[Lee Byung Moon Young -soo] Three popular actors Lee Byung -hun, Jung Woo -sung and Cho Seung -woo gathered in a game.

NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 3rd that it will select Lee Byung -hun, Jung Woo -sung, and Cho Seung -woo with a new face of the web board game ‘Hangame’.

The campaign is a story about three top -class actors gathering in a game to play the biggest edition in Korea and compete for the best talents. ▲ Lee Byung -hun actor ‘Poker’ ▲ Cho Seung -woo actor ‘Sumda’ and ‘Shin -hyeo’, and Jung Woo -sung actor ‘Baduk’ leads a variety of programs and appears all over the game. It will be presented.

NHN expects that many users with many campaigns will energize web board games as ‘mind sports’.

You can meet actors representing each game in the game, and you can also use the actor avatar for free. ‘Mobile Sumda & Quick’ offers avatars just by connecting to the game after logging in, and Hangame Poker and Hangame Poker Classic can be easily acquired by randomly provided by randomly two types of avatars.

Chung Woo -jin, CEO of NHN, said, “We will reaffirm the position of Hangame’s web board game leading brand through this campaign and realize the goal of ‘the overwhelming No. 1 in the domestic webboard game market’.” I hope that many users will have the healthy fun that only web board games will provide with national actors in a game. ”