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Set the score to the Diamond Casino from GTA Online to next week

Earlier this week, we reported a rumor about a new flight grand theft auto online. Well, do not you ask the question, it’s time to make a caper

Rockstar Games confirmed that The Diamond Casino Heist was ready to operate. It starts on December 12th, and there is a lot of story behind that.

Despite the fact that customers appreciate what the casino has to offer, security has been strengthened recently. The initiates of the Cheng Family Holdings family sent a number of enigmatic text messages to the owners of attes, and some rather interesting shots were discovered on Agatha Baker’s office. Not to mention that the official website has the allusions that something big is about to happen.

Your job is to work alongside the Cheng family during your infiltration in the casino, with a number of preparation and preparation missions to prepare you. Once you have determined what you want to do, you will have the choice between multiple paths, making sure to reinforced security measures to access the safe. However, keep an eye on the changing conditions that will require you to change strategy on the fly. Sometimes, “The best designed plans go to the side”, according to the publisher.

GTA Online The Diamond Casino Heist - Heist Prep: Unmarked Weapons [Solo]
A big step is to build a forehead to set up the Hold-up. It is a retro arcade property, which envelops “the neuralgic center in which Heist operations are organized and repeated”. Do you often practice here because what is real will put your skills to the test.

Gather your team and get ready for the Diamond Casino Heist when kicking on December 12th.

Grand theft auto online is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, as part of grand theft auto v.

Fans believe that Diamond Casino Heist Teaser reveals the frame of GTA 6

The output of the next Diamond Casino Heist is imminent. The case was supposed to be the last major piece of DLC for GTA V while the rumors of GTA 6 continue to rise. To this end, the fans believe that the Teaser Diamond Casino Heist gives an idea of ​​what awaits the fans of Grand Theft Auto 6. That’s where the theory becomes a bit fragile. The teaser shows some pictures of a Lester hack. During this sequence, a world map is displayed, but only South America is highlighted, referring to the setting for the next game.

This is not that the theory ends however. It starts in fact since the Doomsday Heist where the cards have also been found to highlight Vice City, Cuba and Colombia. This is important for rumors that suggest that GTA 6 will extend over 3 different locations and at different times. Flash ahead of a few years; The files were found in Red Dead Redemption 2 called Project Americas. Some fans think that the Guarma sequence in RDR2 was a kind of test for a jungle decor in Colombia. It’s not totally out of the question.

The opening sequence of GTA V was a snowy Los Santos, which is a striking contrast with the rest of the game that takes place in the sunny moments of the year. Probably not by coincidence, there are the snowy places used in RDR2. Maybe the GTA V test was used for Red Dead. The strangest things happened. It is essentially the theory that has been presented to you.


What do you think? Do you buy? Is it a complete nonsense? Let us know in the comments below.

Diamonds Are Forever Today in GTA Online

Grab triple rewards this week in GTA Online with the Diamond Adversary Series.

You can likewise obtain double GTA as well as RP on Casino Site Job and also Casino Story Missions along with Drop Zone. Sticking with diamonds, take advantage of a chance to earn a Ruby score for gamers who finish the Diamond Casino Heist Finale. You can additionally get a cost-free Red The Diamond Classic Tee for finishing the Diamond Casino Heist Finale.

Youll receive double Automobile Meet Rep on Sprints. Furthermore, youll also earn cost-free Liberty City Penitentiary Coveralls for those that have Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy– The Definitive Version as well as log in today.

Diamonds Are Forever | GTA V: Online - Casino Heist [FULL HEIST]

Furthermore, youll likewise be awarded a complimentary Weekend Racer Livery for the Bravado Poltergeist for all gamers that log in today. For much more complimentary stuff, obtain a cost-free Declare Bug stars Burrito, offered from War stock Cache & Carry.

Discounts today consist of 40% off all Clothing at the Casino Shop, and also 35% off the Gambling Establishment Master Penthouse and its Upgrades and Adjustments. Car discounts include 40% off the Annie S80RR, Proven PR4, Invade as well as Encourage RC Tank, Maxwell Drifter, Karin Ever on, Western Rampant Rocket, and Ends Paragon R.

