux +++

Midfielder Joshua Guilavogui changes from the Football Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg to the French descent candidate Girondins Bordeaux. The return of the 31-year-old in his home country after seven and a half years of wolves confirmed the Lower Saxony on Sunday. Bordeaux announced that the deal is a lending option.

+++ 30.01.2022, 20:19 clock: PSG Dembélé already snaps in winter? +++

Santi Aouna from the portal “Foot Mercato” wants to learn that there is an oral agreement between Paris Saint-Germain and Ousmane Dembélé from FC Barcelona. The French Top Club should therefore be striving for a solution for this winter. Should the negotiations with the Catalans who want to get rid of the players will fail, an obligation of the player is called in summer. The Spanish “Barcelona” confirms this information. Barça is supposed to demand 20 million euros for Dembélé. According to the Spanish Barcelona expert Gerard Romero, even PSG striker Mauro Icardi could be involved in the deal.

+++ 30.01.2022, 20:10 clock: Schalke snaps an offensive player from South Korea? +++

The Korean Football Association has informed that Lee Dong Gyeong was issued by the first division of Ulsan Hyundai for negotiations with a German club. Before the season, the offensive midfielder was associated with FC Schalke 04. “Sky” reporter Dirk Big Schlarmann, who is well connected to the royal blue, writes on Twitter that seems to be “a little more” at the rumor “.

+++ 30.01.2022, 18:50: Wolfsburg committed Max Kruse +++

The VfL Wolfsburg has announced the obligation of Max Kruse of the 1st FC Union Berlin. As soon as the 33-year-old completed his medical check, the former national player will sign a contract until 2023. Click here for the message.

+++ 30.01.2022, 18:20 clock: Booth leaves FC Bayern +++

The change from Talent Taylor Booth from FC Bayern to the Dutch first division FC Utrecht is perfect. The 20-year-old American will leave Munich in the summer and switch to the eredivisia.

“It feels like the perfect step for my development,” Booth explained in his idea.

+++ 30.01.2022, 18:03 clock: Does the BVB still strike on the transfer market? +++

In addition to “Spox” and “Goal” now also reports the “Daily Echo” that the BVB should be interested in Daniel Quick. The 19-year-old central defender is considered promising talent and is currently playing for the U23 by Crystal Palace.

In addition to Borussia, Eindhoven, Leicester City, Southampton and the Glasgow Rangers should be on Quick. Both in winter and in summer a transfer to BVB is conceivable, it says.

+++ 30.01.2022, 5:50 pm: Cologne wants to rent Bayern Talent +++

According to “Transfer Market” information, the 1st FC Cologne is just before a bond from Bright Arrey-MBI from FC Bayern. The 18-year-old central defender is regular players in the Rekordmeister regional steering team and was also in the squad of the professionals at the beginning of the year, without being used.

“Effzeh” Barcelonas boss already announced after the obligation of Julian Chabot to still want to get a “perspective player” for the internal defense. The deal should be a lending until 2023 without a purchase option. However, Arrey-MBI should first extend his expiring contract in Munich first.

+++ 30.01.2022, 15:52: Fourth Winter Transfer of Hertha allegedly perfect +++

The “Kicker” announces that Hertha BSC commits the 19-year-old Kelian Nsona from the French second division SM Caen. The transfer of the wing player is already perfect. NSONA sign a contract until 2026 and the Berliners transfer the report to around 500,000 euros to the French.

Currently there is 19-year-old still in the construction phase after a cruciate ligament tear, which he suffered last summer. The talent will not be operational first and is considered anticipation for the coming season.

+++ 30.01.2022, 15:29: Aubameyang before lending to FC Barcelona +++

As the reliable British journalist David Ornstein reports for “The Athletic”, the sorted arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should stand shortly before a lending to FC Barcelona.

Accordingly, it is considered that the Catalans do not have to pay loans, but at least to take large parts of his salary. Currently, the striker earns around 420,000 euros per week. For the financially battered Barcelona a huge sum. Accordingly, talks are currently taking place how exactly the lending should be financed. Also Juventus Turin was considered to be a prospective customer. A purchase option or even duty will not exist.

+++ 30.01.2022, 14:42: FC Bayern concludes planning +++

If you believe “Sky” the FC Bayern will no longer operate on the transfer market in this change period. Other outlets should no longer be on the agenda.

The departure from Michael Cuisance towards FC Venice would thus remain the only completed deal of the record champion this winter. For the 22 year old midfielder, the Munich had taken about four million euros.

+++ 30.01.2022, 13:57 clock: FC Bayern brings back fine and gives it directly +++

At the SPVGG Greuther Fürth, Adrian finely experienced a half-year forgetting, player and club want to break the lending already in winter.

His tribal club Bayern Munich seems to be agreed and even have a new club for the Midfieldman at the fishing one: According to “BarcelonasBüzzer” and “Kicker”, the second division Dynamo Dresden will be followed by the second division.

+++ 30.01.2022, 13:39 clock: Deal Done! Liverpool brings Colombia star +++

Trainer Jürgen Klopp can look forward to a new player at FC Liverpool: The Reds have committed the Colombian national Luis Díaz from FC Porto.

The 25-year-old signed a “long-term” contract, liverpool shared. The clubs did not give any information about the removal modalities, the sum should, according to media reports, should be up to 60 million euros depending on bonus payments. For Porto Díaz had scored 41 goals in 125 games.

