If the goalkeeper relocates too very early and holds the sphere, the penalty is to be repeated, as the DFB discussed. According to the regulations, the goalkeeper contends the very least one component of a foot on, over or behind the objective line (rule 14). If it is a visible offense that the referee team does not recognize on the field should also interfere below the video aide.

If a penalty is repelled or held by the goalkeeper, the referee should determine whether the goalkeeper has actually behaved according to the policies. Much there has actually been a particular area of resistance, stated the German Football Association on Tuesday. In any type of situation, this has only been rarely in the 2021/2022 season with a total amount of 17 punished penalties, but should currently be a thing of the past.

With the modification, the umpires ought to be provided a clear line as well as the decision is made easier. The objective is to prevent different analyses based upon a discernment.

The umpires are intended to punish terrible behavior of goalkeepers in penalty thrusts.