Positioning initially in an LS Automobile Meet Series for 3 days in a row will certainly earn players the Vapid Dominator GET. Test rides this week include The Emperor Secure, Dina Jester RR, and also Sister Growler. Finally, gamers that link their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will certainly obtain a GTA 100K benefit for playing whenever this week in addition to a totally free LCC Sanctum motorcycle, readily available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Discover more about whats new in GTA Online this week over at Rock star Newswire.

Grand Theft Auto V 3x GTA RP for casino work bonuses on the Diamond Casino Heist

AEW (for legal purposes, All Elite Wrestling, LLC.) It is a US specialist wrestling company established in 2019 by business people Shahid Khan and also his boy Tony Khan, owners of the Football team Jacksonville Jaguars from the National Football Organization and also the Fulham Football Club of English Football. Shahid is the primary capitalist of the promotion, while his son Tony is the head of state and also head of operations. The expert boxers Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks (Matt as well as Nick Jackson) and Kenny Omega del Stable The Elite, are the inaugural got skills of the firm, as well as are also functioned as executive vice presidents of the promo.
CBS Sports defines AEW as the first company with a crucial financial backing in starting to compete with WWE at a vital level in virtually 20 years. In spite of the excellent testimonials of journalism, boxers like Mick Foley have stated that the company is devoting blunders as a result of the lack of experience of a lot of its young talents.
AEW has labor relationships with the United States company National Wrestling Partnership (NSA), Japanese business DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT), Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJ PW), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJP) and also with Mexican company Wrestling AAA Worldwide (AAA).

This week, you will receive triple GTA $ and RP in the Diamond opponent mode in GTA online. In addition, the robbery month continues: Anyone concluding the Diamond robbery final and proves that the house does not always win, the classic Diamond T-shirt and the ability to find diamonds in the safe room.

The highlights of the week:

Triple GTA $ & RP in the Diamond opponent mode series
Double GTA $ & RP for casino work and -story mission and in sandstone
The chance of diamonds in the safe chamber — concludes the Diamond robbery final and goes home with full pockets
The classic red Diamond t-shirt Free for the completion of the Diamond robbery-final
Double car-Meet reputation for participation in sprints
The Liberty City Prisoner Overall Free For all owners of grand theft Car: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, which log in GTA online this week
The WEEKEND racer design for the bravado Banshee for free
The DECLARE BUG STARS BURRITO free, pick up at War stock Cache & Carry
40% discount on clothing in the casino shop
35% on the Master Penthouse in the casino and on associated improvements and modifications
Vehicle discounts : 40% on the Annie S80RR, The Proven PR4, The Food-controlled Invade-and-Persuade tank, The Maxwell Vagrant, the Karin Ever on, The western Rampant Rocket and the ENDS Paragon R
The Pegasus Russo is the main price of the week on the fortune wheel
Pricing vehicle and manufacturer : Wins three days in a row a race of the ls-car-Meet series and gets the vapid dominator GET

Best Ways to Make Money in GTA 5 Online This Week (Update November 18th, 2021)

Prime Gaming Bonuses: All, which connect your social club account with Prime Gaming, get a bonus of 100,000 GTA $ for playing throughout this week, as well as the motorcycle LCC sanctum for free (available at Southern San Andreas Super Cars)

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rock star Newswire.

This week is the Kronjuwel of Los Santos skyline in the spotlight: The Diamond Casino & Resort. As you hear, an armored delivery van should have been observed in a delivery of diamonds for the vault room. Those who are brave and persistent enough to take it with the house, have the chance to end up with bags full of valuable gems.

For the conclusion of the final of the Diamond Casino Mast until November 24, you will also receive the classic red diamond t-shirt as a free bonus within 72 hours after login after 2 December.

Double GTA $ & RP for casino work and history missions

If your key has a penthouse and also needs a break from eternal robbing of the Diamond, you can call your fruit at Basin Manager Ms. Baker and ask for casino work. Or you are looking for you in your office to complete casino story missions. Both brings double GTA and RP this week.