+++ 30.01.2022, 10:32 clock: JUVE thinks about Hertha flop +++

Twenty years ago, Hertha BSC moved to Olympique Lyon two years ago to lure Midfiel-Ass Lucas Tousart to the Spree. In Berlin, however, the Frenchman never happy, still in this winter a separation is sought.

As reported to “RMC Barcelona”, the last 24-year-old could soon be taken into account for an unevenly more pronounced club in the old lady: Juventus Turin should strive for Tousart.

+++ 30.01.2022, 09:40 clock: Bayer wants Azmoun already in winter – may Alario go? +++

The release-free change from Sardar Azmoun in the coming summer has already confirmed Bayer Leverkusen. According to “picture”, however, more and more indicates an immediate transfer of the Iranian, who wants to leave Zenit St. Petersburg.

If it comes to agreement, the way for Lucas Alario, which is highly in the course at Hertha BSC and Eintracht Frankfurt, is likely to be free.

+++ 30.01.2022, 09:31 clock: Wolfsburg negotiates with Weghorst successor +++

While Wolfsburg’s last shaped Torjäger Wout Woodhorst is currently in England to negotiate with the FC Burnley over a change, VfL has apparently already have a suitable successor to the Angel.

BVB Target Gouri, Dolberg & Martial as Haaland Replacements | Zakaria Could See Himself Joining BVB
As the FC Copenhagen officially confirmed on Saturday, an offer of Lower Saxony for striker Jona’s wind is entered. The 22-year-old is Danish a national player and should already be flown to Germany to complete the medicine check.

+++ 30.01.2022, 09:22 clock: FC Liverpool immediately before transfer coup +++

The FC Liverpool is shortly before the obligation of Luis Díaz. The Reds have clarified the last details with the FC Porto. The 25-year-old wing player has already agreed with Liverpool on a five-year contract. On Sunday, first pictures of Díaz in his new work outfit made the round.

Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund were also associated with Díaz.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:57 clock: Bremer on the list of Bayern +++

So far, in addition to Matthias Ginter, Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rüdiger were acted as promising defense candidates at FC Bayern.

According to information of the portal “Tuttomercatoweb”, however, the record champion could also seek a relatively unknown solution in Germany and read the Brazilian Gleison Bremer from FC Turin. The contract of the 24-year-old is still valid until 2023.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:42 clock: FC Bayern lowers the thumb +++

Due to the release-free departure of Niklas Süle, the FC Bayern must present at the latest in the summer, but maybe in winter a suitable successor for the internal defense. Lastly, Gladbach’s Matthias Ginter, whose contract also expires, was traded again and again in Munich.

According to “Barcelona1”, it is not on the rumors but nothing: Ginter is “no hot topic” at the Säbener Straße, also the DFB star itself abroad.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:25: Real wants to Tolisso – but only in summer +++

Corentin Tolisso has presented itself in the appealing form at FC Bayern in recent weeks. In summer, the central midfielder could leave the Munich. Now Real Madrid appears in position.

According to “Mundo Deportivo”, the royal are interested in a release-free commitment of the French. The working paper of the 27-year-old ends at FC Bayern at the end of the season, so Tolisso could leave the Bundesliga club for free.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:16 clock: Stuttgart new entrance in the approach +++

According to Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, VfB Stuttgart secures the services of Tiago Tomás of Barcelonaing. Thus, the 19-year-old Portuguese changes to the Swabia for a long-term lending. A purchase option over 15 (!) Millions of euros should have also assured the Stuttgart. Still on Sunday the jewel meets in the Ländle, it says.

+++ 30.01.2022, 07:08: Aubameyang change to FC Barcelona always more concrete +++

However, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not only a hot topic in Saudi Arabia: According to “Mundo Deportivo” and “Barcelona”, FC Barcelona also makes serious at the former BVB star. Transfer expert Gerard Romero even reports an agreement between Barca and the attacker.

However, enough money for the commitment Aubameyang would probably only in case of a change from Ousmane Dembélé in the Catalans Councils. Either way: The FC Arsenal may well make authorized hopes to get rid of his ex-captain in the current change period.

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Chelsea struggles to victory after Tuchel shock

Team Manager Thomas Tuchel from the Champions League winner FC Chelsea has infected with the Corona virus immediately before departure to the Club World Cup. The former Mainz and Dortmund coach went into isolation and hopes to fly to the Club World Cup to Abu Dhabi at the end of the coming week.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel confirms he is vaccinated against COVID-19

For the team with Antonio Rüdiger, Kai Hvertz and Timo Werner, the departure was already planned for Saturday, immediately after the tedious 2: 1 (1: 1, 1: 1) N.V. In the FA Cup four-round match against the third division Plymouth Argyle. HAVERTZ gave the template to the winning goal by Marcos Alonso (105. + 1), goalkeeper Kepa then parried a foul feet (118) of the outsider.

The English champion and Premier League leader Manchester City won against the second division FC Fulham with 4: 1 (2: 1), where national players Ilkay Gündogan (6.) achieved the 1: 1 compensation. John Stones (13th) met 2: 1. Fabio Carvalho (4th) had surprisingly introduced the London. Riyad Mahrez (53., Faulfemeter / 57.) Provided for the final score.

In Abu Dhabi, Chelsea engages in the half-finals on Wednesday into the action at the Club World Cup and then meets the winner of the duel between Al-Jazira Club or Al-Hilal.

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