Triple Rewards in the Diamond Opponent Mode Series

It is said that the house always wins, but you can still clear correctly. Just start the Diamond opponent mode series and put you right in the casino with other decayed figures to drive triple rewards by 24 November.

Gift for Games by Grand Theft Car: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition

To get the Liberty City Prisoner Overall, you have to play any title of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition and then log in to GTA online before 25 November. The overalls will be added within 72 hours of login after 2 December of your wardrobe. Players must have previously been associated with all titles with their account in the Social Club.

Free design for the Bravado Banshee

Anyone who plays GTA online this week will receive the Weekend Racer design for the iconic Bravado Banshee for free. Pedestrians will only perceive them as a multicolored veil, who cause on the freeway past them, but they know the difference

As mentioned earlier, you will reward this week for the conclusion of the final of the Diamond Casino Heist with the classic red Diamond T-shirt. You can also pick up a free dental bug stars Burrito at War stock Cache & Carry this week.

This icon of the Heist-History plays both a sideline in the Diamond Casino, if you decide to you, and in Jewelenbraub in story mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

Get the classic red diamond t-shirt and the DECLARE BUG STARS BURRITO for free

Double Car Meet Reputation for Sprints

Some differences can only be explained by genetics. There would be, for example, the urge for the competition, the racer feel. This instinctive compulsion to lose the engines to ram others and let them eat the smoke of their smoking tires.

If your member is in the LS Car Meet, you can open the interaction menu on site and start a sprint (interaction menu> LS Car Meet> Sprint). You and the other participants will receive twice the amount of car-Meet reputation for participation.

Double GTA $ and RP in Sandstone

Jumps into dizzying height from a floating Cargo bob, tears your parachute up and fights in the landing zone to control over a small stain land. A precise consultation with your teammates in the planning of your attacks gives you a decisive advantage in wrestling around the zone. So keep your communication channels open and your opponents are visible. You will receive double GTA $ and RP all week.

The price vehicle of the week: The Vapid Dominator GET

Drawing bread stones, which will bring the first place in an LS-Car-Meet series this week, are proud owners of the Vapid Dominator GET, a quota car that is just waiting to be tuned and modified to innocent passers-by to put in fear and terror.

Ride the Emperor Secure, Dina Jester RR and Sister Growler on the Test Track Sample

You are looking for a new vehicle? Or after a new tuning project? Just take a look at the test track at the LS Car Meet to try out the Emperor Secure, Dina Jester RR and Sister Growler extensively. Bring the racetrack to glow, ride in a timing against the clock or calls others out to a spontaneous spurt to see how the basic models beat in the competition.

The podium vehicle of the week: the Pegasus Russo

Returns to the place of crime as soon as some grass has grown over it, and look past the lucky wheel in the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Resort. Routes on the fortune wheel to win GTA $, RP, clothing, snacks and all sorts of surprise prices. The main prize of the week is Pegasus Russo, a Hypercar who likes to knock on the sound border and Who is there? Asks.


Closes the elite of the Promote upper class: the casino master penthouse as well as the associated improvements and modifications are reduced by 35%. And do not forget to dress adequately: All garments in the casino shop are 40% cheaper.

But not only the casino lifestyle, but also selected vehicles are on offer this week. Below you will find a complete overview with all vehicle trays.

Vehicles on offer:

Annie S80RR — 40% discount
Pr4 — 40% discount
Remote-controlled invade and persuade tanks — 40% discount
Maxwell Vacant — 40% discount
Karin Ever on — 40% discount
Western Rampant Rocket — 40% discount
Ends Paragon R — 40% discount

Bonuses and advantages with Prime Gaming

GTA online players who associate their account in the Rockstar Games Social Club with Prime Gaming receive 100,000 GTA $ when you play at any time this week. You can also pick up the cruel omen under the motorcycles, the LCC Sanctum, for free at Southern San Andreas Super cars. All active members of Prime Gaming, which the LCC Sanctum acquire at full price, will receive 100% of the price within 72 hours of purchase. Sign up at Prime Gaming to get access to future benefits.

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